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Prof. Dr. Sayed Ali El-Mongy Vice-Chairman of NRRA

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Prof. Dr. Sayed Ali El-Mongy Vice-Chairman of NRRA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم. The Egyptian Nuclear Safety & Regulations Activities. Prof. Dr. Sayed Ali El-Mongy Vice-Chairman of NRRA Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (NRRA) * Coordinator of SSS TWG (ANNuR – Arab League) * Supervisor of Central Laboratory - CLERMIT

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Presentation Transcript

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Egyptian Nuclear Safety

& Regulations Activities

Prof. Dr. Sayed Ali El-Mongy

Vice-Chairman of NRRA

Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (NRRA)

* Coordinator of SSS TWG (ANNuR – Arab League)

* Supervisor of Central Laboratory - CLERMIT

[email protected]

Center for Nuclear Science and Peaceful Application (NSPA)

Cairo University, 6-7 Nov. 2012)


Chronology of the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority

تطور التشريعات للطاقة الذرية المصرية

1955 : Act No. 509 , The Atomic Energy Commission (

Prime Minister)

1957 : Decree of the President Nasser No.288,

Atomic Energy Establishment ( The presidency),

1960: Law No.59 to regulate peaceful uses of

Atomic Energy in Egypt

1961 :First reactor criticality (2 MWt)

1977 : The Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) by

Law ( Minister of electricity and energy)

1991 : Code of Practice of the EAEA


Atomic Energy authority (EAEA)

Nuclear Research Center

Rad. Research & Tech. Center

Minister of electricity

Nuclear Safety Center

Hot Lab. Center

Nuclear Material Authority , 1977

Nuclear Power Plants Authority, 1976


عضوية مصر فى الاتفاقات الدولية Egypt & Treaties

Member of NPT 1968, Ratified 1981

Nuclear Safeguards agreement 1982

Signed CTBT - 1996

Signed nuclear terrorism - 2005

Signed Early Notification - 1986

Signed Assistant – emergency, 1986

تطور تشريعات الامان النووى المصرىChronology

1982, The establishment of a competent regulatory body in Egypt (Nuclear Regulatory and Safety Committee) .

1991 , Based on the Decree of the President No. 47 , the NCNSRC was established

2006, the Presidential Decree no. 152(ESAC) for control of NMs,& Executive Ministerial Decrees No.(419,420 and 421) for implementation procedure.

2007 : the Strategic Decision for the peaceful electricity by NPPs

2010, By the Law No.7 ratified by the President in 29 March 2010…. An independent “Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (NRRA)” was


2011 : The code of practice was issued (26 Oct. )

2012 :Full independence of NRRA ( 5 March). Chairman & Vice-chairman


A Structure of NRRA (Nuclear Safety Institute




Regulations & Nuclear

Emergency Division

Nuclear Law & Licensing Dept.

Safeguards & Phy. Protection Dpt

Quality Assurance Dept.

Central Lab. For Radiation Measurements

Radiation Monitoring Network

Radiation Control


Radiological Safety Dept.

Site & Environmental Dept.

Radiation Protection Dept.

Licensing unit for radioactive sources & Emergency room

Safety of Nuclear

Installations Division

Engineering Safety Dept.

Operation & Human Factor Dept.

Fuel Cycle’s Safety Dept.


الهيكل الحالى هيئة الرقابة النووية والإشعاعية



Vice chairman

Nuclear Facilities Sector

Management system Head

Site Security

Radiological Facilities Sector

Medical center

Nuclear Safeguards & Security Sector

Quality Assurance system

Nuclear Safety Institute

Engineering affairs

Rad. Network, Labs. , Emergency


Primary Functions of NRRA:

الوظائف الاساسية للجهة الرقابية (هيئة الرقابة النووية):

  • Regulations & Guidesالتنظيمات والارشادات
  • Review & Assessment التقييم والمراجعة
  • Authorization (Licensing) استصدار التراخيص
  • Regulatory inspections التفتيش والمراقبة
  • Enforcement actions الاجراءات الالزامية

The Main Duties of NRRA: مهام الامان النووى

  • 1. Reviewing and Assessment of the Safety Reports of Nuclear and Radiation Facilities.
  • 2. Conducting Regulatory Inspection for Nuclear and Radiation Activities.
  • 3. Carrying out Safeguard Inspection for Nuclear Materials.
  • 4. Issuing Licensing, Permit Authorization or Approval for Personnel or Facility or Procedure, or Safety Document.
  • 5. Developing Regulations, Rules and Procedures Related to Nuclear and Radiation Safety Issues.
  • 6. Control of Transportation of Radioactive Materials on-Land or in the Suez - Canal.
  • 7. Conducting Research in Areas relevant to Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

The activities carried out by the NRRAالامان النووى

Licensing of the following facilities (in the last 10 years):

The first research reactor)) 1- ET-RR

2- ET-RR2 ( The second research reactor)

Fuel manufacture pilot plant))3- FFPP



,industry)Research, medicine)6- RADIATION LABORATORIES


The Licenses issued :

  • 1. Licensing Requirements of Research Reactors (RRs), 1997
  • 2. Licensing of Operators of Research Reactors (RRs), 1998
  • 3. Basic Regulatory Rules for the Protection against Ionizing Radiation, 1998
  • 4. Safety Regulations Concerning Radio-active waste, 2004
  • 5. Regulatory inspection program 2004
  • 6. Inspection Requirements for Nuclear Facilities at EAEA, 2005
  • 7. Licensing of charged particles accelerators,
  • 8. Licensing of gamma irradiators , 2006.
  • 9. Relicensing of gamma irradiator 2012

التعاون مع الهيئة العربية للطاقة الذرية : AAEA -ANNuR

  • Steering Committee
  • Thematic Working (TWGs) Groups

Nuclear SSS

Waste Management


IAEA (Cooperation from 2009 - 2011) الوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية

Workshop in the field of Nuclear Safety, QA , Waste management, nuclear safeguards and security,….)

European Commission (EC)

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS)