Na tuto otzku nejde nijak odpovdt.
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Na tuto otázku nejde nijak odpovědět. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Na tuto otázku nejde nijak odpovědět. There is no way to answer this question. Co kdyby ses jich zeptal?. Why don't you ask them?. Bude někdo schopen tenhle tým porazit?. Will anyone be able to beat this team?. Začalo být jasné, že prohrajeme. It became clear that we were going to lose.

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Na tuto otázku nejde nijak odpovědět.

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Na tuto otzku nejde nijak odpovdt.

There is no way to answer this question.

Co kdyby ses jich zeptal?

Why don't you ask them?

Bude nkdo schopen tenhle tm porazit?

Will anyone be able to beat this team?

Zaalo bt jasn, e prohrajeme.

It became clear that we were going to lose.

V kolik hodin zan vyuovn?

What time do classes begin?

Na co tady lidi v?

What do people here believe in?

Tento materil se neohb snadno.

This material isn't easy to bend.

Vsadm se, e ohledn ns nem pravdu.

I bet he's wrong about us.

Chci abys mi ukousnul ui.

I want you to bite off my ears.

Ten mladk ns hodlal vyhodit do vzduchu.

The young man was going to blow us up.

Podali ns abychom tu hlku zlomili jenom rukama.

We were asked to break the stick using only our hands.

Na co to ekme? Piveme je dovnit.

What are we waiting for? Let's bring them in.

Postav tady jet tyi dal obchodky.

Four more malls are going to be built here.

Ho tenhle papr rychle?

Does this paper burn quickly?

Zrovna jsem usnal kdy praskla ta prvn pneumatika.

I was falling asleep when the first tire burst.

Chci aby m pohbili v moi.

I want to be buried at sea.

Pesta nakupovat vechny ty zbytenosti.

Stop buying all those useless things.

Jak se jmenuj tihle ptci?

What are these birds called?

U t nkdy chytli?

Have you ever been caught?

Opravdu musme dnes veer pijt?

Do we really have to come tonight?

Kolik stoj tady tohle?

How much does this thing cost?

Vera v noci jsem vidl njakho mue jak se ti vplil do pokoje.

I saw a man creep into your room last night.

Nee to dokud ti neeknu.

Don't cut it before I tell you to.

U jsem musel jednat se spoustou divnch lid.

I've had to deal with a lot of strange people.

Rozhodlo se, e se ten pokoj bude pronajmat.

It was decided that the room would be rented out.

Kolik lid zatm zemelo?

How many people have died so far?

Ani to e se potop ti nepome najt tu krabici.

Not even diving will help you find the box.

Neudlej to co jsem udlal j.

Don't do what I did.

Steva bylo nutn odvlct pry.

Steve had to be dragged away.

Vdycky jsem snil o tom e bych vlastnil bark.

I've always dreamed of owning a house.

Vypt litr rumu, to by t mohlo zabt.

Drinking a liter of rum might kill you.

Tom m zavezl dom abych nemusel jt pky.

Tom drove me home so I didn't have to walk.

Matka m donutila jst likou.

My mother made me eat with a spoon.

Kdysi m bavilo jst s tebou. Ale te u ne.

I used to enjoy eating with you. But not anymore.

Omluvte m kdy odejdu od stolu?

May I be excused from the table?

Vysvtlil bys cos tm myslel?

Would you explain what you meant by that?

Mj bratr se boj toho e by spadnul z kola.

My brother is afraid of falling off his bike.

Nememe vyprodukovat dost jdla na to abychom nakrmili svt.

We can't produce enough food to feed the world.

Jak to je pocit bt sm bez nikoho?

How does it feel to be on your own?

Budeme muset bojovat pokud chceme pet.

We will have to fight if we want to survive.

U jsi nael svoje hodinky?

Have you found your watch yet?

Pro tyhle letadla ltvaj tak nzko?

Why do these planes fly so low?

Jsem si jist, e ns nkdo sleduje.

I'm sure we're being followed.

Jak jsi mohl zapomenout zavt dvee?

How could you forget to close the door?

Promine mi nkdy za to e jsem t ztrapnil?

Will you ever forgive me for embarrassing you?

Jeden mu mi dal kabt abych m uchrnil ped umrznutm.

A man gave me a coat to keep me from freezing to death.

Zlepuje se to nkdy?

Does it ever get better?

Prv mi dali pr dalch pokyn.

I've just been given some new instructions.

To snad nen mon, e jsi tam skuten el.

I can't believe you actually went there.

Lidi jako jsi ty by mli vet.

People like you should be hanged.

Tohle se skoro vbec nestv.

This almost never happens.

Co za sebe me ct?

What do you have to say for yourself?

Otevel jsem okno abych je slyel jak mluv.

I opened my window so I could hear them talk.

Neschovvej se. Zastel t.

Don't hide. You'll get shot.

Podn ji prati a nepestvej ji bt dokud nespadne.

