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Sustainable growth from bioeconomy
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Sustainable growth from bioeconomy. The forest bioeconomy perspective Bioeconomy : The next economic wave. The next wave of economy is bioeconomy , which produces economic growth and wellbeing .

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Sustainable growth from bioeconomy

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Sustainable growth from bioeconomy


The forestbioeconomyperspective

Bioeconomy the next economic wave

Bioeconomy: The nexteconomicwave

The next wave of economy is bioeconomy, which produces economic growth and wellbeing.

Finland is a bioeconomy superpower. We have plenty of natural resources, expertise and agility.

GDP and







Bioeconomy born from necessity

Bioeconomy: Bornfromnecessity

People are forced to find alternatives to non-renewable raw materials.

  • Climate change

  • Scarcity of non-renewable raw materials etc…

Sustainable growth from bioeconomy

Bioeconomy is the solution

Bioeconomy s significance in finland

Bioeconomy’s significance in Finland

Forest bioeconomy


  • Of our total land area, 80% is covered by forest, which is managed so that it produces significantly more wood than we currently use.

  • The forest-based industry is a Finnish pioneer in bioeconomy. It utilizes renewable natural resources while incorporating economic, social and ecological sustainability in its activities.

The annualgrowth of Finnishforests

100 millm³


55 millm³

Teaming up to build a bioeconomic future

Teaming up to build a bioeconomic future

  • Cooperation and combination of technologies make Finland a true pioneer in bioeconomy.

  • Finland has strong expertise in forest, technology, construction, energy, chemistry as well as in food and health.

  • Together we have developed know-how, expertise, technologies and solutions that are not found anywhere else.

Wood will serve many functions in the future

Wood will serve many functions in the future

Examples of products :

Chemistry enables bioeconomy

Chemistry enables bioeconomy

Biobased chemistry

Biobased chemistry

Examplesclose to consumers:

Energy from biomass

Energy frombiomass

  • Renewable energy replaces fossil fuels and combats climate change.

  • Finland is a global pioneer in the co-production of electricity and heat. This makes it possible to use wood-based fuels extensively and energy-efficiently.

  • New technology to refine biomass into pyrolysis oil, bio-gas and bio-coal will significantly increase the options to utilize bio-energy.

  • Most of Finland’s renewable energy is forest based.

New food systems and decentralized solutions

New food systems and decentralized solutions

  • New business operations are created in the chemical and energy industries by utilizing closed cycles in food systems, bio-processed products and livestock production sidestreams as well as field biomasses.

  • Decentralized and regional operational models are being supplemented with local food production, regional energy self-sufficiency and vitality.

  • Finland possesses high-standard expertise in the development of functional foods.

  • Natural products produced in accordance with new consumer trends offer the bio-economy new business opportunities.

Wooden construction boosts wellbeing

Wooden construction boosts wellbeing

Health from the forest

Health from the forest

Solution driven experts

Solution-driven experts

  • Through cooperation and combining technologies, we can achieve wellness-promoting and sustainable products and services.

  • Technologies, procedures and expertise developed in Finland can be transferred and applied globally.

  • Bioeconomy solutions produced in Finland can advance sustainable global welfare.

Finland s bioeconomy strategy

Finland’s bioeconomy strategy


Implementation and monitoring

Sustainablebioeconomysolutionsare the basis of Finland’swelfare and competitiveness.

Bioeconomy value chains

Bioeconomy value chains




Bioeconomy value chains produce goods, services and solutions sustainably and through clean technologies e.g. cleantech

Ask a finn

Ask a Finn!

Source of information: TEM

Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland

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