Exhibiting at medtec ireland everything you need to know
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Exhibiting at MEDTEC Ireland? ...Everything you need to know ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exhibiting at MEDTEC Ireland? ...Everything you need to know !. Welcome ...This webinar aims to assist, guide and equip exhibitors with all they need for their MEDTEC Ireland pre show preparations and give an enhanced understanding of what will happen at MEDTEC Ireland. Hello and Welcome!

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Exhibiting at MEDTEC Ireland? ...Everything you need to know !

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Exhibiting at MEDTEC Ireland? ...Everything you need to know!

Welcome ...This webinar aims to assist, guide and equip exhibitors with all they need for their MEDTEC Ireland pre show preparations and give an enhanced understanding of what will happen at MEDTEC Ireland.

Hello and Welcome!

I am Laurie O’Shea, I am part of the UBM Team and am based in London.

I am responsible for delivering the Operations on MEDTEC Ireland, working with you as Exhibitors, the show team and all contractors to deliver the best possible event.

Contact me: medtec-operations@ubm.com

Operations are joined by all official suppliers today. Will guide you though the Exhibitor Service Manual (ESM), explain the pre show preparatory work you need to do, highlight additional concepts you may wish to think about and cover your time onsite. The MEDTEC Ireland Marketing Team - Jaime Jukes and the Event ManagerAndrew Porter have also joined usThe floor will be open throughout, for any questions you may have, which will be answered live by the team.

There is a question box in the bottom right of your screen – type your questions here, they come through to me.

Official Suppliers and Contractors on the Webinar:

Joe from Joe Ryan Display – Stand builder, furniture, electrics and graphics

Tighg from Keady Communications – AV supplier

Danielle from WES – Logistics/ transport/freight

Sara from the Radisson Blu in Galway - Accommodation, catering, parking

Mike Macarthy from Abraxsis Global - Health and Safety Officer

I have signed up to an exhibitor, I am going to be at the event; what do I do next......just turn up on the 1st October?

Ideally not..........you need to do Pre – Show Preparations!!

Two Types...... Operations Preparations and Marketing preparations.

Operations' Pre –Show Preparations?

Centred around the

Exhibitor Service Manual (ESM)

So far; sent a Welcome from Operations email, containing the link to the ESM:


It is a private link, no need to login.

Guide to the ESM – how it works, what is where and what you need to do:

Click the link:


Home page:

Each of the nine squares contains key information

Contact Page is the all of the official suppliers and show team.

Health and Safety

Key information, about UBM’s Health and Safety Policy, Your Responsibility as an exhibitor and what is acceptable at the event.

What you need to do: read the information contained, access the risks in your participation at the event, complete compulsory forms in the Check list.


Activities and Demonstrations form – tell me what you are doing, machinery for example will lead to follow up information requests from myself

Health and Safety Declarations form – provision of an at the event mobile number and a signature to explain that you as the exhibitor understand your responsibilities

and return to medtec-operations@ubm.com

We are here to guide you –Myself and Mike will be more than happy to advise.

FAQ’S and new information

Looking for a little help here is where to turn.

Common questions – easy to use format.

And new information – check this each time you login.


Key to our UBM business practices; how we operate as a business; within communities, with the environment and the legacy we leave,

Key to the Radisson Blu Galway – top five hotels in Ireland.

It involves your company – highlight what you do a company – think about your activities at the show.

We are getting involved with the Radisson’s Sustainability month – keep you posted.

We have given you some ideas here – please share yours with us.

Tell - me about my stand what does it include?

Tell - me about my stand what does it include?


Tell me I want graphics, i want my name to say my product name and need more power – who do talk to?

Joe Ryan at Ryan Display

Joe will take you through all that he can do for you...

Key date for Ryan Display orders 13th September

– 2.5 weeks from today, that includes the stand sign / name board which you need to return to me.

And what else do I need to know?

Do I get lunch as an exhibitor?

Yes 2 per stand per day

Can I bring animals?

No, not unless it is an assistance animal

All of these questions and more are answered these here.

What questions do you have for me and the team, type them live to us in the box on the bottom right of your screen, we will answer as we go though.

Key box on the ESM is the middle:

All of the forms you need to complete and action are here!

Compulsory Forms – we discussed these in Health and Safety section, the stand sign with Joe Ryan.

Insurance – you need to send a copy of your company insurance to my colleague Stephan and the address provided, he will then work with you directly.

Exhibitor Badges you apply for online and collect at the show.

Optional Forms – These are the additional orders that you may want or need to place for your stand.

Transport Logistics – Receiving of goods at the hotel, customs clearance, if your goods are from outside Ireland – WES Logistics can help.

Danielle will guide you through the process, and the guide.

And I need a TV screen?

Keady Communications will be able to help you!

Tighg explains how to order and what services he can offer.

And I need a room to stay in, the website says all booked? Maybe some catering and parking to......

Sara is one of the event venue planners at the Radisson Blu in Galway and will explain how the Radisson can assist you.

.................there are rooms available, they are reserved for MEDTEC Ireland.

Questions: Type your questions to us and we will answer live

– bottom right hand corner of your screen.

  • Jamie Jukes is the Marketer for the event and will take you through:

  • Questions:

    Type them live to us now are we will answer!

    There is a box in the bottom right of your screen.

When will we see you onsite:

Closing Comments


Andrew Porter Event Manager

We are here to help, use your ESM and ask us.

We are all toughly looking forward to delivering a MEDTEC Ireland with you, Thank you for you time.

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