Recruiting 101
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Recruiting 101 . Acers Fastpitch 2012 . Recruiting Process Realities . Full Ride scholarships are very limited (< 1%) Schools & Coaches get literally 100 emails a day The Head Coach rarely looks at the emails themselves

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Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101

Acers Fastpitch


Recruiting Process Realities

  • Full Ride scholarships are very limited (< 1%)

  • Schools & Coaches get literally 100 emails a day

  • The Head Coach rarely looks at the emails themselves

  • Recruiting Service communications are almost always ignored and often trashed immediately

  • 2014 and 2015 players… Now is your time to get on the Radar for the college coaches

Acers Fastpitch


Finding the Right Fit College

  • Research, Research, Research

    • Academics

    • Financials

    • School Size

    • Coach

    • Location (Far away / Close by, Cold / Hot)

    • Softball time commitments

    • Unofficial Visits

  • The higher the level of softball

    • The earlier you should start

  • The farther away from home

    • The earlier you should start

Acers Fastpitch


Have a Recruiting Plan

  • Be Proactive & Market / Sell yourselves

  • Don’t wait to be discovered

    • Create a Profile of your type of college

    • Create a list of schools that fit your college profile

    • Start getting correspondence out to them

    • Make a Skills Video to send to these colleges

    • Participate in recruiting camps & college camps

    • Play games at strong showcase tournaments where college coaches like to go

Acers Fastpitch


The NCAA Options

  • NCAA D-1

    • Can offer up to 12 Full Scholarships

  • NCAA D-2

    • Can offer up to 7.5 Full Scholarships

  • NCAA D-3

    • No Athletic Scholarships

  • NAIA

    • Mostly offer Academic $$ but some have Athletic $$


    • Can offer unlimited Athletic Scholarships

Acers Fastpitch


NCAA Recruiting Rules

  • NCAA D-1 and D-2

    • Cannot talk to players during a tournament

    • Cannot call a player until July 1st prior to their Senior year

    • Cannot email a player until after Sept 1st of their Junior year

    • Limited to the number of off campus contacts that they can have with a player and/or family member at tournaments

  • NCAA D-3

    • No restrictions on phone calls

    • Can have contact with you after your Junior year

    • Acceptance by the admissions dept must happen prior to anything happening with the softball coach


    • Can talk to you anytime but they always wait to see if you are interested in a D-1, D-2, or D-3 school first

Acers Fastpitch


NCAA Eligibility Info

  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center no later than the start of your Junior year (Clearinghouse #)

  • Graduate High School

  • Attain the minimum GPA for the college of interest

  • Attain the minimum SAT / ACT scores

    • Take these tests early (no later than Fall of Junior year)

  • Recommend that you get the “NCAA Guide for the College Bound Athlete” that’s available at

Acers Fastpitch


Tournament Etiquette

  • Do not approach college coaches at a tournament

    • They are there to evaluate your skills and not to hold a bunch of random conversations

  • If a coach wants to talk to you then they will initiate or arrange contact with you

  • Email and/or Call a coach before a tournament to let them know of your interest & your game schedule

  • Follow up Emails after a tournament within 2 days after the end of the tournament is a must

    • Thank them for coming out to watch us play

Acers Fastpitch


Email Correspondence

  • Do not mass email coaches

  • Email once a week during our summer tournaments (Tues)

  • Sell yourself & tell them what makes you special & standout

    • Big hitter, fast, strikeout totals, pitching speed, etc

    • Avoid false statements or stretching the truth

  • Send skills video & player profile links in all of your emails

  • Subject line of your emails should always include

    • Name / Team Name / Jersey #

  • Live game video links are great options too

Acers Fastpitch


Recruiting Timelines

  • Freshman Year

    • Prepare your list of schools

    • Visit local schools

    • Watch college games at the various levels

  • Sophomore Year

    • Let the marketing campaign begin

    • Refine your list of schools (research / gather more info)

    • Unofficial Visits are very important & start now

    • 20 schools is a manageable list to keep up with

    • If you can manage more then that would be even better

Acers Fastpitch


Recruiting Timelines

  • Junior Year

    • Sept 1st is the key date that you can start to receive direct correspondence via email and regular mail

    • You should significantly intensify your marketing efforts

    • Your video link distributions, emails, phone calls, & campus visits should be a high level commitment

  • Senior Year

    • Fall of your Senior year is a very important time to play in front of your interested colleges

    • It is still possible to be recruited in the Spring / Summer of your Senior Year but the chances are diminished

    • Most D-3, NAIA, & JUCO don’t start looking at you until your Senior year

    • You should consider looking more at your Plan “B” too

Acers Fastpitch


Good Advice

  • Have a Plan & don’t wait for coaches to come to you

  • Showing up at a tournament having never contacted a coach or very many coaches is a poor approach

  • Don’t expect to just show up at a tournament and expect to have a coach see you and say “Wow… That girl is exactly what I need & everything that we have been looking for” because that hardly ever happens

  • Don’t get hung up on the “Full Ride” mentality

  • Plan to see some athletic scholarship $$ supplemented by academic $$, financial aid, and student loans

Acers Fastpitch


Key Notes

  • You never know who is watching

  • Your Level of Hustle can work for you or against you

  • Reactions to success & failure are very important

  • Recruiting is not fair & never will be

  • Coaching your daughter through the fences is not an acceptable practice or habit

  • Approaching coaches unless designated as the team’s recruiting focal is not permitted

Acers Fastpitch


Recruiting Clinic / Guide

  • Vegas Clinic

    • Hosted by Cathy Aradi


      • $ 15 per person (in advance) or $20 at the door

      • $ 25 per family (in advance) or $30 at the door

  • Recruiting Guide

    • Written by Cathy Aradi

      • Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level

Acers Fastpitch