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Experie n ce of Saldus District Development Association , Latvia, at implementation of projects co-funded by Leader programme 2004-2006 2007-2013. September, 2009. The Map of Latvia (districts). Saldus District Development Association.

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September 2009

Experience of Saldus District Development Association, Latvia, atimplementation of projects co-funded by Leader programme2004-20062007-2013

September, 2009.

The map of latvia districts
The Map of Latvia (districts)

Saldus District Development Association

Basic information about lag saldus district development association
Basic information about LAG - Saldus District Development Association

  • Saldus District Development Association is founded on September 15, 2006.

  • Founders:

    Saldus District Council

    NGO Farmers’ Association of Saldus District

    NGO Kurzeme Regional Health PromotingSchool Centre “ Kamols”

    Private company “Zvejnieki” , ltd., ( tourism)

    Agriculture Service CooperativeSociety “ “ Kurzemes darzi”, Jaunlutrini rural area, Saldus district( fruit, berries and vegetables)

  • Saldus District Development Association has worked out Development Strategy for Saldus District 2004- 2006 and 2007-2013

  • The main task: to realize Activities according to Development Strategy for Saldus District 2004- 2006 and 2007-2013

  • Number of inhabitants per territory covered by LAG - 38 000

  • Number of NGO’s per territory covered by LAG - 120

  • Directions for project activities

  • Development of new nature and culture tourism products

  • Development of the traditional cultural heritage ( songs, dances, folklore heritage, culinary heritage ) into a tourism product

  • 3. Training on how to develop a tourism marketing plan, attract and provide services to tourists

  • Measures to diversify offer of interest education, cultural and health promoting events

  • 5. Measures to promote creation of aesthetic, comfortable and healthy life environment

  • 6. Training, seminars, study tours to raise capacity of NGO’s, municipalities and SME’s

Saldus fruit growers at study tour ngo farmers association of saldus district
Saldus fruit-growers at study tour NGO “Farmers’ Association of Saldus District“

Training courses about commercial fruit –growing, cooperation possibilities at district and national level

Field studies visiting other local fruit –growing farms inLatvia

Study visit to Polish fruit -growersPresentation of the project

Tasting of local sorts of apples

I Infrastructure for healthy life –style – basis to create a new tourism product NGO „Foreļu parks” ( Trout Park”)

Main project activities:1. Creation of the new healthy life style tourism offer; 2. building of the beach volley-ball ground, purchase of inventory; 3. creation of relevant facilities in the near-by territory, purchase of equipment; 4. Elabotation of activities plan and organisation of the competion for local volley-ball teams;

II Development of a healthy life style tourism product

Building of foot bridges, installation of

lighting, along trout ponds

Purchase of video safety

recording equipment,

trimmer and boats

Purchase of PC

Training of the staff members

of the tourism object

Children’s Play-ground create a new tourism product NGO „Foreļu parks” ( Trout Park”)NGO "Mūsu ligzda“ ( Our Nest)To build a children’s play – ground in the territory between blocks of flats dwelling houses Acitivities: Building of the ground; Making and installing of the equipment; Making lawns and planting flowers and trees; Festive presentation of the play-ground

Parents for their children create a new tourism product NGO „Foreļu parks” ( Trout Park”)

Safe life environment NGO “Oāze” ( “Oasis”)

Renovated classroom,renovated electric lighting installations and lamps

Computers and furniture purchased and installed

Reconstruction of the building owned by NGO “Saldus Old Aged People”:


of the 2nd floor ( roof, walls, ceiling, floor, window and door frames )

I Development of rooms for creative workshops

II Reconstruction of the part of the building

NGO “Saldus Old Aged People”

I Accessibility of life –long learning offer to the inhabitants of Saldus district II Reconstruction of the rooms for training courses Training centre of Saldus district

Reconstruction of

computer classroom

Reveal your talents and bring joy to others ljmaib
Reveal your talents and bring joy to others inhabitants of Saldus districtLJMAIB

1. Purchase of musical instruments and equipment

2. Creation of local rural “musical note-book’

3.Development of concert programme and staging of it

4. Musical education seminars combined with concerts in the rural areas

Building of football ground ngo m s jaunaucei we for jaunauce
Building of football ground inhabitants of Saldus districtNGO -"Mēs - Jaunaucei“ ( “We – for Jaunauce”)

