she became the mother again
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She Became The Mother Again

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She Became The Mother Again - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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She Became The Mother Again. By: Alli Hoggarth, Katie Frericks and Ashley Gregerson. TITLE PART 1. Our poem is titled “She Became the Mother Again” We took this to mean that a lady gives birth to a child after she had already had several children.

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she became the mother again

She Became The Mother Again

By: Alli Hoggarth, Katie Frericks and Ashley Gregerson

title part 1

Our poem is titled “She Became the Mother Again”

  • We took this to mean that a lady gives birth to a child after she had already had several children.
  • We assumed she did not want anymore children, and that this child was unwanted or unplanned.
  • This older lady, probably in her sixty\'s, had a daughter, and her daughter had a son, the ladies grandson. Both the daughter and grandson got AIDs. The old lady had to take care of them, just like when they were little kids. Though they were old enough, the AIDs made it hard for them to take care of themselves. It was as if the old lady was becoming their mother all over again.
  • The title says “She Became the Mother Again”
  • The older lady was always the mother, she did not become a mother again. When her daughter and grandson got AIDs she had to mother them, the same as she did when they were little. It was as if she was becoming a mother all over again.
  • The speaker, who is a witness to the situation described in the poem, has a concerning attitude. They also show a depressing outlook on the whole situation, but they tell this story in an almost loving, caring way.
  • The poet also has a concerning attitude, but another emotion expressed is almost as if the poet is trying to send us a message about AIDs and how hard they can hit at any moment.
s h i f t s
  • We could not recognize any shifts in this poem.
  • For the record, neither could Mrs. Clear.
title part 2
  • The title has a very different meaning now. She became the mother again means that her kids got sick. They are older and she has to take care of them like they were little children. Not that she had an unwanted child.
  • We were way off 
  • The theme of the poem is that AIDs are a bad thing, they can take a normal person with a normal life, and take it away in a second.
  • They can make you lose control, not be able to take care of yourself, and worst of all, they can, and will, take your life away if you don’t become aware, admit to it, and handle it properly.
  • AIDs can happen to anyone. Be aware of that and get checked if you have symptoms. Don’t be ashamed of yourself though, admit it and embrace it.