The ward employment system at work the challenge to the individual
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The Ward Employment system at work: “The Challenge to the Individual” PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Ward Employment system at work: “The Challenge to the Individual”. Inadequate Employment. Lack of Education & Access to Resources. Limited Career Goals. Cycle of Poverty. Hopelessness. Struggle to Serve. Plan and set goals. Achieve goals. Learn how to use resources effectively.

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The Ward Employment system at work: “The Challenge to the Individual”

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The Ward Employment system at work:“The Challenge to the Individual”

Inadequate Employment

Lack of Education


Access to Resources

Limited Career Goals

Cycle of Poverty


Struggle to Serve

Plan and set goals

Achieve goals

Learn how to use resources effectively

Use resources and opportunities

Career Self-Reliance Cycle

“A man out of work is of special moment to the Church because, deprived of his inheritance, he is on trial as Job was on trial--for his integrity…. Continued economic dependence break him…. He is threatened with spiritual ruin…. The Church cannot hope to save a man on Sunday if during the week it is a complacent witness to the crucifixion of his soul.”

Gordon B. Hinckley

Guiding Purpose

Help individuals become career self-reliant through employment, education, & self-employment

Helping Church Members

Become Self-Reliant

The door of exaltation is open to everyone; but some must be tutored and taught to a greater degree if they are to reach their eternal potential.

Listen for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God loves the needy and will send the Spirit to help you.

Not even a crust of bread should be given without love in your heart!

As we visit together, both the principles, and the nuts and bolts, of welfare service will be discussed.

Areas of Self Reliance








and spiritual




“Some areas have church employment centers but these are organized to compensate for lack of total Quorum and Ward commitment. This is because the Priesthood have not accepted and are not living or functioning the way the Lord would have us.”

Bishop Vaughn J. Featherstone-1976

A United Effort is Essential:

  • “While the work of Church employment centers is significant, it is intended to serve primarily as a support to the priesthood quorums and Relief Societies in the Church”. Neil Newell, The Ensign/April 2000 p.55





None should be forgotten:

“None is [to be] forgotten, overlooked or neglected”

(Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, May 1995, p. 53)

“Through the Church, the Lord has established a way to care for the poor and needy and help them regain their self-reliance”

(Church Handbook of Instructions, book 2, p. 256)


Like trees, the poor and the needy should be taught, and nurtured, and allowed to grow!


Helping Sister Clark’s family


The bishop’s initial help:

  • The bishop meets with Sister Clark and cares for her short-term needs:

    • He gives her a food order

    • He helps her with her rent

The bishop has now cared for her SHORT-TERM needs.

A question. . .

Are we expected to help individuals overcome their


The Cycle of Dependency

The Cycle of Dependency

Long term needs

Low self esteem

Weak job skills

Inadequate education

Poor family relations

Inadequate housing

Inactive in Church

Long term needs are never met!


Overcoming dependency:

"It is clear that plans which contemplate only relieving present distress are deficient. The Church has always sought to place its members in a way to help themselves, rather than adopting the method of so many charitable institutions of providing for only present needs. Our idea of charity, therefore, is to relieve present wants and then to put the poor in a way to help themselves so that in turn they may help others”

(Joseph Fielding Smith, Gospel Doctrine, p.236)


All of us have a job to do:

"It is the responsibility of the bishops to give emergency help to see that neither the individual or his family suffers. The obliga-tion of the priesthood quorum is to set in motion those forces and facilities which will equip the needy member to provide on a continuing basis for himself and his family"

(Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Nov 1977, pp. 84‑86).


  • And because this is true. . .

  • The bishop asks Sister Clark’s permis-sion to help with her long-term needs and the issues that prevent her from becoming self-reliant,

  • After receiving her permission, he refers her to the High Priest Group

  • Leader, Brother Manley.


  • Developing a plan:

  • The bishop then explains that the HPGL will assist her as she develops a Self-Reliance plan that will help her determine:

    • Current circumstances

    • Desired outcomes

    • Resources she will need

    • Resources available


  • Sister Clark meets with the HPGL:

  • Her current circumstances:

  • Divorced

  • Low self-esteem because of spouse abuse

  • High school education

  • Working 2 minimum wage jobs

  • No medical benefits

  • Five daughters ages 6 to 15

  • Daughter has an impacted wisdom tooth

  • and she cannot afford dental care


  • Her current circumstances--(continued):

  • Family doesn't communicate well

  • House in poor repair-- the roof leaks

  • Car doesn't work-- the starter needs replacing

  • Eldest daughter does not attend church

  • She worked out a budget and found she needs to make $15.00 per hour to support family


