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Avoiding addictions
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Avoiding Addictions. Addiction And The Dimensions Of Health. Characteristics Of College Drug Users. Why Students Don ’ t Use Drugs. Why Students Use Drugs. Often Misused Over-the-Counter Medications . Nasal Spray. Avoid Misuse of OTC Medications By:. Laxatives. Eye Drops. Sleep Aids.

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Avoiding Addictions

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Avoiding addictions

Avoiding Addictions

Addiction and the dimensions of health

Addiction And The Dimensions Of Health

Characteristics of college drug users

Characteristics Of College Drug Users

Why students don t use drugs

Why Students Don’t Use Drugs

Why students use drugs

Why Students Use Drugs

Often misused over the counter medications

Often Misused Over-the-Counter Medications

Avoid misuse of otc medications by

Nasal Spray

Avoid Misuse of OTC Medications By:


Eye Drops

Sleep Aids

Pain Killers

Cough Syrup

Avoid using for several days in a row

Use fiber and exercise instead

Avoid using for several days in a row

Practice sleep hygiene

Take only when needed

Many active ingredients are ineffective

Prescription medications

Prescription Medications

Prescription drug abuse is increasing

Prescription Drug Abuse Is Increasing

Highest nonmedical use of prescription medication is among young adults age 18 to 25

Prescription drug abuse carries danger

Prescription Drug Abuse Carries Danger

Prescription drug abuse carries danger1

Prescription Drug Abuse Carries Danger

Types of drug abuse

Types of Drug Abuse

Causes of drug dependence and abuse

Causes of Drug Dependence and Abuse

Cannabis is most widely abused substance

Cannabis Is Most Widely Abused Substance

Common names of club drugs

Common Names Of Club Drugs

EcstasyGHBNitrites GBL Love drug hug BeansHerbal X Georgia home boy Cloud 9 Liquid Ecstasy Herbal bliss XTC GGrievous bodily harm

Club drug ecstasy

Club Drug – Ecstasy

Club drug ghb and gbl

Club Drug – GHB and GBL

Club drug nitrites

Club Drug – Nitrites

Club drug herbal ecstasy

Club Drug – Herbal Ecstasy

Stimulant drugs cocaine

Stimulant Drugs– Cocaine

INSERT FIGURE 12.4 pg 411: Some effects of cocaine on the body. Center on page

Cocaine s effect on the body

Cocaine’s Effect On The Body

Stimulant drugs khat

Stimulant Drugs– Khat

INSERT FIGURE 12.4 pg 411: Some effects of cocaine on the body. Center on page

Depressant drugs benzodiazepines

Depressant Drugs - Benzodiazepines

Withdrawal from benzodiazepines

Withdrawal From Benzodiazepines

Depressant drugs opiods

Depressant Drugs - Opiods

Depressant drugs opiods1

Depressant Drugs - Opiods

Hallucinogens lsd

Hallucinogens – LSD

Dissociative drugs ketamine

Dissociative Drugs– Ketamine

Dissociative drugs pcp

Dissociative Drugs– PCP

Dissociative drugs salvia

Dissociative Drugs– Salvia

Inhalants a risk for young people

Inhalants – A Risk For Young People

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