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Next Generation HCDM April 16, 2003 E-Learning Brazil Conference Magna Session Bobby Yazdani President and COO. The world’s best organizations are focused on the success of their people. New Business Strategy: HCDM.

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Next Generation HCDM

April 16, 2003

E-Learning Brazil Conference

Magna Session

Bobby Yazdani

President and COO

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The world’s best organizationsare focused on the success

of their people

New business strategy hcdm l.jpg
New Business Strategy: HCDM

Human Capital Development & Management is a new business strategy to improve organizational execution by implementing a management system to

align,develop and manage


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Today’s Discussion

  • Global Challenges

  • Organizational Execution

  • New Definition of HCDM

  • A Proven Solution

  • HCDM in practice today

Disruptive economic and market forces create opportunity for hcdm solutions l.jpg
Disruptive Economic and Market Forces Create Opportunity for HCDM Solutions

  • Globalization

  • Technological progress

  • Deregulation

  • Intense competition

  • Demographic change

  • Internet

  • Demanding customers and investors

  • Fragile customer loyalties

  • Frequency and complexity of interactions with customers, partners, and employees

  • Volatility and rapid change

Hcdm is the strategy to increase organizational execution l.jpg
HCDM is the strategy to increase Organizational Execution for HCDM Solutions

The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to execute faster and better

What is organizational execution l.jpg
What Is “Organizational Execution?” for HCDM Solutions

  • Execution is the combination of the enterprise management system and the integrated set of behaviors that organizations use to gain competitive advantage.

Hcdm offers an integrated approach to organizational execution l.jpg
HCDM offers an integrated approach to Organizational Execution

An enterprise management system that brings together:

  • Learning

  • Development

  • Goals & Objectives Management

  • Performance management

  • Collaboration

  • Talent management

  • Knowledge management

  • Ongoing analysis

  • — and links to the strategy and operations of the organization

Saba hcdm solution map l.jpg
Saba HCDM Solution Map Execution

Enterprise Learning


Collaboration and Communication

Knowledge Management





Learning Analytics


Web Conferencing

Goal Setting

Content Management

Chat/ IM


Content Publishing

Development Planning

Performance Analytics

Communities of Practice

Sales and Channel Readiness

Content Creation

Organizational Alignment

Analytics Dashboard

For Profit Training

Threaded Discussion

Content Integration

Talent Management



Content Repository

Customer Education

Q & A

Competency Assessments

Corporate University

Standards Compliance

Performance Tracking

Data Warehousing

Saba Enterprise Platform

Hcdm is all about results l.jpg
HCDM is all about Results Execution

Business Goals

Value Drivers

Reduce Time to Market


Increase Sales Productivity

Increase Channel Productivity

Acquire More Customers Faster

Market Share

Integrate M&A Faster, Better

Reduce Operating Costs

Cost Reduction

Reduce Compliance Costs

Avoid Missing Financial Goals

Risk Reduction

Avoid Loss of Competitive Position

Avoid Being Out of Compliance

Increasing sales productivity l.jpg

Challenge: Execution

Increasing sales and aligning the skills of disparate employees


Saba Enterprise Learning to consolidate and track learning programs for operational staff


Improving time to competence

Reducing shipping schedules

Increasing sales productivity

Increasing Sales Productivity

Reducing cost and risk and ensuring quality l.jpg
Reducing Cost and Risk and Ensuring Quality Execution

  • Challenge

    • World's leading medical technology company needed to demonstrate to FDA that required training has occurred

    • Risked billions of dollars in fines and losses without successful audits

  • Solution

    • Solve 21 CFR 11 & Section 508 problems; get Sales people back to work

  • Result

    • Medtronic compliance program has been validated as required by 21 CFR Part 11, eliminating shutdown risk

    • Sales can now start in 6 weeks, not 12 as before, increasing sales time by 50%

Market share l.jpg
Market Share Execution

  • Challenge

    • #1 U.S. maker of household products needed to create a global view of enterprise skill profile and consolidate learning globally

  • Solution

    • Saba Learning, Enterprise Edition powers RapidLEARN initiative delivering learning to P&G’s more than 100,000 employees in 80+ countries

  • Result

    • Consolidated multiple systems into one

    • Moved from less than 5% use of e-learning to over 25%

    • Expected to save $14M over the next 5 years (as of May 2001)

Increasing revenue and reducing time to market l.jpg
Increasing Revenue and ExecutionReducing Time to Market

  • Challenge

    • World's leading storage software company needed to deliver and manage training for 9,000 customers and partners and over 5,000 employees

  • Solution

    • Saba Learning, Enterprise Edition provides the ability to handle all forms of learning including ILT, WBT, and CD-ROM

  • Result

    • The flexibility to distribute learning content to many audiences in a variety of different delivery methods significantly reduced training costs

Increasing revenue and market share l.jpg
Increasing Revenue and ExecutionMarket Share


  • Support VW Mexico’s e-business initiative by transforming classroom training to e-learning

  • Certifying personnel at 250 dealerships


  • Saba Enterprise Learning to train employees in plant and dealerships throughout Mexico and track certifications


  • By ensuring channel certification, VWM can:

    • increase the readiness of its channel to sell new models

    • Improve customer service and satisfaction

Saba in brazil l.jpg
Saba in Brazil Execution

Improving time to market l.jpg
Improving Time to Market Execution

  • Challenge

    • Banco Itaú needs to be competitive at a world-class level and needs to align and improve the skills of employees located in 3,000 disparate branches and across all operating companies

  • Solution

    • Saba Enterprise Learning to deliver e-learning and manage the development of 45,000 employees

  • Goals

    • Accelerate time to market of new products and services

    • Deliver consistent, quality service that increases customer satisfaction

    • Improve employee competencies to increase competitive advantage

Increasing competitive advantage l.jpg
Increasing Competitive Advantage Execution

  • Challenge:

    • Petrobras seeks to transform corporate culture to improve shareholder value and enhance its global competitive position

  • Solution:

    • Saba Enterprise Learning for an initial deployment of 15,000 employees to transform corporate culture, ensure compliance, and align employees throughout disparate operating companies

  • Goals:

    • Increase employee productivity

    • Ensure safety compliance

    • Enhance competitive position

New business strategy hcdm19 l.jpg
New Business Strategy: HCDM Execution

HCDM is a new business strategy

to improve organizational execution by implementing a management system to

align,develop and manage


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Thank you Execution