  • Her desired outcomes:

  • She wants to work one job with better pay and benefits

  • She wants to become a registered nurse, so she needs some training

  • She wants her roof repaired

  • She needs her daughter’s tooth fixed

  • Her home needs repainting

  • Her car needs to be fixed

  • Family relationships need strengthening

  • Her eldest daughter needs to become active in the Church


  • The resources she needs:

  • Medical insurance

  • Job search training skills

  • A training site,and education to become a registered nurse

  • Family counseling

  • Support group for abused women(would probably be helpful)

  • Handyman to repair roof


  • The resources she needs--(continued):

  • Dentist to take care of impacted tooth

  • A team to paint the house

  • A mechanic to fix the car

  • Some fast-offering assistance

  • Home teacher and visiting teacher support

  • Support of young women's advisor and the primary teachers and leaders

  • Support of relief society sisters and presidency

Sister Clark now knows what she has and what she needs . . .


Like an athlete, Sister Clark needs training, and tutoring and following-along . . .

Resources that she can’t provide for herself!

It takes a lot to help recipients resolve their LONG-TERM NEEDS


In the


What is in the Lord’s storehouse?

  • "The Lord's Storehouse receives, holds in trust, and dispenses consecrated offerings of the Saints. In form and operation, the storehouse is as simple or sophisticated as circumstances require. It may be a list of available services, money in an account, food in a pantry, or commodities in a building. A storehouse is established the moment faithful members give to the bishop of their time, talents, skills, compassion, materials, and financial means in caring for the poor and in building up the kingdom of God on the earth.”

  • (Providing in the Lord’s Way, p. 11)

Each member is responsible

Each member of the Church has welfare responsibilities. These are to become self-reliant and to care for the poor and needy, (Providing in the Lords Way, p.5)

1. An individual provides for himself

2. The husband provides for wife

3. The parents provide for children

4. The extended family provides support

The Lord’s Storehouse--Ward Level


The Bishop is responsible for helping ward members meet immediate needs.

The Lord’s Storehouse--Ward Level


The priesthood quorums and the Relief Society are responsible for helping members resolve long- term needs.

The Lord’s Storehouse--Ward Level

  • To fulfill this responsibility quorum and relief society leaders should become well acquainted with their members, and should:

    • Visit their homes regularly

    • Teach members to live providently, provide for themselves and their families, and care for others

    • Direct priesthood quorum and relief society members in teaching new skills to become self-reliant(Providing in the Lord's Way, p. 15)

The Lord’s Storehouse--Ward Level

Home and visiting teachers assist the Melchizedek priesthood and Relief Society in fulfilling these duties.

(Providing in the Lord's Way, p. 15)

And so we see that the work of The Lord’s Storehouseon the ward level is accomplished by the

Ward Welfare Committee

The Lord’s Storehouse--Ward Welfare Committee

As the presiding High Priest, the bishop makes the assignments.

But it is the priesthood quorum and Relief

Society leaders that coordinate efforts to help recipients provide for their long-term self-reliance needs.

The Lord’s Storehouse-- Ward Welfare Committee

  • The bishop, and other members of the ward welfare committee, can draw upon:

    • The consecrated offerings of all the Saints in the ward

    • A list of available ward services

    • Compassionate Service

    • Fast Offerings

    • The Stake Welfare Specialist(s)

The Lord’s Storehouse-- Ward Welfare Committee

Faithful members give to the bishop of their time, talents, skills, compassion, materials, and financial means in caring

for the poor and in building up the kingdom of God on the earth.

Thus every ward member is part of the Lord's Storehouse and has a contribution to make.


  • Resources available to Sister Clark:

  • Family resources:

    • Salary of $1,100.00 each month

    • Alimony of $300.00 per month,

    • Extended family lives far away, but one brother, Jeff, is willing to contribute $100.00 per month for six months


  • Resources available to Sister Clark:

  • The Lord’s Storehouse--:

  • Home teachers/visiting teachers

  • Automobile mechanic (suggest Brother Dugwell, high priest)

  • Handyman (suggest Brother Walker, high priest)

  • Young women's advisor (to reactivate daughter)

  • Primary and Young Women (to work with other daughters)

  • Dentist (none available at ward level)


  • Resources available to Sister Clark:

  • The Lord’s Storehouse--Stake Level:

    • A dentist

    • Backup from the stake welfare specialist(s)

  • is available if needed


Resources available to Sister Clark:

  • The Lord’s Storehouse--Region Level

  • Church Employment Resource Center (to locate available training and financial aid for tuition)

  • Insurance--CHIPS (free medical coverage for children of low income households)

  • Counseling (individual & family)

  • Dentist (if not available at stake level)


“When the entire program of the Church comes together in council--miracles can and do happen.”H. Russell Ballard, Counseling with our Councils, 4, 13

Participants in the

Ward Welfare Committee

BishopricHigh Priest Group LeaderElders Quorum PresidentWard Mission LeaderYoung Mens PresidentRelief Society PresidentWard Employment SpecialistWard Executive SecretaryWard ClerkOther auxiliary leaders

Case study--minimum wage job

The HPGL takes Sister Clark’s self-reliance plan to the ward welfare committee.

