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Benefits of black spotted banana - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bananas are the maximum extensively fed on fruit within the international. This yellow colored fruit contains with itself a dietary punch and is wrapped in its own pre-packaged cover. Bananas are fed on extra with the aid of people than the intake of apples and oranges combined.\n\n

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Bananas  are  the  maximum  extensively 

fed on fruit within the international. This 

yellow colored fruit contains with itself a 

dietary punch and is wrapped in its own 

pre-packaged cover. Bananas are fed on 

extra  with  the  aid  of  people  than  the 

intake of apples and oranges combined.

• I  am  positive  you  may  in  no  way 

forget black-spotted



advantages related to them. In fact those 

are most actual reasons to add bananas 

in your weight-reduction plan.

bananas after 



Black-spotted banana 

cancers preventing agent

Bananas itself supply us a real sense 

of feeling complete.

• Black-spotted banana,  more  it 

includes TNF issue.  And  this  is  a 

most cancers-fighting compound 

that prevents tumor cells to spread.

Prevents heartburn

Eating  simply  one banana  can  offer  you  a 

relaxing remedy from acidity and heartburn.

Blood pressure

Bananas comprise a whole lot of potassium and less sodium which 

keeps the blood pressure stage ordinary and keep away from coronary 

heart strokes.

Power punch

Bananas are complete proof power punch and the perfect meal which 

offers an experience of energy that lasts for an hour or extra. It also

blocks muscle cramping.


The nutritional iron present in a banana can assist all individuals who be 

afflicted  by  anemia. As the iron boosts up the blood supply and

strengthens hemoglobin production.


People  limit  their  food  whilst  ulcers  come  on  their  way. 

However banana is such an exemption that treats ulcers and protects

belly inflammation and acids.


Banana with excessive levels of tryptophan is first-class for healing 

the melancholy. As it enhances our mood and makes we sense more

satisfied and cozy.


Bananas  have  the  property  to  unfasten  you. It relieves you from

constipation through supplying herbal stimulation to the bowel actions.

Temperature manage

For cooling down your hot body temperature, banana works

the most. It’s also useful at the time of fever.