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Kids Without Homes. A Presentation for [name of campus organization]. Contact Information. Homeless Education Liaison. Name: Office Phone: Other Phone: Email:. Discussion Overview. Kids without homes in our community. Ways in which you can make a difference.

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Kids Without Homes

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Kids Without Homes

A Presentation


[name of campusorganization]

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Contact Information

Homeless Education Liaison

  • Name:

  • Office Phone:

  • Other Phone:

  • Email:

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Discussion Overview

  • Kids without homes in our community

  • Ways in which you can make a difference

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Stereotypes of Homelessness

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Did you know . . .

More than 25 million Americans, including




receive emergency food assistance each

year from America's Second Harvest, a national food bank network of charitable agencies

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Did you know . . .

About 70 percent of the clients seeking emergency food assistance are living below the federal poverty line . . .

Nearly 40 percent have at least one working adult in their “household”

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Who is homeless?

Federal and state laws say that young people who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence are homeless

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Life is difficult for our kids without homes

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A helping handmakes a difference

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Your efforts spread





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You help change days like this . . .

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into a life like this!

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Examples of service opportunitiesthat you may want to doonce or twice a year

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Service Opportunities

  • providing school supplies

  • sponsoringa book drivefor kids

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Service Opportunities

  • coordinatinga food drive

  • conducting aclothing drive

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Service Opportunities

  • providingcleaningproducts and personal care items

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Service Opportunities

  • collecting household items, suchas lamps and small bookcases

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Service Opportunities

  • raising funds for needed items by organizing . . .

    -- a car wash

    -- a bake sale, or

    -- a garage / yard sale

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Service Opportunities

  • arranging transportation to and from health care appointments

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Service Opportunities

  • organizing a drive for stuffed animalsand toys

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Service Opportunities

  • planting a treeat a homelessshelter

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Service Opportunities

  • offering use of your phone for local or long distance calls (which often have free weekend calls or a flat monthly rate)

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Service Opportunities

  • home-building with Habitat for Humanity

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Service Opportunities

  • teaching kids how to playboard games

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Service Opportunities

  • sponsoring a benefit walk or run

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Service Opportunities

  • enjoying outdooractivities together

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Service Opportunities

  • preparing / serving aholiday meal

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Service Opportunities

  • organizing a holiday party

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Examples of service opportunitiesthat you may want to doon an ongoing basis

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Ongoing Opportunities

  • food closet / food pantry

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Ongoing Opportunities

  • meals served on regularly scheduled days / times

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Ongoing Opportunities

  • kids helping kids

  • mentoring

  • tutoring

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When exploring serviceoptions, consider theadvantages of collaboration

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For example,consider local collaborations with:

  • Other campus organizations

  • Local businesses

  • Homeless shelters

  • Civic groups

  • Religious congregations

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On behalf of our community’skids without homes . . .

Thank You!

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Contact Information

Homeless Education Liaison

  • Name:

  • Office Phone:

  • Other Phone:

  • Email:

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