Her immediate needs will

be attended to by the bishop in the ward welfare meeting (action and time line):

The bishop will offer counseling for a period of three months.

The bishop will offer food, and fast offering assistance while the family will use it’s resources to pay other expenses.

Case study--minimum wage job

Work that the recipient may be asked to perform in return for assistance:

  • She and her children may

  • be asked to:

  • Feed the full-time missionaries once each week

  • Spend time with each child one-on-one weekly

  • Read to her children for 20 minutes each night

  • Donate hours in some other way

Case study--minimum wage job

Assignments to meetLong-term needs, (and a time line), are then given:

High Priest Group:

Repair car within 3 days (Brother Dugwell)

Repair home within one month (Brother Walker)

Home teacher/visiting teacher couple will provide support weekly (Brother & Sister Williams)

Brother Manley,HPGL, will contact at least weekly, daily if needed

Case study--minimum wage job

Elders quorum:

Paint Sister Clark’s home within one month.

(President Tanner will organize and coordinate the project).

Case study--minimum wage job

Relief Society:

Visiting teachers asked to provide support weekly (Williams and Fuller)

Three sisters who have gone through divorce and may have children of a similar age will be introduced to Sister Clark within one week.

Case study--minimum wage job

Young Women:

Young womens presidency will strive to reactivate the eldest daughter (immediate and ongoing)

Class presidencies will be assigned to friendship girls within one week (Young Womens President).

Case study--minimum wage job


The primary presidency will pay special attention to Sister Clark’s active daughters

(immediate and ongoing).

Case study--minimum wage job

High Priest Group Leader:

Interact with leaders on the ward welfare committee to be sure that their assignments are completed,

Meet with Sister Clark often...daily if necessary

Self-reliance plans will be updated, revised, (as needed), and presentedto the ward welfare committee so they may help her share the burden until she becomes self-reliant.

Case study--minimum wage job

Stake Welfare Specialist(s):

Provide help and support to the HPGL Help find a dentist within the stake

Case study--minimum wage job

Career Self-Reliance Plan for Sister Clark:

Her goal: Become a Registered Nurse (RN)

Step #1:

She is referred to a Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) Training site.

(She will be paid between $6.50 and $7.00 per hour during an 11 week training period. The training site will pay all training and certification costs.)

Case study--minimum wage job

Career Self-Reliance Plan for Sister Clark:

Her goal: Become a Registered Nurse (RN)

Step #2:

Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) training is completed.

(She will now receive $8.00 per hour with benefits.)

Case study--minimum wage job

Career Self-Reliance Plan for Sister Clark:

Her goal: Become a Registered Nurse (RN)

Step #3:

Sister Clark begins a 2 year course to become a Licensed Practical Nurse at the same training site.

(This takes about 2 years to complete, and the training site has paid for all costs of training and licensing.)

Case study--minimum wage job

Career Self-Reliance Plan for Sister Clark:

Her goal: Become a Registered Nurse (RN)

Step #4:

After successful completion of her LPN license, the salary will be about $17.00 per hour.

Case study--minimum wage job

Career Self-Reliance Plan for Sister Clark:

Her goal: Become a Registered Nurse (RN)

Step #5:

Benefits at this level include an educational reimbursement program which enables Sister Clark to continue taking classes towards her Registered Nurse (RN) program.

How to get started:The Bishop

Step #1:

The Bishop may train ward leadership

or ask the Stake Welfare Specialist(s) and/or the High Counselor over

Welfare to provide the training.

(LDS Employment Resource personnel available upon request)

How to get started:The Bishop

Step #2:

At end of the ward leadership training session, the ward leadership may counsel together to decide on a Self-Reliance Plan for the ward.

Becoming a Zion Society

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteous-ness; and there was no poor

among them.”

Moses 7:18

Learn how to use councils

and your testimony will be that no problemis too great for the Lord’s Storehouse!

“It is like opening the floodgates of heaven”.

H. Russell Ballard, Counseling with our Councils, 4, 13

That's all, folks!

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