SupportNet, Licensing and Platform Roadmap
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SupportNet, Licensing and Platform Roadmap CELUG Presentation April 11, 2007. Agenda. The New SupportNet & License Reports Licensing Q&A and Roadmap Platform Roadmap. The new SupportNet & License Reports. Melinda Pyrch Product Marketing Manager Customer Support Division

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Slide1 l.jpg

SupportNet, Licensing and Platform Roadmap

CELUG Presentation

April 11, 2007

CELUG, April 2007

Agenda l.jpg

  • The New SupportNet & License Reports

  • Licensing Q&A and Roadmap

  • Platform Roadmap

CELUG, April 2007

The new supportnet license reports l.jpg

The new SupportNet& License Reports

Melinda Pyrch

Product Marketing Manager

Customer Support Division

Mentor Graphics

Slide4 l.jpg

Why Customers Use SupportNet

“Success” means customer stated their goal for the visit was met.

2006 Q4 SupportNet survey data

CELUG, April 2007

Slide5 l.jpg

What’s On Target About

the New SupportNet?

Make it fast & easy to find answers

  • Select the products you use most often and SupportNet remembers

  • Get technical information centered on the specific products you use

  • Your most important tasks (troubleshooting, downloading, researching) are easy to do

    You can…...

CELUG, April 2007

Your first visit continued choose your product l.jpg
Your First Visit Continued: Choose Your Product

  • Products are pre-populated from SRs, SupportPro

  • Keep product list manage-able (<10)

CELUG, April 2007

Overview all about your product l.jpg
Overview: All About Your Product

  • Simple navigation

  • Product-specific search

  • New SR lookup

CELUG, April 2007

Slide9 l.jpg


CELUG, April 2007

Downloads l.jpg

CELUG, April 2007

Reference l.jpg

  • Browse:

  • ~300 How-Tos & Tutorials

  • 30,000 TechNotes

  • 300,000 pages documentation

CELUG, April 2007

Service requests l.jpg
Service Requests

  • Open a New Service Request

  • Search SR History

CELUG, April 2007

Open a service request step 1 l.jpg
Open A Service Request: Step 1

Step 1 = Describe the problem & search for possible solutions

CELUG, April 2007

Open sr step 2 l.jpg
Open SR - Step 2

Step 2 = Complete Service Request

CELUG, April 2007

Service request history l.jpg
Service Request History

  • Quick Filters:

    • Product

    • Site

    • Company

CELUG, April 2007

Service request history17 l.jpg
Service Request History

  • Display options

    • Open/closed

    • With DRs

    • Activity in last 30 days

  • Export to Excel

  • Variable SRs / page (up to 100)

CELUG, April 2007

Service request history18 l.jpg
Service Request History

CELUG, April 2007

Service request history19 l.jpg
Service Request History

CELUG, April 2007

System administration l.jpg
System Administration

  • Product Admin = product specific

  • General Admin = not product specific

CELUG, April 2007

Search l.jpg

CELUG, April 2007

Advanced search l.jpg
Advanced Search

CELUG, April 2007

Resources l.jpg

CELUG, April 2007

Resources about support l.jpg
Resources: About Support

CELUG, April 2007

My account l.jpg
My Account

Request changes for email address, site ID, etc.

CELUG, April 2007

My account licenses l.jpg
My Account – Licenses





CELUG, April 2007

1 current authorization codes l.jpg
1. Current Authorization Codes

  • Copy or download authcodes

  • New License Content Section

CELUG, April 2007

2 license reports l.jpg
2. License Reports

  • License Report = Part #s mapped to features

  • Site Config = Just the part #s

CELUG, April 2007

2 license report l.jpg
2. License Report

CELUG, April 2007

4 view order history l.jpg
4. View Order History

CELUG, April 2007

Infohub support training tab l.jpg
InfoHub– Support & Training Tab

  • Inside Application

  • One-click access to SupportNet and Training

  • Send feedback on documentation

CELUG, April 2007

Let supportnet help l.jpg
Let SupportNet Help!

