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THE AVENGERS. Measuring Atmospheric Ozone and NO x gases. General. The primary goal of the ITO sensor project is to measure the concentration of Ozone (O 3 ) and NOx (NO, NO 2 ) gases as the function of altitude.

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the avengers


Measuring Atmospheric Ozone and NOx gases

  • The primary goal of the ITO sensor project is to measure the concentration of Ozone (O3) and NOx (NO, NO2) gases as the function of altitude.
  • The concentration of these gases will specify the current situation of ozone depletion.
  • These measurements will be compared to past measurements made by other payloads.
  • The measurement from the sensor is done as the function of physical quantities as the sensor might function in a different way depending on the altitude, temperature, humidity and pressure.
  • The obtained measurements are compared with various experiments showing the precise concentration of Ozone and NOx gases.
  • Different halogens, such as Flourine, Chlorine, and Iodine have been used to accelerate this process.
  • The concentration of Ozone and NOx gases is calculated as the function of voltage produced across the sensor.
  • As the resistance in the ITO sensor varies with the concentration of these gases, different voltages are produced with the same amount of input current in the circuit board.
  • The Real Time Clock will be utilized as a counter and a timestamp will be printed for each measurement so that it can be related by time to altitude.
looking ahead
  • Design Goal: 2/2/2010
  • Development Goal: 3/2/2010
  • Fabrication: 4/10/2010
  • Liftoff! (Palestine): 5/25/2010