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Political Parties:. Ideology. Which political party are you? Answer true or false according to your opinion. Getting rid of or reducing the restrictions on the types of weapons one can own. Keeping capital punishment (the death penalty).

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Political Parties:

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Political Parties:


Which political party are you? Answer true or false according to your opinion.

  • Getting rid of or reducing the restrictions on the types of weapons one can own.

  • Keeping capital punishment (the death penalty).

  • Reducing or limiting social services spending (i.e. welfare, food stamps, etc.).

  • Decreasing personal income taxes.

  • Making abortion illegal or making them more difficult to obtain.

  • Limiting or ending affirmative action programs (giving priority to women and ethnic minorities in colleges and jobs).

  • Decreasing taxes on businesses.

  • Providing health care for everyone.

  • Increasing taxes on the rich (those making over $200,000 per year).

  • Limiting or reducing defense (military) spending.

  • Providing more rights and benefits for homosexual couples.

  • Increasing minimum wage.

  • Making it easier for undocumented or illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses.

  • Increasing social services spending (i.e. welfare, food stamps, etc).

    Your Score:

What does it mean?

  • A score of 0-5

  • A score 6-7-8

  • A score of 9-14

Ideology: a set of beliefs

Party One

Economic Ideology:

  • Gov = helping hand

  • Increase taxes on rich & businesses to pay for social services (health care, welfare, etc.)

Party 1

  • Increase minimum wage

  • Reduce spending on defense (military)

Why could raising the minimum wage be a bad idea?

Party Two

Economic Ideology:

  • Less gov involvement

  • Lower income taxes for all

  • Lower taxes on businesses:

    • More $ for businesses = more for employees

    • Why might this NOT work?

party two cont’d

  • Fewer social services provided by gov – should be provided by jobs or private organizations

  • Increase or maintain military spending

    “Government is not the solution to our problems, it is the problem”

Which economic policy do you prefer?

Party one or party two?


Represented by the Donkey

Party One


Represented by the Elephant

GOP (Grand Old Party)

Party Two

Political Parties #3: Social Ideology

  • Platform – a party’s official beliefs/opinions on various subjects



  • Republicans: Conservative, Right

    • Pro Life

    • Strict punishment for criminals

      • 3 Strikes

    • Less strict separation of church & state

      • Moment of silence in schools

  • Democrats: Liberal, Left

    • Strict gun control

    • Pro Choice

    • Gov regulation of environment

D/R’s Agree:

  • No same sex marriage

  • K-12 Education

  • Social Security

  • Death penalty for adults

Which party’s social ideology do you agree with?

Do you prefer one party’s economic platform and another’s social platform?

Political Spectrum

  • Criminal Justice

    • 3 Strikes

    • Death Penalty for adults

    • DP for minors

  • Religion in Public Life

    • Prayer in public schools

    • “Under God” in the Pledge

    • Remove “Under God”

  • Abortion

    • Abortions sometimes

    • Abortion anytime

    • No abortions ever

  • Obama

  • Sarah Palin

  • McCain

  • YOU!

PP #4

Who’s Who?

To which party does this person most likely belong? Name the party and explain your position.

  • A wealthy middle-aged woman who has three teenage sons, is actively involved in the church, and would like to see school prayer brought back into the schools.

  • A college educated banker who likes to hunt on his vacations and recently lost a cousin due to a violent crime.



Individual Rights




Other Topic….

Health Care



Defense / Military

Foreign Policy


Your Party PlatformPick 6 issues and describe your opinion for each

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