Native americans unit 1
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Native Americans Unit 1 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native Americans Unit 1. 2012-2013 Test Review. How did Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands area prepare their land for planting crops?. Slash and Burn. How did Native Americans get their food?. Gathering nuts and fruits, hunting, farming. The way of life of a people

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Native Americans Unit 1

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Native AmericansUnit 1

2012-2013 Test Review

How did Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands area prepare their land for planting crops?

Slash and Burn

How did Native Americans get their food?

Gathering nuts and fruits, hunting, farming

The way of life of a people

including beliefs,

customs, etc is called


What affected the culture,

political systems and daily

life of Native



How did the rivers

and streams in SC receive

their names?

Named for the tribes

living near them

What were the three main

crops grown by Native Americans

and what were they called?

Corn (Maize), beans,

squash- called

Three Sisters

South Carolina tribes belonged to what regional culture/language group?

Eastern Woodlands

What natural resources

did the Native Americans

use for farming?

Rocks, animals,


How were the Native

Americans divided into


Where they lived

and languages they


For what did the Native Americans

use rivers ?

Supply of food and


This tribe lived

near the coast and

used clams and oysters

as part of the food supply


This tribe lived

in the northwestern corner

of SC, had a holy man or woman

and a peacetime and wartime



What is daub and


A building method

using thick walls of grass and clay

with bark and branch roofs

What belief did the Native

Americans hold about land?

The land is held in

trust to be shared among

the tribe and worked together

English colonies in North America were divided into what three groups?

Southern, Middle, New England

What three European

countries vied for colonies

to enrich their country?

Spain, France,


Which country brought

their Catholic religion, built

universities, social class system, and



This country sailed down the

St. Lawrence River and the

Mississippi River, naming the area

Louisiana in honor of their king


This country’s settlers

were first attracted by gold but found

tobacco made them much money.


This country came for gold

but ended up establishing

plantations or encomiendas


This county established

good trading relations with Natives

to trade furs


These settlers brought their

protestant religion and ideas of

government based on the

Magna Carta


This explorer was the

first to see the interior of SC,

took a female queen hostage and later

died near the Mississippi River


De Soto

Spain and France were unable to

establish a permanent settlement in SC


Problems in the mother

country led to a lack of support and Native

Americans often attacked

Which country established

the first permanent settlement

in SC?


What was the French

settlement in SC called?


What Spanish settlement

Lasted 10 years until natives attacked and settlers

fled to St. Augustine?

San Felipe

(Santa Elena)

What Spanish settlement

lasted little more than

a year and was located along Waccamaw

River near Georgetown?

San Miguel de Gualdape

What was the first

permanent settlement in SC?


What crop finally made Jamestown and southern colonies money?


For what reason were the New England colonies founded?

Religious Freedom

In what ways did New England’s economy grow and prosper?

Ship building, lumber, trade, textiles, manufacturing

Which colonial region had a mild climate, long growing season, fertile land with plantations, and many waterway?


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