wellesley internships in africa and india
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Wellesley Internships in Africa and India

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Wellesley Internships in Africa and India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wellesley Internships in Africa and India. CWS Identified Internships. What are the internship opportunities in India and Africa?. The goal of the internships is to expose students to developing countries and prepare them for lives in a global and interdependent world.

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what are the internship opportunities in india and africa
What are the internship opportunities in India and Africa?

The goal of the internships is to expose students to developing countries and prepare them for lives in a global and interdependent world.

Deep knowledge of Africa or India and fluency in local languages is not always required, however a demonstrated interest is necessary. Please see specific site descriptions for details

The CWS offers the Internship programs in the following cities:

  • Center for Cross Cultural Learning, Rabat, Morocco
  • Aga Khan Educational Services, Kampala, Uganda
  • Action India, Delhi, India
  • Aga Khan Educational Services, Mumbai, India
  • TBD, Varanasi, India
what are the anchor point internships in global leadership
What are the Anchor Point Internships in Global Leadership?

Students will undertake ten-week summer internships in programs that foster students’ connections to the global community, and encourage global leadership skills and activities.

These community development-based projects will enable students to encounter the diversity, creative dynamism, and humanity existing throughout the world.

In 2009, Anchor Point internship placements are available in Douala, Cameroon, and in Cape Verde, to students from a variety of academic backgrounds.

  • Open to Sophomores and Juniors
  • Opportunities in many areas of study: sciences, business, government, education, service learning among others.
  • Students may submit one CWS Identified Internships application per deadline, listing their first and second choice internship placements.
  • Internships are for 10 weeks, full-time.
  • The internship program for 2009 begins June 1 to August 7.
  • India Program begins June 12 to August 16, 2009
  • Students may not apply to an internship in their city of residence.
award details
Award Details

CWS Identified Internship recipients will receive:

  • $5,000 award to cover living costs, including airfare and housing.
  • The CWS will no longer coordinate airfare.
  • Students will have housing arranged by the CWS. Payment for this housing will be deducted from the $5,000 award.
  • All other students need to arrange their own housing. In spring the CWS will have sessions to help students learn how to find housing in their host city.
and if you are selected
… And if you are selected

If you accept a CWS Identified Internship you are required to:

  • Attend orientation meeting during the spring semester.
  • Participate in all group activities related to the internship (e.g. alumnae social events, conferences)
  • Complete pre-internship forms, a mid-internship summary review.
  • Submit an end of internship essay and a blog entry.
  • Attend an individual “debriefing” session with a CWS Identified Internship staff member.
  • Write a thank you note to the host organization and to the donor of the award.
how do i apply
How do I apply?
  • Online application, reference forms, and list of all internships will be posted online on Friday, November 21 at 4 pm.
  • Deadline is noon, January 6, 2009.
  • Students who are asked to interview will be notified in late January or early February, depending on program.
  • Decisions mailed on February 27.
  • Students will have one week to sign a letter of commitment to the internship.
application process
Application process

The application is a

four step process:

  • Complete the CWS online Identified Internship Application.
  • Register with MyCWS.
  • Upload to MyCWS the 800-word essay and resume. By submitting this application you agree to allow us to access your transcript.
  • Ask a faculty member to submit a letter of reference in your name to the CWS conference.
  • Ask a faculty member to submit a language reference form for the language of the country of the internship to the CWS conference.
how can i make my application more competitive
How can I make my application more competitive?
  • Read the description of the internship closely; research the organization. Visit our blog!
  • Write a good essay that details how your strengths mirror the requirements of the internship.
  • Ask your faculty for the letter of reference early. Bring supporting materials to make the job easier for the person recommending you.
  • Register with MyCWS at least two to three weeks before the application deadline. We will not change the deadline due to technological mishaps. If you need technical support for MyCWS close to the deadline, you can email “CWS Hire” on FirstClass.
  • Demonstrate maturity, adaptability and responsibility throughout the process.
sites for 2009
Sites for 2009

Wellesley in Africa

Aga Khan Educational Service Uganda

Center for Cross Cultural Learning, Rabat Morocco

sites for 200911
Sites for 2009

Anchor Point Internships in Global Leadership

Rubisadt Foundation

Douala, Cameroon

Cape Verde Women’s Organization (OMCV)

Praia, Cape Verde

sites for 200912
Sites for 2009

Wellesley in India

New Delhi:

Action India

Operation Asha


Aga Khan Educational Services (AKES) (2)


Gandhian Institute Trust

Bal Ashram (Children’s Ashram)