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September 2014 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 2014. Topics covered in this video: Continuing or Discontinuing a Service Exiting Students Revocation of Consent Update on SEIS Technical Issues. Continuing or Discontinuing a Service. Discontinuing a Service. Discontinuing a Service

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September 2014

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September 2014

  • Topics covered in this video:

  • Continuing or Discontinuing a Service

  • Exiting Students

  • Revocation of Consent

  • Update on SEIS Technical Issues

Continuing or Discontinuing a Service

Discontinuing a Service

Discontinuing a Service

Be sure to enter “End Date” then click “Discontinue”

Discontinuing a Service

If you no longer want it to print on the IEP , check the box “Do Not Print”. Do NOT “delete” the service at this time also do not check the box “Do Not Report”.

Exiting Students

Exiting Students Through the IEP Process

This is an exit IEP where the entire team agrees that student is no longer eligible and reports have been done.

When filling our the Eligibility Page, be sure to check “Exiting from Special Education”.

* If they are still going to be receiving any other Special Education Services, do not mark this box as it is not truly an exit.

The following pages would be included as a part of an Exit IEP:

  • Eligibility

  • Present Levels

  • Parent Consent

  • Team Meeting Comments

Be sure that the parents initial “line 2b” on the “Parent Consent Page” in addition to any of the other lines that apply.

After the IEP is held, you have uploaded your report, and you have affirmed and attested the IEP. Fill out the “Student Change Form”.

Select the student from the drop down menu.

On the Select Request dropdown, select “Exit the Student from Special Education”.

Enter the Exit Date and select the Exit Reason, enter any additional comments, and click the Submit Request button.


of Consent

“Revocation of Consent”

When a parent writes a letter asking for his/her child to be removed from Special Education.

“Revocation of Consent”

This is NOT an IEP issue. Do not schedule an IEP meeting

Contact your program specialist and send him/her the parent letter.

The Special Education Department will respond to parents’ request by writing a Prior Written Notice (PWN) letter

The PWN letter addresses negative repercussions of exiting a student and gives an end date in which special education services will terminate.

“Revocation of Consent”

Once PWN letter is written, the student is no longer eligible for special education services and will return to 100% general education.

A copy of the letter is sent to the school site and must be placed in the student’s confidential file.

Once the letter is written, an IEP is NOT to be done.

“Revocation of Consent”

If you are in the middle of an IEP team meeting and the parents makes a request to have their student exited from Special Education:

  • Finish the IEP and make sure to offer FAPE

  • DO NOT exit the student on an IEP

  • Forward parent letter to your Program Specialist

Update on SEIS

Technical Issues

  • Update on SEIS Corrections:

  • Meeting Notice Page: Page was printing without all participant boxes checked.

    • This has been fixed so that all participants checked will now print out.

  • Current SEIS Problems:

  • Printing the Future IEP: In some cases, the Future IEP may be printing in Landscape as opposed to Portrait format.

    • SEIS is aware of this problem and has put a “high priority” fix status on getting this problem rectified ASAP.

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