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- World City Water Forum 2009 -. 2009. 3. 19. World City Water Forum Organizing Committee. Table of Contents. Ⅰ. Background and Objectives. Ⅱ. Overall Outline of the Forum. Ⅲ. Summary and Details of the Programs. Ⅳ. Public Relations and Special Events. V. Future Plans. 목 차.

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- World City Water Forum 2009 -

2009. 3. 19

World City Water Forum Organizing Committee

Table of Contents


Background and Objectives


Overall Outline of the Forum


Summary and Details of the Programs


Public Relations and Special Events


Future Plans

목 차

Background and Objectives


Background and Objectives

□ Incheon City is located in the Han River mouth having the population over 20 million (about ½ of Korean population) along the river.

□ To find the solution for complicated urban water problems through the actual situation at Incheon City.

□ To suggest the sysmatic and prospective alternative approaches in urban water solutions which is related in newtown construction, urban regeneration, artificial stream construction and river restoration, water infrastructure, u-city and hydroinformatics, and so on.

WCWF Background (Current State of Incheon)

Incheon Port

Incheon International Airport

Linked with the

various Water Issues

Reconstruction of Building and House

Incheon (Songdo)

Free Economic Zone

WCWF Background (Constuction of IFEZ)

Area : 1/10 of Tokyo City

Total Area209.4㎢

- Songdo(53.3㎢) : Business, IT

- Youngiong(138.3㎢) :

Logistic, Tourism

- Cheongna(17.8㎢) :

Financial, Leisure

Estimated Population : 51,000 people

Total Expense : 21,000 billion KWR

Logistic, Business, IT-high-Tech, Educarion, etc

WCWF Background (IFEZ Economical Park)

  • Inland Manmade Waterways and Existing Streams increase Fresh and Ecological Effects.


Company Logo

WCWF Background (Han River Mouth)

인공위성으로 본 한강하구 주변


Peace Zones

Imjin River

Sand Deposition






Tidal Power Plant

(2 locations)

Han River




韓 江

Gimpo City



Kyoung In Canal




Incheon City

西 海


Ring Expressway

Bucheon City

WCWF Background (Kyoung In Canal)

●Practical Use of Flood Control, Utilization of the Han River as a Waterway

  • Use of Waterside Space Leisure Water Activities

  • Flood Control Logistic/Tourists/Sightseeing/Transportation

  • Zone Limits National (Connection of the Han River and Yellow Sea)

  • Water Depth : 6.3m



2009 Global Fair & Festival and the World City Water Forum

5. 배치도 및 조감도

조 감 도

  • 2009 Global Fair & Festival

  • Date : 2009. 8. 7∼10. 25 (80 days)

  • Location : Songdo International

  • Estimated Viewers : 7,000,000 people

  • Theme : Lightening Tomorrow

  • 2009 World City Water Forum

  • Date : 2009. 8. 18 ~ 21(4 days)

  • Location : Songdo ConvensiA

  • Estimated Participants : 5,000 people from 50 nations

  • Theme : Innovation and Harmony of Water and Cities



목 차

Overall Outline

  • Event Summary

  • Detailed Order of Events

  • Organization Chart

  • Program

  • Event Contents


Overall Outline

1. Event Summary

Name of Event

  • English : World City Water Forum 2009

Date of Event

  • 2009. 08. 18 (Tues) ~ 21 (Fri)

Funded By

  • Incheon Metropolitan City and Han River Water Management Committee


  • Theme : Innovation and Harmony of Water and Cities

  • Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade( inKorea Government)

Supported By


Overall Outline

2. Detailed Order of Events

2007. December

  • Agreement for World City Water Forum Conference

  • World City Water Forum Preliminary Meeting

  • Organizing the Committee

2008. January~ March

2008. April

  • Collaborative Meeting with Han River Water Management Committee

  • President of Kiribati to accept as a Keynote Speakers

  • Jerome Glenn and Timothy Mack confirmed as Keynote Speakers

2008. September

  • Yoshiro Mori (President of the Japan Water Forum) accept as a Keynote Speaker

  • Over 200 members of Japan’s specialist and NPO will attend in the forum

2008. November

  • Tuvalu Prime Minister Apisai Ielemia visited to Korea

  • Accept as a Keynote Speaker

2008. December




Special Symposium Coordinator

Technical Conference





Vice Chairmen

Overall Outline

3. Organizational Committee

Secretary General


Overall Outline

4. Program


Overall Outline

5. Event Contents

Recognition of Event

Distinguished guests will speak on water related issues that are affecting the world


