introduction to the windows driver kit a comprehensive driver development solution
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Introduction To The Windows Driver Kit: A Comprehensive Driver Development Solution

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Introduction To The Windows Driver Kit: A Comprehensive Driver Development Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction To The Windows Driver Kit: A Comprehensive Driver Development Solution. Lee Davis Lead Program Manager Windows Driver Kits Microsoft Corporation. Session Outline. The WDK tool set for designing, developing, testing, qualifying and deploying drivers What to do at WinHEC

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introduction to the windows driver kit a comprehensive driver development solution

Introduction To The Windows Driver Kit: A Comprehensive Driver Development Solution

Lee DavisLead Program ManagerWindows Driver KitsMicrosoft Corporation

session outline
Session Outline
  • The WDK tool set for designing, developing, testing, qualifying and deploying drivers
  • What to do at WinHEC
    • Get in depth information on tools
    • Get hands-on experience with the tools
    • Talk to the experts
  • Where to get more information on WDK tools
the wdk tool set
The WDK Tool Set
  • A Comprehensive Solution
a comprehensive solution

Test Lab

Build Lab

Release Team

Development Team

A Comprehensive Solution


Signing Tools

Driver Test Manager

Driver Verifier

Static Analysis Tools

Driver Test Framework

Build Environments

Winqual Integration


Signing Tools


Windows Driver Framework

wdk docs and samples
WDK Docs And Samples
  • It’s easier to find the information you need
  • Improved indexing, search and navigation
  • One-stop shopping
    • DDK, IFS and HCT docs integrated into one doc set
    • Samples are searchable
    • Search multiple external documentation such as MSDN online and Codezone communities
windows vista build environments
Windows Vista Build Environments
  • The tools, libraries and headers you need to create drivers for Windows Vista
  • Tools now included in the build environment
    • PREfast for drivers
    • Static Driver Verifier (SDV)
    • DIFx tools
    • Windows Driver Framework
    • Windows Driver Test Framework
header versioning
Header Versioning
  • Build drivers for Windows 2000 forward using one set of headers
  • Easier to use up level features of later OS environments
  • Easy to see changes in headers across OS versions
  • Includes kernel mode and user mode headers
windows driver foundation
Windows Driver Foundation
  • Simplifies driver development
    • Replaces complex boilerplate with frameworks
    • Plug and play and power management abstracted via frameworks
    • Simplifies creating secure and stable drivers
  • Quicker development
windows driver foundation1
Windows Driver Foundation
  • Enables moving driver to user mode via User Mode Driver Framework
  • Headers and libs are included in the WDK build environment
  • Kernel Mode Driver Framework and UMDF samples are searchable in the docs via WDK help
static analysis tools
Static Analysis Tools
  • Enables early detection of complex and difficult to find driver defects
    • Reduce development time
    • Create more stable and secure drivers
    • Reduce test time
    • Identify critical issues pre-release
  • Tools included in the WDK
    • PREfast for Drivers
    • Static Driver Verifier (SDV)
  • Automate these tools via the Driver Test Manager (DTM)
driver verifier
Driver Verifier
  • Detecting more defect types
    • IRP Dispatch
    • Inconsistent MDL structures
    • User-mode addresses andother malformed structures
    • Synch objects in pageable memory
  • Easier to use
    • Enable/disable Verifier without rebooting
    • More flexible Low Resource Simulation behavior
driver test manager
Driver Test Manager
  • The test automation framework used by Microsoft to test Windows
  • The required test platform for all Windows hardware Logo testing
driver test manager1
Driver Test Manager
  • Improved testing throughput
    • Parallel execution
    • Automated scheduling and execution of tests
    • Integrated OS deployment tools
  • Enables test integration
    • Use additional Microsoft QA tests
    • Mix and match Logo, Microsoft QA and your tests to create a custom test pass
    • Automate tasks such as building drivers, running static analysis and deploying Windows
driver test manager2
Driver Test Manager
  • Quick and easy client installs
  • Remote administration
    • Create tests
    • Schedule tests
    • Deploy operating systems to clients
    • Review results
  • Easier collaboration
    • Easily export tests for use in other labs
    • Export multiple results and logs to a single CAB
    • View exported results in a light-weight viewer
driver test framework
Driver Test Framework
  • Frameworks for developing driver tests
  • DTF is to driver test development what WDF is to driver development
  • Simplify test development
    • Enable test developers to focus on device specifics
    • Write better tests in less time
    • Create tests that work across multiple devices and device classes
driver test framework1
Driver Test Framework
  • Integrates with Driver Test Manager
  • Headers and libs are included in the WDK build environment
  • Many of the DTM Logo tests are built on DTF
winqual integration
Winqual Integration
  • Easier testing processes
    • Automated selection of tests based on device capabilities
    • Logo Wizard walks you through the process
    • Status indicator keeps you up to date
  • Easier submissions
    • Automated errata and contingency filtering eliminates uncertainty and improves efficiency
    • Packaging specifically for the simplified Winqual reduces manual processing time
    • Programmatic collection of data eliminates common errors and ensure a successful submission
signing tools
Signing Tools
  • Authenticode signing tools now ship in the WDK
    • Create your own certificates
    • Create your own catalogs
    • Sign your own driver catalogs
  • Trusted by DMI
    • Required to stop install popup
  • Trusted by KMCS
    • Required to load in Vista x64
driver install difx tools
Driver Install (DIFx) Tools
  • Simplified driver deployment
  • Simplified driver installation for your customers
  • Add on to your app installer to install drivers
  • DIFx tools are included in the WDK build environments
what to do at winhec

