Community Colleges Are               Your Future

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Community Colleges Are Your Future

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3. California Community Colleges A wonderful open door of opportunity for all students

4. Segments of Higher Education Independent Universities - University of California - California State Universities - California Community Colleges -

5. Segments of Higher Education Which segment in California enrolls the majority of students in undergraduate education? California Community Colleges

6. California Community Colleges Founded over 100 years ago 112 Campuses and 72 Districts Serving 2.6 million students Largest system of higher education in the world! 24% of community college students nationwide are enrolled in a California community college.

7. Reasons to Attend Community College Why are community colleges such a popular destination for most high school students? Affordable + ROI Quality of Education

8. Average Savings Compared to First 2 yrs at Community College (Includes tuition, fees, room & board) CSU $35,000 Junior / Senior Years Graduate School UC $54,000 Junior / Senior Years Graduate School   Private/ $95,000 Junior / Senior Years Independent Graduate School Average graduate with debt owes $20,000

9. Reasons to Attend Community College Hundreds of instructional programs and majors Wide variety of students support services Among the best teaching faculty in the state Providing open access at convenient locations



12. The Admission Process Application for admission - Top 100% Placement Tests Orientation Counseling Assistance Course Selection Major Exploration Transfer Information Support Services Online Registration

13. Comprehensive Support Services Computer Lab Disabled Students Program English as a Second Language Extended Opportunity Program & Services Financial Aid Health Services Library Access Math labs Psychological Services Reading Center Scholarships Student Employment Tutorial Center Writing Center

14. Who We Serve We serve everyone! In a variety of ways... Concurrent Enrollment (25% UC - Eligible) Summer session for high school grads and other college students Reverse Transfers

15. Students Choose Community Colleges… Discover their major prior to deciding on a university Save two years of admission and housing costs Not eligible for university admission Not admitted to the campus of their choice Take advantage of intercollegiate athletics or foreign studies program

16. Intercollegiate Athletics MEN Baseball Cross Country Football Track and Field WOMEN Basketball Cross Country Softball Track and Field

17. Study Abroad Program Study in one of the world’s great international destinations… Paris Beijing Madrid London Florence

18. Students Choose Community Colleges… To complete the equivalent to the universities freshmen and sophomore years at a local community college

19. Students Choose Community Colleges… So they can transfer as a junior to a university to complete the remaining junior and senior years to finish their bachelor’s degree

20. ‘Best Advice’ for High School Students #1 Improve college readiness: take rigorous college prep courses throughout high school Take math all four years in high school Take advantage of early assessments CSU’s Early Assessment Program (EAP) exams in English and mathematics AP or IB Courses and Tests Concurrent enrollment opportunities enable students to experience college while in high school Take advantage of community college summer sessions following high school graduation

21. Students Choose Community Colleges… To receive specialized training or pursue a technical trade Earn a certificate or an associate degree Go directly into the world of work

22. Career Opportunities Auto Mechanic Bio-technician Business Manager Computer Aided Drafter Computer Support Specialist Cosmetician Dental Assistant Digital Imager Drug Prevention Educator Emergency Medical Technician Fashion designer Fire Fighter Graphic Artist

23. Career Opportunities Hygienist Interior Designer Journalist Medical Assistant Nurse Paralegal Paramedic Police Officer Real Estate Agent Respiratory Technician Surgical Technician Telecommunication Technician Web Designer

24. Educational Goals What is the number #1 objective for freshmen enrolling in community colleges? Benefits: Complete the same course requirements as freshmen and sophomores at a university Receive upper division priority admission at all CSU & UC campuses Receive higher admission rates than most freshman applicants at CSU & UC campuses

25. UC & CSU Commitment to Transfer “We at UC will actively partner with the CSU and the community colleges to help students understand that the transfer option is achievable and affordable” - UC President Mark Yudof, March 2010 “Continuing students have highest enrollment priority. Transfer students have a higher priority than First- time Freshman”. - California Education Code Section 66202

26. Partnership With Universities How great is our partnership with 4 year universities? Most private universities actively recruit CC Transfers – 20% enrollment California Community College students make up.. 28% - 30% of UC graduates 55% - 60% of CSU graduates

27. UC Student Retention & Graduation Rates

28. Admission Criteria for Transferring Juniors To enter all UC’s, CSU’s, and most private universities Community College GPA, not High School GPA No ACT, SAT, or even an “Eligibility Index” Community College course work – Both general education & major requirements – Online Students Transfer Information System

29. Information All CCC have transfer centers, where students can find out: Information about transfer including … guaranteed transfer agreements with UC, CSU, and Private Universities – California Community College Chancellors Office

30. Affordability Classes cost just $36/unit. Financial Aid is also available to students who qualify—Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOG)


32. Who We Serve So…if your not taking advantage of community colleges sometime in your life, then you are missing a Golden Opportunity!


34. CONTACT Steve Morehouse Counselor High School Relations OFFICE: 650.574.6131 [email protected]


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