scientific name gorilla beringei common name mountain gorilla
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∙Scientific Name: Gorilla beringei ∙Common Name: Mountain Gorilla

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∙Scientific Name: Gorilla beringei ∙Common Name: Mountain Gorilla - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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∙Scientific Name: Gorilla beringei ∙Common Name: Mountain Gorilla. By: Dontae’ Williams. “ Map of the location of Mountain Gorillas”. “Habitat”. Virungas is surrounded by rich volcanic soil. Some habitats for Mountain Gorillas maybe tourist attraction.

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  • Virungas is surrounded by rich volcanic soil.
  • Some habitats for Mountain Gorillas maybe tourist attraction.
  • Tropical Secondary and montane forests and east central Africa.
  • Male Gorillas expand there home territory, they overlap extensively.(Watts 1994)
  • The females usually join another group or with a single male.
  • Of all the great apes Gorilla show the most stable grouping patterns.
  • Gorilla groups can contain 40 to 50 gorillas.
  • Gorilla start to breed around the age of 9.
  • They mate any season.
  • Infants die from the slow reproduction rates.( usually of diseases).
  • Female approach males to indicate they’re ready to reproduce.
why are they endangered
Why Are They Endangered?
  • Gorillas are one of the most endangered animals in the world.
  • The are an estimate of 600 living in 2 populations of about 300 each.
  • Gorillas was some what protected until the civil war and the park protection disappeared.
  • Most killing was by poachers.
  • Gorillas was killed in snares, and were caught for there meat and parts.
  • There are only about 786 mountain gorillas that still remain in the world.
how we can help
How we can help?

• You can adopt a gorilla

•Go to and donate money to their foundation.

5 questions
“5 Questions”
  • How many Gorillas can a group of gorillas can contain?
  • What killed almost all of the gorillas?
  • What kind of habitat do a gorilla live in?
  • How can we help the gorillas out?
  • When did the gorillas stop being protected as much as they use to?