  • Project results:

  • Inventory purchased (gates, balls, tractor to plane and clean the ground;

  • Building of the ground and putting in order of the near-by territory ( cleaning from bushes and stones, planing of the ground, making of the lawn)

  • Local public activitities with parents, teachers and schoolchildren invited

Accessibility of education, culture and health promoting activities for local inhabitantsNGO “Novadnieki Development”

Reconstruction of the hall for local public activities – floor, walls and the stage

Training courses for saldus tourism companies and tourist guides ngo saldus tourism association
Training courses for Saldus tourism companies and tourist guides NGO “Saldus Tourism Association”

  • To develop the basic knowledge and skills needed at tourism business,

  • To promote development of new tourism offer,

  • To produce informative materials for local tourism sector

  • To raise compatibility of the tourism sector in Saldus district.

Informative materials and stands to attract tourists to Zvarde rural area ( former Soviet Army military aviation training range ) NGO "Zvārdenieki"

1. Printing of tourism maps and building of informative stands

2. Purchase of trimmers, shovels and rakes

3. Placing of informative stands

Choir “Saldava” in local folk costumes ( traditional women skirt purchased , concert programme for visitors prepared )

Come first to help ! NGO “Latvia Red Cross Local Committee”

1.Purchase of first aid equipment and inventory

2.Preparation of training materials and organisation of training seminars

Folk dance as a cultural heritage tourism product

NGO - Folk dance group “Bandava”

  • Purchase of folk costumes

  • Informative seminars combined with concert programmes

    From Granny’s Song Chest”

    NGO “My environment”

    1.Purchase of sound technique

    2. Training seminars and concert programme

    Building of camping place

    NGO “We – for Jaunauce”

  • Purchase of sports and lawn-keeping inventory

  • Cleaning of the pond

  • Planting of trees, bushes

  • Making of street-ball ground, beach volley-ball ground, fire-place, camping place, skate-ground and other objects

Safe and breath-taking summer – what can compete to that !

NGO “Oasis”

Seminars and practical training about safe activities in open nature

Improvement of camping places at Zaņa water-mill lake

NGO “Zaņa Fishermen’s Association

1.Making of lawns and facilities along the lake shore

2. Purchase and building of summer cottage

3.Purchase of boats and building of foot bridges

Adventure tourisn in Jaunmuiža

NGO “Latvian Young Scouts”

  • Renovation of the facade of the local museum

    2. Training how to develop a tourism programme

Support to NGO capacity building – foundation for long-term successful activities

NGO “Kurzeme regional health promoting schools centre “Kamols”’

Purchase of IT, presentation and office equipment

Knowing and confident teenagers parents ngo psychologic support centre on the same road
Knowing and confident long-term successful activities teenagers’parents NGO “Psychologic support centre “On the same road””

  • Purchase of office, IT and presentation equipment

  • Preparation of materials for lectures, organisation of lectures

Training and dwelling centre of the former military aviation training range – creation of a tourism attraction object NGO “We – Zvārde people”

Renovation of part of the building and and purchase of equipment

Programming period 2007.-2013. training range – creation of a tourism attraction object

Call I: 29.06.2009.-29.07.2009.

Measure “Diversification of rural economy and improvement of life – quality in the territory covered by local development strategies”

24 projects submitted

Projects submitted by saldus district development association
Projects submitted by Saldus District Development Association

Planning and management of project budget, NGO projects – funded by CEMEX project foundation, completed

Training of NGO book-keepers – funded by CEMEX project foundation, completed

Implementation of life-long learning programmes in sectors of arts and music –

EEZ/Norway funding - completed

Cooperation and study visits
Cooperation and study visits Association

  • Study visits to Corsica ( France), Portugal, Finland

  • Cooperation agreements with LAGs from Lithuania and Estonia

  • Local study visits and exchange of experience in Latvia

Saldus AssociationDistrict Development Association

Council Chairman

Sarmīte Ozoliņa tel. +37163807902; +37129453184

[email protected]

Executive Manager

Sandra Fridrihsone tel. +37163807276; +37129494781

[email protected]