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Technology. Maximizing the use of time and energy Man to machine The evolution of technology in America. Cottage Industry. Before there were factories, textiles and other items were produced on a small scale in homes .

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Maximizing the use of time and energy

Man to machine

The evolution of technology in America

Cottage industry

Cottage Industry

  • Before there were factories, textiles and other items were produced on a small scale in homes.

  • Farming families would supplement their income by producing and selling manufactured goods in addition to the agricultural products.

  • Small scale production

The industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution

The spinning jenny

The Spinning Jenny

The spinning jenny1

The Spinning Jenny

  • This machine automated the process of spinning cotton fibers into thread.

  • Many Jennies could be mounted on a singleframe and tended by one person.

  • Greatly increased the amount of thread that could be produced.

Factory work

Factory Work

From england to america

From England to America

  • The Spinning Jenny and Power Loom were invented in England and made the British very rich.

  • The British worked very hard to keep the technology to themselves.

  • But that didn’t last long.

Early industrial america

Early Industrial America

The cotton gin

The Cotton Gin

  • Bales of Cotton

The cotton gin1

The Cotton Gin

The cotton gin2

The Cotton Gin

  • Invented by Eli Whitney in 1794.

  • The cotton gin removes the seeds from short staple cotton.

  • One person operating the machine could clean 50 pounds of cotton in a day.

  • This made growing cotton in the south profitable.


  • What agricultural invention, designed to increase production, had the effect of increasing the number of slaves needed for labor in the deep south?

The Cotton Gin

The power loom

The Power Loom

The power loom1

The Power Loom

  • A machine that automated the weavingprocess.

  • Used a “flying shuttle” to greatly increase the speed of the weavingprocess.

  • Like the spinning jenny, power looms used water power at first.

The steam engine

The Steam Engine

The jungle by upton sinclair

The Jungle By Upton Sinclair



  • Increased dramatically between 1840-1860

  • Most came from Ireland and Germany

  • The growth of factories created a demand for cheap labor …..immigrants helped fill this demand


  • When immigrants came to America, most settled in cities

  • They settled in areas of the city where others from their country had formally settled.

  • This created ethnic communities

  • Ethnic means people with the same physical traits, language, and customs

Answer b ethic neighborhoods

Answer: B ethic neighborhoods

  • During the 1800’s the movement of large numbers of immigrants from many different

    countries into large American cities resulted in the rapid growth of

  • effective public Health programs

  • ethnic neighborhoods

  • public parks and recreational neighborhoods

  • affordable public housing

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