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Next. Brand Equity Strategic Branding And many more... . BRANDING = Process to build the Brand.

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  • Brand Equity

  • Strategic Branding

  • And many more... 

BRANDING = Process to build the Brand

  • Branding means much more than just giving a brand name and signaling to the outside world that such a product or service has been stamped with the mark and imprint of an organization. It requires a corporate long-term involvement, a high level of resources and skills.

    (Kapferer 2008:31)


The process by which companies distinguish their product offering from those of competition

(Keith Dinnie, 2009:15)

Branding from products to brands
branding : different strategyFrom Products to Brands

How to branding
HOW TO BRANDING? different strategy

BRANDING different strategy

Basic requirement of branding
Basic requirement of branding different strategy

Branding cycle
BRANDINg cycle different strategy

Branding a process
Branding : a process different strategy

Evaluation at

every stage

http:// different

(Davis, 2009:24) different strategy

Formulating a brand strategy
Formulating a brand strategy different strategy

  • A brand strategy is critical to determine the direction for the brand. This may be managed ‘in-house’ (within the company itself) or done in tandem with an agency or brand consultants.

  • As a general guide, it is often the branding agency, or lead marketing agency, that helps to create a brand strategy.

  • A strategy should detail areas such as understanding the brand’s audience, its market (including competitors) and should also integrate with the vision of the company.

  • A company may also commission research into audience needs and experiences of the brand

    (Davis, 2009:26)

  • The different strategyfollowing stages outline the different skills involved when developing brands

  • This applies to creating new brands as well as to refreshing or updating brands.

Creative execution a naming and logo
Creative different strategyexecution: a. naming and logo

  • The strategy will feed into the brand development stage, which involves creating a look and feel for the brand, including the brand language (often referred to as its ‘tone of voice’) as well as the logo and name.

  • An entire rebrand such as a name or logo change may not be necessary, but changing the visual aspects of the brand can reinvigorate or modernise it.

  • This stage of the branding process tends to be carried out by the branding agency, which will have designers and writers as part of the team.

  • (2009:26)

Creative implementation b advertising and digital presence
Creative implementation: different strategyb. advertising and digital presence

  • Brand implementation will involve advertising and design agencies. Advertising agencies still play a very powerful role in brand execution, often working in longterm collaborations with companies. In many cases, the ad agency will ‘own’ the brand’s execution – the part that is visible on billboards, TV and in print.

  • Design agencies are often key to the brand mplementation process – and there are many smaller design agencies that will do full brand implementation, from concept to development.

  • Some specialise in executing the brand online, which can involve a full translation of the brand to the digital sphere, with strategy and a creative process to ascertain how a brand should look, feel and communicate online. The digital presence of a brand is now as important as traditional advertising in the brand execution process.

Communicating the brand
Communicating the brand different strategy

  • A critical part of brand execution is defining how to best communicate the brand. Branding agencies should play a key role here, by developing a communications plan for the brand’s ongoing presence. Some public relations agencies also specialise in this area.

  • A communications strategy should cover both the employee and external communications execution for the brand.

Brand guidelines brand platform
Brand guidelines : different strategyBrand Platform?

  • A brand platform is a living document that establishes a foundation for the organization’s identity, messaging and visual presentation. Additionally, it serves as a framework for all internal and external communications, as well as a guide for how internal operations are performed.

  • (

Component of brand platform 1
Component of brand platform..(1) different strategy

  • Overview of Market Space (or Competitive Landscape)

  • Competitive Advantages (What differentiates the organization’s brand?)

  • Core Brand Values (What core values/guiding principles will serve as the foundation for the brand?)

  • Brand Position Statement (What is the organization’s desired position in the marketplace?)

Component of brand platform 2
Component of brand platform..(2) different strategy

  • Brand Vision (What guides the organization’s brand relationships?)

  • Brand Attributes/Personality (What are the distinct qualities/descriptors of the brand?)

  • Brand Essence (What is the true spirit – the heart – of the brand?)

  • Brand Character/Tone of Voice (How will the brand speak to its target audiences?)


SOURCE different strategy

  • Neuemier different strategy,M. 2006. The Brand Gap. Berkeley. AIGA

Extra suplement branding process from

Extra different strategysuplement : Branding Process from

By Bill Chiaravalle and Barbara Findlay Schenck

( Part of the Branding For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The branding process
The Branding Process different strategy


Case study branding in lego inc

Case study : different strategy branding in lego inc

The lego co s branding process through four progressive phases
the LEGO Co.'s branding process through four progressive phases:

  • During this strategic shift, LEGO's top management vision, organizational culture, and stakeholder images became increasingly aligned.