Speech &



Technical Conference

Presentation given by Specialists(200 papers)

Opportunity for Networking and Exchange

(20 CEOs + 20 Mayors)

World City

Water Forum






Encouraged Participation for Discussion of Related Topics (300papers)



Incheon’s excellence in water management

The introduction of IFEZ and Industries to the public tour groups


Table of Contents

  • International Meeting & Workshops

  • Invited Speakers

  • Technical Conference

  • Special Symposium

  • Youth Future World Water Contest

2.Asian River Watershed Management Workshop

International Meeting & Workshop

1. UN/ESCAP Water Infrastructure Workshop

Director-General and Specialist meeting of Water Resources in Asia and Pacific Region

Network of Asian River Basin Organization

3. The Water Network for Areas of Desertification Symposium

Specialist and NGOs meeting and Network in Arid Regions Throughout North Asia, Southwest Asia and Central Asia

4. HydroAsia and Hydro-Europe Workshop

Graduate Workshop( 9 Universities in Asia + 8 Universities in Europe)

5. Lunchern and Seminar by CEOs and Mayors

CEOs from International Water Companies organizations and Business and City Mayors

(40 members)


Invited Keynote Speakers

1. Main Speakers


Invited Keynote Speakers

1. Main Speakers


Technical Conference

  • Artificial Restoration of Urban Streams

  • Climate Change Adaptation by Rainwater Harvesting and Management

  • DHI Urban Water Software User Conference

  • Drainage

  • Effects on Water by Global Warming

  • Floods and Drought

  • Ground Water and Management

  • Hydraulics

  • Modeling and Optimization of Urban Water Infrastructures

  • River Governance

  • Urban Hydrology

  • Usage of Lidar and High-Tech Measuring Instruments

  • Water Management of the Estuary, Dams, and the Coastal Area

  • Water Resource Management and Policy

  • Water Supply


Technical Conference

Example 1. Effects on Water by Global Warming

  • Participants

  • Prof. Yochancn Kushnir/ Lamont-Doherty Earth Abservatory of Columbia University

  • Prof. Upmanu Lall/ Dept. of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University

  • Prof. Enda O'Connell/ Newcastle University, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UK

  • Prof. Richard Dawson / Newcastle University, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UK


Technical Conference

Examploe 2. Modeling and Optimization of Urban Water Infrastructures

  • Participants

  • Chris Choi (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

  • Nicholas Ashbolt (Cincinnati, OH, EPA, USA)

  • Steve Buchberger (University of Cincinnati, Arizona, Cincinnati,OH, USA)

  • Ed Glenn (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

  • Ian Pepper (University of Arizona, Tucson,Arizona, USA)

  • Kevin Lansey (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA)

  • Suiqing Liu (Tongi University, Shanghai, China)

  • Angus Simpson (Prof, Univ of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia)


Special Symposium

  • Flood

  • Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Symposium

  • U-City & Hydroinformatics

  • Water Reuse Green Revolution

  • Urban Disaster Prevention

  • PPP for Urban Infrastructure Development

  • Urban Water Policy and the Green Development

  • Water, Transportation and Canal Cities

  • Environmental Water Policy and Its Application in Korea


Urban Stream Restoration

Flood Insurance

& Mapping

Water Reuse & Green Revolution


for Urban Infrastructure Development

Special Symposium

Water, Transportation & Canal Cities

Environmental Water Policy and Its Application in Korea

U-City & Hydro



for Urban Infrastructure Development




Special Symposium

Example 1. Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

Specialists have been invited to discuss various studies on urban stream restoration from both an international and national standpoint.

