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Update. Methods and Data Comparability Board. San Diego, CA, Dec. 6,2007. MDCB External Web Page. MDCB Current Activities. Recent meeting in Portland, OR 10/23-24/07 NEMI Water Quality Data Elements (WQDE) Physical Habitat (Streams) Preparing for 2008 National Conference New directions

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Methods and Data Comparability Board

San Diego, CA, Dec. 6,2007

Mdcb current activities
MDCB Current Activities

  • Recent meeting in Portland, OR 10/23-24/07

    • NEMI

    • Water Quality Data Elements (WQDE)

      • Physical Habitat (Streams)

    • Preparing for 2008 National Conference

    • New directions

  • Planning a MDCB meeting in conjunction with the MACOORA water-quality workshop in March 2008

  • National Conference May 18-22, 2008

Mdcb new directions
MDCB New Directions

From Portland meeting, recent Board conference calls, and Council meeting

  • Contaminants

  • Sensors

  • Event and continuous monitoring

  • Statistical and other analysis methods—how to integrate discrete, probabilistic, and real-time monitoring observations

    Need to prioritize based on needs of the Council and water-quality community

Nemi update
NEMI Update

  • EPA & USGS analytical methods – backbone of NEMI

  • 947 methods to date

  • Green Methods identified in database

  • Outreach

    • Conference in Atlantic City (presentation)

    • Updates to EPA and USGS management (meetings)

    • ELAB and similar conferences (handouts)

    • Other?

New methods in nemi
New methods in NEMI

  • In the queue for FY 2008:

    • Habitat protocols

    • USGS field methods (NFM)

    • Biological (Pop/comm)

    • Microbiological

    • Toxicity

    • Sediment & Tissue chemistry

    • Suspended sediment

    • Feedback welcome!

Crada for nemi

  • Partners:

    • YSI – financial support interested in entering multiparameter probes

    • Neptune, Inc. – analytical and statistical methods. Web-based stats programs

    • Tennessee Tech U. (Martha Wells) – research methods, University outreach

    • Abraxis LLC – analytical kits

Wqde physical habitat update
WQDE Physical Habitat Update

  • Developed a fantastic team of scientists lead by Faith Fitzpatrick and Revital Katznelson

  • Working closely with USEPA and ESAR

  • Working on a minimum set of elements for stream habitat a different habitat scales

  • Several experts are reviewing the list now

  • Will move into other habitats such as wetlands and coastal areas in the future


  • Being used more frequently in the field

  • Beginning to see “methods” that are defined by the technology

  • How can we evaluate these new technologies in order to compare them?

  • Enter into NEMI or some similar subset

Sensors cont
Sensors (cont)

  • Board plans to develop a white paper to outline the approach

  • Create a web-site to help guide users

  • Develop a Board “New Technologies” workgroup

  • Need to bring in experts to the Board

    • EPA Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program

    • Sandia National Laboraties (SNL)

    • Department of Defense

    • Homeland Security

    • Private sector

    • Several USGS presenters at WQ Workshop at Galveston


  • Many programs monitor many compounds

  • Lists of compounds change over time

  • Emerging contaminants – is there a process for identifying what should be a concern?

  • Based on discussions at Council Network breakout session the Board and Tracy need to look at current list for the Network ASAP

  • Need to develop a short term and long term plan

Statistical methods
Statistical Methods

  • Need to determine if this is a priority of the Council???

  • Need to connect with the Water Information Strategies Work Group to evaluate methods of analysis of the available data sets

  • White paper and create a web site to help those use statistical methods appropriately

  • How to integrate discrete, probabilistic, and real-time data sets generated from the Network

Moving forward
Moving Forward

  • Need to determine the level of effort that the Council wants to commit for the Board to address these issues

  • Need to interact with the Council’s to better understand the needs over the short term and long term—have selected Council members come to Board meetings/conference calls, etc.