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Information for Instructors

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1. Information for Instructors

2. The Break Down The Honor & Integrity System Planning Ahead Why Report? Most Common Violations Sanctions in Action Where to Get More Information

4. The Importance of Clarity Scenario One: A student turns in the same book report for two separate classes-HP violation? Scenario Two: After coming back after an illness and re-enrolling, a student turns in the same lab report--HP violation?

5. K-State Definitions

6. Tips for Teaching Define the Rules: Be clear on what YOU believe qualifies as an Honor Pledge violation or inappropriate behavior for your class. Inform yourself of the System: Know the procedures for reporting and assigning sanctions. Explain the importance of the System: Tell them the importance of maintaining a community of integrity. Take responsibility: The best way to avoid violations is to be CLEAR on what YOU think is an Honor Pledge violation

7. Why Report? Education is the Goal When students come to college, they’re still learning what it means to be an individual within a community. When you report violations, you hold them responsible for their actions and teach them the importance of their role within the academic community.

8. Most Common Violations

9. The Low Down: Sanctions in Action Sanctions are assigned with regard to three criteria and you have many choices in the assignment of sanction.

10. The D&I and XF Course “The XF” This is most commonly assigned sanction next to the DI course. The F stands for failing the class The X denotes “due to an Honor Pledge violation” The X may be removed through the completion of the DI class “The D&I Class” The most common sanction Is educational in nature Focuses on teaching students moral and ethical development Can be taken to remove the X in the XF sanction Can be taken even without the application of an XF sanction

11. Want more? Contact Us! The Honor & Integrity System Website

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