What To Do At WinHEC

Driver Development Topics

windows driver framework
Windows Driver Framework
  • UMDF sessions
    • “User Mode Driver Frameworks: Introduction and Overview” 3:15 today in room 6C
    • “User Mode Driver Frameworks: Technical Synopsis” 4:30 today in room 6C
  • Visit the UMDF and KMDF labs on the 6th floor
    • Design Preview Agreement required for both labs
  • Preview the samples and frameworks at the WDK lab
static analysis tools1
Static Analysis Tools
  • Attend WinHEC sessions “Static Analysis and Verification of Drivers” today at 5:30 in room 6C
  • Visit the static analysis tools hands on lab at WinHEC on the 6th floor
    • Design Preview Agreement required
  • Run the tools against sample drivers in the WDK lab
driver verifier1
Driver Verifier
  • Ask the Experts: Device Driver Fundamentals
    • Tomorrow Noon to 2:00 PM
    • Daniel Mihai will be available to take your questions
  • Run driver verifier in the WDK lab this week – 6th floor
  • Driver Verifier in Windows Vista white paper
driver test manager3
Driver Test Manager
  • Attend WinHEC session “Using the WDK for Windows Logo Signature Testing” tomorrow at 8:30 in room 6C
  • Run a Logo pass in the WDK lab this week with representatives from the device teams present – 6th floor
driver testing framework
Driver Testing Framework
  • Attend WinHEC sessions
    • “Using the Windows Device Testing Framework to Simplify Windows Driver Testing” tomorrow at 3:15 in room 6A
    • “Using the Device Simulation Frameworks for Software Simulation of Hardware” tomorrow at 4:30 in room 6A
  • Visit the Driver Test Framework and Device Simulation Framework labs at WinHEC on the 6th floor
  • Run the DTF based tests in the WDK lab
windows vista logo and winqual
Windows Vista Logo And Winqual
  • Attend WinHEC session “Succeeding with the Windows Vista Logo Program” tomorrow at 9:45 in room 6C
signing tools1
Signing Tools
  • More information
    • Visit the kernel mode driver signing lab at WinHEC on the 6th floor
    • Attend WinHEC session “Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn Security Platform Enhancements” tomorrow in room 6B at 2:00 PM
    • Sign a driver in the WDK lab while you’re at WinHEC on the 6th floor
driver install difx tools1
Driver Install (DIFx) Tools
  • Attend WinHEC session “Installing Driver Packages in Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn” Thursday at 8:30 in room 6E
  • Visit the Driver Package Verifier lab at WinHEC on the 6th floor
additional winhec topics
Additional WinHEC Topics
  • “Best Practices for Testing Windows Drivers” tomorrow at 2:00 in room 6A
  • “Debugging Device Installations” Thursday at 9:45 in room 6E
  • Device teams are in the WDK lab to help you run your Windows hardware Logo tests on the 6th floor
  • Ask the Experts: Device Driver Fundamentals
    • Today 6:30 to 9:00 PM
    • Tomorrow Noon to 2:00 PM
    • Thursday Noon to 1:00 PM
getting more details and information
Getting More Details And Information
  • Resources for driver development
header versioning1
Header Versioning
  • Windows Vista Build Environment Refactoring
  • Header Versioning white paper
windows driver foundation2
Windows Driver Foundation
  • Windows Driver Foundation Beta
  • Previous conference content
    • Windows Driver Foundation introduction
    • How to port a WDM driver to WDF
    • How to develop a KMDF driver
dtm resources
DTM Resources
  • WDK Docs via DTM Studio
  • DTM screencasts: 10 minute tutorials on common tasks <<URL to be updated before WinHEC>>
  • Plans for external trainers to be announced
  • Support:

DTMSupp @

signing tools2
Signing Tools
  • White paper titled “Digital Signatures for Kernel Modules on x64-based Systems Running Windows Vista”
  • 64 bit and kernel mode
  • Windows Vista Logo requirements
winqual integration1
Winqual Integration
  • Draft Logo program requirements
  • Windows Hardware and Driver Central newsletter
driver install difx tools2
Driver Install (DIFx) Tools
  • Driver Install info on the web
  • Driver Install Frameworks tools download
call to action
Call To Action
  • Attend WinHEC driver sessions and labs
  • Get WDK Beta 2 and use it
  • Run Logo tests for your devices
community resources
Community Resources
  • Windows Hardware & Driver Central (WHDC)
  • Technical
  • Non-Microsoft Community
  • Microsoft Public
  • Technical Chats and
  • Microsoft
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Community Sites
  • List of Newsgroups
  • Attend a free chat or webcast
  • Locate a local user group(s)
  • Non-Microsoft Community Sites
additional resources1
Additional Resources
  • Web Resources
    • Windows Driver and Hardware Central
    • WDK Page
  • “Introduction to the Windows Driver Foundation: Kernel Mode Driver Foundation” Peter Viscarola (A ‘how to’ book for writing Windows Vista drivers) by OSR Press. September 2005

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