The fatherhood foundation of South Africa    changing families, one man at a time

The fatherhood foundation of South Africa changing families, one man at a time PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Executive SUMMARY . The Fatherhood Foundation of South Africa is a Public Benefit Organization, (Reg No: 2009/012079/08 ) dedicated to the promotion of excellence in fathering in South Africa.Fatherless-ness has been shown by the social sciences to contribute to an increase in child poverty, chil

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The fatherhood foundation of South Africa changing families, one man at a time

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1. The fatherhood foundation of South Africa “ changing families, one man at a time Business Profile

2. Executive SUMMARY The Fatherhood Foundation of South Africa is a Public Benefit Organization, (Reg No: 2009/012079/08 ) dedicated to the promotion of excellence in fathering in South Africa. Fatherless-ness has been shown by the social sciences to contribute to an increase in child poverty, child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, increased levels of child mortality between conception and birth, child emotional abuse, child physical abuse, child and adult drug abuse, child and adult increase in suicide, child and adult self harm and much other destructive and abusive human behaviour. Therefore the principal activity of the Fatherhood Foundation is the prevention of such abusive human behaviours by the promotion of excellence in fathering, which shall henceforth be taken to mean: Fathers who are, in word and deed, responsible, involved, protective, loving and committed to the well-being of their children and their families.

3. Executive SUMMARY Studies show that, when compared against homes with both biological parents, children reared in single-parent homes exhibit, among other things: Five times the risk of growing up in poverty Three times the incidence of emotional and behavioural problems Five times the risk of becoming teen parents Three times the likelihood of joining a gang Twice the incidence of dropping out of school And up to 10 times the involvement in criminal behaviour

4. Definition of fatherless-ness Fatherless-ness can be defined as the absence of an active, positive father-influence in the lives of children. Fatherless-ness is both a natural and spiritual problem. It needs strategic and synergistic partnerships that should involve government, business, church, community, faith-based and secular charities and many others working together to strengthen and support South Africa fathers.

5. Vision The vision of the Fatherhood Foundation is to create a society of strong, healthy families and communities in South Africa, by encouraging fathers, empowering families and helping children and communities affected by fatherless-ness.

6. Values To achieve all of the above with a true spirit of integrity and humility whilst remaining open and accountable at all times.

7. Objectives To Educate and Inspire all people, and especially men and fathers, through mentoring courses, mass events, electronic media, awareness campaigns, research and other resources To Train and Develop / Equipping and developing men & fathers, leaders of national, state and community through fathering initiatives, forums, conferences, festivals and mentoring courses, using specially developed curricula, training and technical assistance To Engage / Interact with every sector of society through strategic alliances and partnerships using the positioning statement ‘Changing families, one man at a time’.

8. Core proposition Children are the most vulnerable members of our society. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that every child has the fundamental right to both a mother and a father. The best way to secure this right is to establish a loving and stable marriage between a man and a woman for life. This long-term relationship facilitates the rights of grandmothers and grandfathers to continued access and valuable input into their grandchildren As a harm-prevention charity the Fatherhood Foundation is a non-partisan and non-denominational child protection charity. We believe that the best way to protect a child is to help that father of that child do a better job of being a father. The best way to help fathers do a better job is to educate and resource fathers, and to promote excellence in fathering. The Fatherhood Foundation would like to help all fathers be better fathers, no matter what their nationality, age, religion or status. The Fatherhood Foundation believes in the need for gender reconciliation and affirms that committed, loving caring and covenantal marriages are the highest expression of gender reconciliation.

9. Core proposition The Fatherhood Foundation believes that there is a natural tension between the male and female gender and it is in a committed marriage between a man and a woman that this tension is continually resolved in a loving and gracious way. Children learn conflict resolution by observing their mothers and fathers resolve the gender conflict that naturally occurs in a committed loving marital relationship. Successful marriages between men and women help girls and boys confirm their own gender and avoid gender disorientation that can occur in formative years. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that every child has the right in the event of divorce or parental separation to equal contact with both the mother and the father unless there are proven mitigating circumstances. Family law should provide and reflect this right to protect the best interests of the child. The Fatherhood Foundation believes in and advocates for gender equality; However we believe that each gender is unique and special and we affirm that difference. The Fatherhood Foundation believes in the need for gender advocacy. We believe that responsible gender advocates should recognise the uniqueness of each gender and the complementarity of the male and female of the species.

