mochahost customer review

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I would like to introduce the worst fraud webhost company that do self voting over the internet.

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mochahost customer review

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1. Mochahost Customer Review Why should you avoid mochahost webhost company? Read my experiences with them in more details here

2. Availability You normally expect that your website at least 99% available. But it is NOT true. With mochahost expect many downtimes No database connection

3. Reliability You expect that you receive a reliable service but it is NOT true No security, your ftp password can be stolen easily Your webhost data would be deleted automatically due to their serious problems! You will not have any control over your domains and subdomains due to always problems with their servers and control panel

4. Technical Support Mochahost do not have any qualified technical support They are unable to resolve your problems in a timely manner and the problem would back again after resolution that takes several hours to days!

5. Self Voting They registered many domains and do self voting there to cheat more people. They delete many real customer reviews too

6. Refund They claim to refund you but this is not true too They owe me about 130 USD! I also know about another customer that they owe him 70 USD

7. Complaints In 2011 a group of customers were cheated by this fraud company filed several complaints against them and won that disputation. Read more here

8. Now YOU know why you should avoid mochahost if you do not want to cost you time and money! Let other people about this fraud company too by link to my blog You can always find new information about this fraud company there

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