Asylum seekers in k arlsruhe
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Asylum seekers in K arlsruhe PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asylum seekers in K arlsruhe. Aid facility centres.

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Asylum seekers in K arlsruhe

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Asylum seekers in k arlsruhe

Asylumseekers in Karlsruhe

Aid facility centres


Asylum-seekers are allocated to a specific initial aid facility which is then responsible for them. This "distribution" is based on several criteria which is later mentioned." Before the distribution can begin, the foreign national must register as an asylum-seeker. There are two ways to do this.

Registering as an asylum seeker

Registeringas an asylumseeker

  • The first possibility is that a foreign national registers as an asylum-seeker on entry to the country. To do this, he contacts the border authorities who will then direct him to the nearest initial reception facility. This does not apply however if he is denied entry, perhaps because he has arrived from a safe third country. The second option is for a foreign national to declare himself as an asylum-seeker once he has entered the country. In this case, too, he will be directed to the nearest initial reception facility.

Allocation of asylum seekers


  • The allocation of initial reception facilities depends on current capacity levels. Consideration is also given to which branch office of the Federal Office deals with the asylum-seeker's home country. In addition, there are acceptance quotas for individual federal states: this involves a percentage that each state is obliged to take, known as the "KönigsteinerSchlüssel". It is calculated each year according to the tax receipts and population numbers of the federal states.

Temporary residence permit


  • Those wishing to apply for asylum should contact an initial reception facility where their personal data will be recorded. Applicants will receive a temporary residence permit.

Granting asylum


  • Asylum applicants give an account of their persecution during a hearing. The hearing forms the basis for the decision as to whether asylum can be granted. A crucial factor is always the individual's personal story.

Granting asylum1


  • The decision made is based on the overall picture, taking all the relevant findings into consideration. The crucial elements in this are the hearing and the additional enquiries that have been carried out, if necessary. In addition, the decision-maker makes use of the Federal Office's Asylum and Migration Information Centre and its database. Only about 25 % of all asylum seekers are given asylum.

Are you trying to tell me that your life is in danger in palestine

Are youtryingtotellmethatyourlifeis in danger in Palestine?

The reception facility in karlsruhe

The receptionfacility in Karlsruhe

  • The receptionfacility in Karlsruhe was established in 1990.It isthefirstfacilitythatasylumseekerscometobeforetheyaresenttotoothercities in Baden-Württemberg. In 2012 about 8000 asylumseekerscamehereandstayedbetween 4-6 weeks.

The reception facility in karlsruhe1

The receptionfacility in Karlsruhe

About 930 asylumseekerscanstay in thefacility in Karlsruhe. Atthemoment all placesaretaken.Ifmorepeoplearrivethetowncouncilhastorentotheraccomodations. Single menhavetoshare a roomwith 6-8 others, but thereare also familyrooms.

The reception facility in k arlsruhe

The receptionfacility in Karlsruhe

  • All asylumseekersaregiven a newsetofclothes, pocketmoneyandtheyareentitledtofreemedicaltreatment.

  • Thereis also a nurseryschoolatthefacilitywherechildrenarelooked after.

The reception facility in k arlsruhe1

The receptionfacility in Karlsruhe

  • Asylumseekerswhohaveappliedforayslumaresentfrom Karlsruhe tovariouscommunities in Baden-Württemberg wheretheyhavetostay in sharedflats. They must not work but receivefinancialhelpfortheirday-todaylife. Theyare not allowedtoleavetheareaaslongastheirapplicationhasn‘tbeengranted. This proceduremaytakefrom a fewweeksuptoseveralyears.

Asylum seekers in k arlsruhe

  • Therearemembersofrightwingpoliticalgroupswhoprotestagainsttheinfluxofasylumseekers. But thereare also peoplewhocritizisethewayasylumseekersaretreatedwhentheirapplicationhasbeenturned down andtheyareforcefullydeportedtotheirhome countries.

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