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for the teachers

This is a lesson I prepared for my year 8 Spanish class who are doing the topic of food. We used a website called which takes images and text and makes them into videos. Have a play with it and request an education account which gives you loads of space and more options. I think you can set up multiple accounts but I just keep all the videos on one so I can mark them easily.We are sending the videos to our EPALS in Spain as part of a project based on the TV show ‘come dine with me’ (which has a version in Spain called ‘Ven a cenar conmigo) I uploaded the best 3 onto youtube; although the quality is better if you leave it on the animoto website.

For the teachers….



In today’s lesson you need to create a Video for a menu of ‘Come Dine with Me’ for your Epal in Granada

You will be using the website

It is very important you read both the TASK INSTRUCTIONS and VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS on slides 3/4 and 5/6 in order to a.) get a good grade and b.) avoid problems with the new animoto website. There is a finished video example on slide 7 (click links if streaming doesn’t work)

Before you begin do these 3 things: 1.) Make sure you use the menu on slide 4 as a guide.

2.) Create a new file in ‘my documents’ called ANIMOTO

3.) Log on to

User = [email protected]

Password = (I’ll send it to you on school messageboard)



Your title is ‘Ven a cenar conmigo’

Your task is to make a video where you show your EPAL what you will be cooking for them when they visit your house.

You should include in written Spanish what you will have for Starter/Main/Drinks and pudding + a time/address. You should use the work you have previously done on food for this and can use for vocab. Remember - try to make your video and writing as original as possible.

Your video needs pictures of the food you will be making as well as perhaps anything else you feel is relevant (a cartoon of you / your house / a clock / a date)

You may also wish to add music. If you brought your own MP3 file you can use this. After today, your work will be marked and comments left on Edmodo but you won’t receive a grade until you correct it.




Ven a cenarconmigo! Bienvenida a mi casa.

De entrantevamos a comer sopa de mariscos con pan de ajo.

De segundoplatovamos a comer salchichas con patatas

asadas y zanahorias.

Para beberhay limonada, zumo de pera o zumo de piña.

De postrevamos a comer unatarta de limón con merengues.

Porfavorven a mi casa a lassiete, la direcciónes9 Calle Asturias.

Un saludo

Señor Terry

Use this as a guide to making your menu. Remember you can only add very short bits of text.

The bits in black you should use; the bits in white you should change.

Remember this is a guide – try to develop this.



On the next slide you can see a video with a guide to using

The 2 most important things to remember are ….1.)You must SAVE all pictures/music to the file you created before you upload them to your video. 2.) You can only use the designs NOT labelled pro – See beneath.

But not the ones labelled pro…

You can use these ones…











This is a quick demonstration on how to use animoto. Please use link below if it won’t stream.



Watch this video of my menu file. You can also watch the end product by clicking on the link below if the stream doesn’t work.