Hit her hard and keep hitting until she drops.

Chci abys mi tohle podrel.

I want you to hold this for me.

Bol to? To bych rd vdl jestli to bol.

Does it hurt? I wonder if it hurts.

Pro mnit povoln te kdy se mi tak da?

Why change careers now that I'm doing so well?

V thle brani se role nevybraj.

You don't choose your roles in this business.

Nabdli mi abych se stal lenem t skupiny ale neudlal jsem to.

I was invited/offered to join the group but I didn't.

Jdeme k Timovi. Co kdybys el s nmi?

We're going to Tim's. Why don't you join us?

Pokud se ti ta knka nelb, mu si ji nechat?

If you don't like the book, can I keep it?

Zabt ptka bvalo snadn.

It used to be easy to kill a bird.

V vichni jak se spravuje pokaen tiskrna?

Does everyone know how to fix a broken printer?

Vyvedli ns ped divadlo a ekli a ekme.

We were led outside the theater and told to wait.

Pesta se oprat o ten plot. Mohl by povolit.

Stop leaning against the fence. It might give way.

U se cel den. Ale kolik ses toho zatm nauil?

You've been studying all day. But how much have you learned?

V e nesnm kdy mi tady nech moje vci.

You know I hate it when you leave my stuff here.

Pjil bys m dvacet babek?

Would you lend me twenty bucks?

Nenech je aby ti lhali.

Don't let them lie to you.

Pistihl jsem ho jak le matce m nejlep kamardky.

I caught him lying to my best friend's mother.

Ne si zapl, mohl bys mi prosmt pomoct s tmhle kufrem?

Before you light up, would you mind helping me with this suitcase?

Jeffreyho m rdo hodn lid, ale j ne.

Jeffrey is liked by many people, but not by me.

Radi pozorn poslouchej a o nic nepijde.

You better listen carefully so you don't miss anything.

Kde ije tohle zve?

Where does this animal live?

Byl bych radi kdyby ses te dval nkam jinam.

I'd rather you looked the other way now.

Byla by hrozn nerada kdyby o tebe pila.

She'd hate to lose you.

Miluju kdy m ostatn maj hrozn rdi.

I love to be loved.

Pro si jako mysl, e nemm pravdu?

What makes you think I'm wrong?

Znamen to co si myslm, e to znamen?

Does this mean what I think it means?

Fakt si myslm, e se neznme.

I don't really think we've met.

Chyb ti nkdy to jak jsi se mnou mluvil?

Do you ever miss talking to me?

Nepotebuju abys mi kal jak dobr je moje kafe.

I don't need you to tell me how good my coffee is.

Nevad kdy otevu dal okno?

Is it okay if I open another window?

dn z tchto t se jet nezaplatil.

None of these bills has been paid.

Mlo z tvch kamard hraje velice dobe na kytaru.

Not many of your friends play the guitar very well.

Jak chce dokzat, e to byla nehoda?

How are you going to prove it was an accident?

Dvee otevete zathnutm za tento provzek.

To open the door, you have to pull this string.

Pokud se chce dostat z pokoje mus odtlait tuhle krabici bokem.

You have to push the box aside to get out of the room.

Pesta si svoje boty dvat na moje.

Stop putting your shoes on top of mine.

Kolik knek od Updika jsi u peetl?

How many books by Updike have you read?

Nevzpomnm si co kal dn z nich.

I can't remember what any of them said.

Pbh bylo nutn zopakovat aby vichni porozumli.

The story had to be repeated for everyone to understand.

Pokud se moje dcka vrt dnes veer, budu muset strvit noc s nimi.

If my kids return tonight, I will have to spend the night with them.

Nevad mi pokud pojedu vzadu, pokud to nevad tob.

I wouldn't mind riding in the back if it's okay with you.

Telefon zazvonil zrovna kdy jsem nastavoval budk.

The phone rang just as I was setting the alarm clock.

To bych rd vdl pro minul tden zase stouply ceny.

I wonder why prices rose again last week.

To e se bude ped problmy utkat nic nevye.

Running away from problems won't solve anything.

Jsem zvdav jestli si koupil to auto na kter si dote etil.

I wonder if he has bought the car he's been saving up for.

ekni co ti prv ekli.

Say what you've just been told.

U jsem svho bratra vidl plakat ale nikdy jsem ho neslyel e by si stoval.

I've seen my brother cry but I've never heard him complain.

Tenhle byt je fakt poteba prodat.

This apartment really needs to be sold.

Kam ns to polou?

Where will we be sent (to)?

Ty hodiny jet nikdo nenastavil.

The clock has not been set yet.

Dvej se jak se tepou. Ti jsou urit k smrti vyden.

Look how they're shaking. They must be scared to death.

Postelili pedsedu vldy! Je mon, e je mrtv.

The prime minister has been shot! He might be dead.

Chtl bys abych ti ukzal kam se m jt?

