LAT Face-to-Face Manager’s Meeting
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LAT Face-to-Face Manager’s Meeting 15 June 2005 Environmental Test Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LAT Face-to-Face Manager’s Meeting 15 June 2005 Environmental Test Planning. Martin Nordby Neil Johnson. Full LAT Functional and FSW Test TCS Functional Test EMI/EMC Emissions/Susceptibility Test. Limited Performance Test Comprehensive Performance Test SVAC Test. F. L. C. T. S. E.

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Presentation Transcript

LAT Face-to-Face Manager’s Meeting

15 June 2005

Environmental Test Planning

Martin Nordby Neil Johnson

Environmental test planning

Full LAT Functional and FSW Test

TCS Functional Test

EMI/EMC Emissions/Susceptibility Test

Limited Performance Test

Comprehensive Performance Test








Environmental Test Planning

  • LAT-MD-02717, “Environmental Test Sequence”

    • Been in the release cycle since early May

    • Updated LAT performance test info to match Per. and Ops Test Plan per Rich Baun

      • Every LAT perf test given a name, to correlate with P&O Test Plan

      • Changed NRL incoming test from CPT to LPT

    • Release put on hold until CPT/LPT test disagreement is resolved

      • Being worked in P&O Test Planning meeting

Ship to NRL


Rev date: 8 June 2005





Receive, Unpack

Sine Vibe

Mount Radiators















Pre Post-Axis

Pack LAT

Ship to Spectrum

Remove Radiators

Weight CG













Note: electrical tests with the same label are not necessarily identical tests

Test plan status
Test Plan Status

  • LAT-SS-00895, “LAT Instrument Survey Plan”

    • Released and in-use at SLAC

    • May need revising to include any changes to plans for surveying at NRL

  • LAT-MD-01196, “LAT Dynamics Test Plan

    • Finalized accel placement on TKR

    • Ready to go, but need to go through one final clean-up pass

    • Updated draft ECD: 6/24

  • LAT-MD-00276, “LAT EMI/EMC Test Plan”

    • No new info on updating EMI/EMC requirements  Michael Lovellette working on tracking down Fred Blanchette to move this forward

    • Updated draft ECD: 6/24 (without changes to test levels)

  • LAT-MD-01600, “LAT Thermal-Vacuum Test Plan

    • Updated test timeline

      • Moved bake-out to end of test

      • Defined test names for all LAT performance tests (e.g.: “Cold-TB LPT”) to correlate with Perf. And Ops. Test Plan

    • Started final update of plan

      • Updating MGSE/STE requirements based on new baseline thermal control plans

    • Updated draft ECD: 6/24

Mgse development
MGSE Development Plan)

  • Test Interface Plate

    • This supports the LAT for all post-integration ops (shipping, env testing), as well as Grid2 for static load testing

    • Requirements and interfaces finalized

    • Structural analysis is complete

    • Part drawings in release cycle

    • RFP is on its way to Purchasing

    • Assembly drawing, including assembly procedure is in review prior to release cycle

  • Transport Container

    • Being built as a turn-key design/build/test contract

      • Still looking at re-using an old NRL container, if we can get analysis and test data on it

    • Requirements and interfaces finalized

    • Source control drawing and statement of work are at start of release cycle (waiting for Natalie)

    • RFP in Purchasing at SLAC

  • Test Stand

    • Used for supporting LAT during moves at NRL, acoustic, EMI, and T-Vac tests

    • Requirements largely understood; interfaces for T-Vac and T-Vac STE still open until that design matures

    • Structural analysis started; expect completion by 6/22

    • Design being updated to add features and details

    • Need date is late June—this is getting critical to support Pathfinder in late September

    • Drawing ECD: unknown

Mgse development cont
MGSE Development (cont.) Plan)

  • T-Vac Thermal STE

    • Sink plate and heater cages for thermally controlling LAT during T-Vac

    • Thermal and electrical design requirements have just been finalized

    • Interfaces and design concepts not well understood yet, since the mechanical requirements are not well-understood

    • Active design work on this has not yet started  now that the thermal requirements have stabilized, we will get a designer going on this

    • Drawing ECD:

    • This is not a schedule driver

  • Remaining MGSE/STE hardware design has generally not yet started: none are schedule drivers, all are relative small and discrete, and all are being used as fill-in work

    • SC Top Deck acoustic simulator—not started

    • Radiator SC Strut simulator—waiting on SC strut design info

    • Spreader Bars—design started

    • Test MLI blankets—waiting completion of flight blanket design

Egse development and networking
EGSE Development and Networking Plan)

  • T-Vac cabling

    • Cable pin-outs and schematics have been finalized

    • Feedthroughs have been ordered

    • Internal cable routing/lengths being finalized now

    • Internal cable drawings have been started (ECD: )

    • External cable drawings not yet started (ECD: )

  • EMI cabling

    • Cable routing is waiting on EMI cell layout drawing completion

    • This cabling will also be used for acoustic, sine vibe, and high-bay testing

  • Mobile Computing Rack

    • Final architecture not yet worked out—needed at SLAC before LAT CPT ~Nov

    • Many parts not purchased yet—firewall and router ordered, with ETA in early November

    • Issue is priority with other work

  • Networking

    • Env testing at NRL

      • No MOU paper yet from NRL  need pressure applied to keep this moving

    • Observatory I&T at Spectrum

      • Network planning just starting

      • Lots of details to work, but need a contact at Spectrum to work with (Brian is working this)

Facilities operations and logistics
Facilities, Operations, and Logistics Plan)

  • NRL facility drawing status

    • Sine vibe table LAT-DS-5905-01 complete 4/20/2005 (rev in progress)

    • Slip table LAT-DS-5903-01 complete 5/2/2005

    • Expander head LAT-DS-5904-02 complete4/25/2005

    • High-bay tent LAT-DS-5899-01 complete 4/20/2005

    • Vibe facility LAT-DS-5902-01 in release cycle at NRL

    • Acoustic facility LAT-DS-5906-01 in release cycle at NRL

    • T-Vac facility LAT-DS-5907-01 complete 4/20/2005 (rev in progress)

    • EMI facility LAT-DS-xxxxx ECD: 6/21/2005

    • A-59 west high-bay LAT-DS-xxxxx ECD: 7/15/2005

  • Key issues being worked at NRL (Bill Raynor)

    • Trestle bridge load certification

    • T-Vac trolley retrofit/load test—waiting LAT footprint from SLAC

    • How to move LAT into and out of T-Vac chamber

Observatory i t planning
Observatory I&T Planning Plan)

  • LAT-MD-06560, “Plan for Integrating and Testing the LAT on the Observatory”

    • Significantly redlined at Spectrum in late May

    • Redlines being incorporated into an updated draft

    • Once this is finalized, LAT will release it and Spectrum will add it to a new appendix of the ICD

    • Intent is to capture all issues regarding Obs I&T that either affect us or that we have requirements for