Romulus and Remus

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Romulus and Remus

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1. Romulus and Remus Adam Gonyeau

2. The Mythological beginnings of Rome

3. Beginning of story King Numitor Leader of Italian city of Alba Longa One daughter Rhea Silvia (priestess) Displaced from power by his brother Amulius Amulius made Rhea a Vestal Virgin which made marriage forbidden and made it so she could not have children who could seize the throne

4. Rape of Rhea Silvia Rhea remained a Vestal virgin until she was later raped by the Roman god Mars in the bathroom of her temple and conceived and gave birth to two sons who she named Romulus and Remus

5. When Amulius discovered the birth of the children he was irate and ordered a servant to throw them into the Tiber River

6. Miraculously the infants were able swim Together they made it to shore and survived the flood

7. The brothers were found by a she-wolf who nursed and cared for them as if they were her own Raised them for years with the help of a woodpecker who brought them food Both these animals were considered sacred to the god Mars

8. Romulus and Remus were discovered by the shepherd Faustulus and invited to live with him He and his wife Acca Larentia raised them and fed them until they were old enough to be on their own The boys grew up to be strong and brave adults

9. The brothers grew up as shepherds and soon came into conflict with the royal shepherds of Amulius. Their identity as sons of Numitor was discovered Eventually Romulus and Remus were able to raise a rebellion against Amulius, kill him and restore their father to his rightful position as king.

10. Romulus and Remus did no want to remain in Alba Longa with their father. They decided to set off on their own in order to start their own city After journeying for a short time they settled on a location for their city and began to build

11. Death of Remus Remus was opposed to the location for the city and decided to try to make it difficult on Romulus and his supporters to build the city Romulus set out to build a wall around the city but Remus mocked the size and effectiveness of it by jumping the wall Romulus was extremely insulted and killed Remus in a fit of anger

13. Rome Romulus finishes the construction of his city and names it Roma after himself

14. The Rape of Sabine Rome was full of many men; the supporters of Romulus Unfortunately there were not enough woman in the city for these men Romulus planned a festival and invited the people of a nearby village of Sabine While the men of Sabine were enjoying themselves the men of Roma rushed in and carried off all of the women of the tribe and drove the Sabine men out

15. The Disappearance of Romulus Romulus ruled Roma for over 40 years He has no documented death but legend says he disappeared in a thunderstorm one day and never returned Some worshipped Romulus as a god after his disappearance believing he had ascended to heaven

16. Questions Who was the Roman god who raped Rhea Silvia? How did Romulus die? Which animals raised Romulus and Remus?

17. References Myth Encyclopedia UNRV History Wikipedia

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