10. The fatherhood programs & activities

11. Fatherhood foundation institute The Fatherhood Foundation will build up a large internet communication network to support busy fathers in a busy world. The concept is simple, regular communication through an online service that will inspire men to be fathers of excellence. Fathers will be encouraged to sign-up and in addition to the inspiring communication they will receive information on seminars / events / special offers / general information / Fathering books / etc

12. Mentorship & role modals The Fatherhood Foundation will provide mentorship programs and positive role models for youth at risk. These role models will be taken from the broader spectrum of South African professional society and will include: sports stars, actors, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, artists etc. A Role Model Campaign will be developed to highlight the benefits of this part of the strategy. Included in this campaign will be: Father & Son Camping Trips, Sports Days, Career Mentorship and guidance, Tiny Tots Dad’s experiences and more

13. Fathers day campaign “The real meaning of Fathers Day” A non-commercial interactive campaign challenging members of society to repair / strengthen / extend their relationships with their fathers. The campaign will encompass the following elements: Competitions, Youth Group activities, Testimonials, Photograph / Painting / Drawing / Poetry exhibitions, Honouring Ceremonies and Features / Advertorials in selected media, in addition to Radio and Television shows.

14. Fatherhood courses & seminars Good to Great Fatherhood Mentoring Course for the 21st Century’ The Fatherhood Foundation is able to provide courses and seminars for fathers wanting to move to excellence in fathering. The course will deal with such issues as love commitment, sex, faith, friendship, fun, respect, authority and trust. Fatherhood Success Seminars for Single Dads The Fatherhood Foundation will provide help for single and divorced fathers, through training seminars and courses to meet their needs.

15. Fun for families South African’s love their sport. Why not find sports that can include children and their dads? What a great excuse to spend time together. Other options include camping, traveling and other organized opportunities. The concept would be to get the community involved at a grass roots level as much as possible. The possibilities are endless. The Fatherhood Foundation would be a catalyst for these types of father-friendly family activities

16. Youth at risk Over the past decade, more and more attention has been given to the issues associated with “at-risk youth” including youth crime, violence, sex, substance abuse, poor academic performance, etc. Research shows that at-risk youth struggle with complex issues and scenarios that are brought on by peers, mentors, family members, and difficult social environments. The increased complexity of today’s at-risk youth has forced parents and federal agencies to work together to find solutions. There has not been much interest in community-based efforts that help to educate and direct at-risk youth and families to a variety of helpful services.

17. children & father affected by HIV& AIDS There are a number of initiatives both nationally and internationally to ‘involve men in promoting gender equality, ending violence against women and playing a more active role in reducing the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS’. Currently the burden of childcare falls on women. Greater involvement of men has the potential to reduce this burden and to assist in ameliorating the damaging impacts of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on children.

18. FATHERHOOD CONFERENCE & forums The Fatherhood Foundation will hold an annual conference on fathering Sponsor experts on fathering. Local speakers and international role models will be sourced. To fund such speaking tours and conferences will be expensive but ultimately well worth the investment in the families of South Africa.

19. QUALITY RESEARCH The Fatherhood Foundation is intent on being the foremost commentary on the problems of fatherlessness and its implications to the social fabric of society. Research is critical in understanding the position of father in relation many happenings within our society i.e. The Fatherhood Foundation wants to sponsor quality research into the results of living in a fatherless society and to quantify the social impact of family breakdown. The final outcome of all research would be to find ways to overcome the problems and provide positive answers. In South Africa this is an issue that lacks in-depth positive research.

20. Results Zane Meas established the “Fatherhood Foundation of South Africa” in 2009 but has for the past three years been speaking throughout the country on the effects of and solutions to Fatherless-ness in South Africa. He has addressed more than two hundred seminars across the country on Fatherhood and has reached out to thousands of people with this message. His speaking engagements have seen him address meetings in all the nine provinces of the country with some meetings attracting as much as three thousand people. His presentations on Fatherhood have been widely received and continue to garner support from all sectors of the population in the country. Fatherhood Foundation has held two fatherhood camps one in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg and is due to hold another in The Eastern Cape in November of 2010.

21. Results: 2010 activities

22. Results: Testimonials

23. Results : Testimonials

24. Donor contributions options Donors may opt for one or more of the above options Please note that donors can sponsor specific activities/programs of the Foundation should they not be in a position to contribute in the manner suggested above. I.e. the Fatherhood Conference or Youth at Risk

25. The Fatherhood Foundation End

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