Main Topics (6)

6 presentations/session (total 36 papers will be presented)


Special Symposium

Example 2. Water, Transportation and Canal Cities

To discuss solutions to environmental issues affecting cities, in efforts to restore the

urban city environment.

Main Topics (6)


Youth future world water contest
Youth Future World Water Contest

The Youth Future World Water Contest in an international contest that provides an opportunity for the great minds of our nations to provide possible solutions to water issues that are affecting our present and our future.

Youth will be challenged to think ahead to 20 years from now to describe the world then, while discussing what action has been taken to solve various water related issues, or prevent against water related disasters.

Youth are encouraged to draw from a variety of sources to consider possibilities concerning future issues from a local, national or global standpoint.


- Dates : August 18~21, 2009 (Tuesday ~ Friday)

- Place : Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea

- Theme :Water in 20 years from now

Organized By : World City Water Forum Organizing Committee (WCWF), United Nations University (UNU)

Youth future world water contest1
Youth Future World Water Contest

Participants present oral and poster presentations

Separate to A and B teams after final round

A : up-to 15-20 Teams

B : All remaining teams



A team

Participate in seminars and symposiums

B team

Participate in seminars and symposiums

Create new group project



A Group presentation by team

B Group presentation by team



Award ceremony

Special award ceremony



  • Registration

  • 1st Step : Paper Submission &

    Teacher’s Recommendation

  • - Submit Papers by May 31, 2009

  • Papers are to be 5- 10 pages in length

  • 2nd Step : Team Presentation

  • 1st Round Presentation :

  • Oral and Poster Presentation

  • a) 15 min Presentation, 15 min Q&A

  • b) Up to 15 - 20 teams will advance to final

  • round(remaining teams will be

  • rearranged to create new teams)

  • 2nd Round (2nd~3rd Day) : After spending in

  • sessions on Day 2, groups will be given

  • the challenge of creating a new presentation

  • (PPT). Select teams will receive merit based

  • awards.


Online Public Relations

Homepage (www.wcwf2009.org)

Most up to date news about the WCWF 2009

Distributing the E-DM to 16,000 Recipients Internationally


E-DM (Weekly)

Newsletter (Monthly)


Offline Public Relations

Distribution Leaflet (Bulletin No1)

Distribution Leaflet (Bulletin No3)

Distribution Leaflet (Bulletin No2)


Offline Public Relations

Poster Advertisements

Daejun KTX Illuminated Advertisement

Environmental Technical Journal

~ Magazine Advertisement


Offline Public Relations

Seminar • Symposium Participation

○ World Water Week 2008

     • Bulletin distributed in both the Registration area

and the Conference Room

     • Meeting between representatives of the SIWI

Organizing Committee, Japan Water Forum

and Netherlands Water Forum and so on

  ○ Japan Symposium

    • Participated in the Wave Special Lecture,

International Water Governance Symposium,

and Tokyo Symposium on Water Governance,

and introduced the WCWF 2009 in a presentation

    • Yoshiro Mori confirmed as a Keynote Speaker

at the WCWF 2009


Technical Tour

○ Time and Date : 2009. 08. 20, 14:00




  • 500 papers will be selected for presentation at this international event in order to discuss possible solutions to water related issues in cities

  • To raise awareness through the Yellow Sea Initiative of the global water issues that are a result of climate change, and urban development

  • To build and establish a global network that will work to share information which can be used to find solutions together for the future of our water resources

  • Youth Future World Water Contest will challenge and raise interest for future generations

  • To discuss and find solutions that will support a harmony of cities and water related issues

Future Goals


  • Stockholm World Water Week, Singapore’s International Water Week and the World City Water Forum will make a contribution for solving water problems in the different approaches.

  • The conclusions reached and proposed at the World City Water Forum 2009 will be submitted to UN, WWC and water related Agencies.

  • The Youth Future World Water Contest will educate and challenge young adults to have a more active role in creating positive change for the future of water resources

  • With the support and vision of organizations such as the UN, ADB, and UNU, specialists in the field of water will continue to come together as a global community to exchange their views and experience

We look forward to seeing you at

the World City Water Forum

2009. 8.18 Incheon

Thank You!