Would you like me to show you where to go?

Ben odeel ve spchu a ani pitom nezavel dvee.

Ben left in a hurry without even shutting the door.

Nenu m zpvat. Litoval bys toho.

Don't make me sing. You'd regret it.

Kdyby se Titanic nepotopil, na co by se dnes pouval?

If Titanic hadn't sunk, what would it be used for today?

Co kdyby sis sedl vedle ns a si meme vykldat?

Why don't you sit next to us so we can talk?

Jak se ti vera v noci spalo?

How did you sleep last night?

Tohle zas tak moc nesmrd, e?

This doesn't smell that bad, does it?

Pokud se Rob usmje, to znamen, e se mu ten npad lb.

If Rob smiles, that means he likes the idea.

Kdyby kouili vichni kolem m, asi bych kouil taky.

If everyone around me smoked, I guess I would too.

Kdy jsem byl mal dcko, tajn jsem veer chodval ven z domu.

When I was a small kid, I used to sneak out of the house.

Jsem pesvden e tento problm lze do ptho tdne vyeit.

I believe this problem can be solved by next week.

I kdy Josh slbil, e o m nebude mluvit, tak o m mluvil.

Even though Josh promised not to speak about me, he did.

Jak se asi tohle slovo pe? Jak se to pe?

I wonder how this word is spelled. How do you spell it?

Byl jsem v oku z toho kolik moje ena utrc za aty.

I couldn't believe how much my wife was spending on clothes.

Kdybys rozlil njak vno tak se nic nedje.

Don't worry about spilling the wine.

Pinesli jsme plechovky abychom nemuseli plivat na zem.

We brought cans so we didn't have to spit on the floor.

Navrhnul jsem abychom si odmnu rozdlili na tyi dly.

I suggested that we split the reward three ways.

Hrozn nerad bych ten verek pokazil tak abych radi el.

I'd hate to spoil the party so I'd better go.

Je teba abychom zabrnili tomu aby se ten virus il.

We need to keep the virus from spreading.

Kde jsi m vidl e stojm?

Where did you see me stand?

Nezanej dokud ti neeknu.

Don't start until I tell you to.

Mohl jsi bydlet u mho bratra. Pro jsi tam nebydlel?

You could have stayed with my brother. Why didn't you?

Ten prsten nen koupen, je kraden.

The ring has not been bought, it has been stolen.

Pokud si mysl e je mrtv, pchni ji jehlou do oka.

If you think she's dead, stick a needle in her eye.

Jak je mon e to tak smrd?

How come it stinks so bad?

A Tim radi pestane tanit ne zpsob njakou kodu.

Tim (had) better stop dancing before he does some damage.

Musme na n udeit dokud to neoekvaj.

We have to strike them while they don't expect it.

U se a moc na to aby ses skuten nauil.

You study too hard to actually learn anything.

Nen mon abys njak dokzal pimt m rodie klt.

There is no way you can make my parents swear.

Nejsem dost siln na to abych to jezero peplaval.

I'm not strong enough to swim across the lake.

Jak dlouho jim trvalo ne t uklidnili?

How long did it take them to calm you down?

Kdo t nauil jak se m brnit?

Who taught you (how) to defend yourself?

M s bratrem je velice tk od sebe odtrhnout.

My brother and I are very hard to tear apart.

Nebyl jsem schopen rozpoznat kdo co dl.

I couldn't tell who was doing what.

Podkovali jsme Tedovi za to, e k nm byl upmn.

We thanked Ted for being honest with us.

Nemysli si, e se nkdy v dohledn dob vzdaj.

Don't think they will give up any time soon.

Perry obvinil mho ptele, e m shodil z mostu.

Perry accused my boyfriend of throwing me off the bridge.

Co kdyby ses snail trochu vc?

Why don't you try a little (bit) harder?

Nenechm si z domu udlat hotel.

I won't have my house turned into a hotel.

Kdybys tak chpal pro se ctm tak jak se ctm.

I wish you would understand why I feel the way I do.

Co t tak vyvedlo z mry?

What upset you so much?

Nevad kdy si od tebe zavolm?

Is it okay if I use your phone?

Musel jsem ekat, a mi odejdou rodie.

I had to wait for my parents to leave.

Lea vzbudil njak divn hluk.

Leo was woken up by a strange noise.

Neme prost jen tak odejt pokad kdy prohraje njak zpas.

You can't just walk away every time you lose a game.

Kdo chce aby se takov vci dly?

Who wants such things to happen?

Nezajm m kdo m co na sob.

I don't care what anyone is wearing.

Obvm se, e Carl je moc pomal na to aby tenhle zvod vyhrl.

I'm afraid Carl is too slow to win this race.

Neboj se. Jednou ti zane vechno v ivot vychzet.

Don't worry. Things are going to work out for you.

Ne, jet jsme to nenapsali, ale prv se to pe.

No, we haven't written it yet, but it is being written at the moment.

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