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Mobile Home Park Investing, Local vs. Out of Area Investing

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Mobile Home Park Investing, Local vs. Out of Area Investing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In a world of economic uncertainty, disappointing returns, and out-dated investment strategies, where does an investor turn to find valuable insight about “on-trend” investments?

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What’s the difference in

investing in mobile home parks

locally versus out of area, and

even out of state?


Access to more data, technology, and

contacts than ever before now enables real

estate investors to effectively invest in and

hold properties virtually anywhere in the

world. So with such great freedom, and no

barriers what are the pros and cons of

sticking close to home versus further a

field? What’s better, and why?


The Challenges of

Investing Close to



Some investors will find they have great mobile

home park investment options close to them.

These definitely should not be ignored. Aside from

the close proximity and potential knowledge of

the area, there can be other benefits of investing

in your home town too. This may include

positively influencing the property values of any

other real estate you own. Then there can be

other than monetary benefits such as improving

the local community and economy and helping



Limited Options

You may be in the best mobile home park

market in the universe. If so don’t overlook

those deals close to you. But since the whole

world is your oyster, don’t suffer inferior

returns, or forego the need for diversification.

Demand the best investments, with the best

returns, in a strong portfolio.


The DIY Management Trap

Perhaps the worst part of staying local is the

potential to fall into DIY style self-

management. This notoriously traps many,

even among those who didn’t plan to get

involved. There is just too much temptation to

stop by, answer the phone, and try to fix it

yourself. That can create all types of bad

habits, confusion, and issues.


Privacy & Security

Some investors like the ego boost of being

known as the big land owner in town. For

others the spotlight is a nightmare. Most

investors fail to put enough cushion between

them and others. That means they can easily

be looked up and hunted down by irate tenants,

and the attorneys of malicious fraudsters and



Unsustainable Investment Model

Those that fall into the DIY property management trap face

even bigger issues later on. Eventually most investors will

move. They may move for better weather in retirement, to

be near family, or to downsize and be close to good

healthcare. Then who is going to manage the investment. If

you haven’t built in enough margin to cover hiring a

professional third party management firm that could mean

a negative cash flow situation which begins to eat into

previous gains.


Want to Know More


The Benefits of

Investing without



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