  • New SupportNet becomes a compelling event

  • Introduce your designers to new SupportNet

    • Ask them to register


    • Log in and set up product profile

    • Provide training

      • Mentor Graphics SupportNet training slides available

      • For groups, Mentor Graphics will deliver training via Webex

    • Link to SupportNet from your intranet

CELUG, April 2007

Licensing q a and roadmap l.jpg

Licensing Q&A and Roadmap

Guy Wettstein

Corporate Applications Engineer

Customer Support Division

Mentor Graphics

Flexnet v11 update l.jpg
FLEXnet v11 Update

  • Originally, “FLEXnet v11” was synonymous with “Trusted Storage / Activation” paradigm

    • Would break compatibility with SAMreport v3.6

    • Big implications for customers being forced to buy FLEXnet Manager

  • Now, “FLEXnet v11” is just another version

    • Trusted Storage / Activation is an optional module

    • SAMreport v3.6 certified by MV to work with v11 if Trusted Storage / Activation not used

    • Trusted Storage / Activation paradigm would require major changes to order fulfillment systems and customer license management, so won’t happen very soon (if ever)

    • Continuing to monitor the cost/benefit of migration

CELUG, April 2007

License borrowing update l.jpg
License Borrowing Update

  • Statement of record (TechNote mg20966)

    Dear Valued Mentor Graphics Customer,

    As you may be aware, License Borrowing is the FLEXlm feature that allows a floating license

    to be used off the network for a specified period of time. We understand the value of this

    concept, and have investigated the "LM_BORROW" technology currently offered by Macrovision.

    Unfortunately, there are security problems and ease of use issues with the current

    implementation of LM_BORROW. This makes it unacceptable for use by Mentor applications.

    Macrovision has told us they recognize the shortcomings of LM_BORROW, and are looking at

    ways to improve the situation. We will continue monitoring Macrovision's progress in this

    area, and will consider incorporating the capability in a future Mentor licensing release

    once it meets Mentor and customer requirements.

  • Update

    • Macrovision has indicated that FLEXnet v11’s Trusted Storage / Activation is the going-forward “secure borrowing” technology for license portability

    • Trusted Storage / Activation paradigm would require major changes for Mentor and customers

    • Continuing to monitor the cost/benefit of migration

    • In meantime, portable licensing solutions available today

CELUG, April 2007

Licensing consumption models l.jpg
Licensing Consumption Models

  • Product groups are free to choose from three basic consumption models.

    • Checked out licenses are re-used by subsequent sessions.

    • Subsequent sessions require an additional license.

    • Licenses are consumed on a per-job basis.

  • Licensing simply provides a means to consume a license based on these models.

  • Product groups choose the model that best fits their needs.

  • More details in Design Environment SIG meeting

CELUG, April 2007

Trl update long format licenses l.jpg
TRL Update (Long-format Licenses)

  • Deploy TRL-Ready License Server (mgcld)

    • Started April 2006

  • Distribute TRL Licenses to Customers

    • Started October 2006

    • With new purchases and at annual renewals

  • New versions of applications that will require TRL Licenses to run

    • First product no sooner than mid-2007

    • Release timing is up to individual product groups

    • Will be mid-2008 before bulk of products use TRL

CELUG, April 2007

Trl license file changes l.jpg

Current License File:

SERVER unnamed_12345678 12345678 1700

DAEMON mgcld path_to_mgcld

INCREMENT designarch mgcld 2005.060 11-jun-2005 1 3D325A413F56CECEAD9B \

VENDOR_STRING=3954FE92 SN=4235445

TRL license adds the SIGN2 field to each licensed feature:

SIGN2="1234 5678 90AB CDEF 1234 5678 90AB CDEF 1234 5678 90AB CDEF 1234 5678 90AB CDEF 1234 5678 90AB CDEF 1234 5678 90AB CDEF 1234 5678 90AB"

INCREMENT falconfw_s mgcld 2006.070 14-jul-2006 1 4D348ACFA8CDAB5D03CD \

VENDOR_STRING=3A654685 SN=4403768 SIGN2="153F 93F6 C093 6447 E234 B130 \

E40D C1FB A86E FD44 5943 CA7E 897C 751A FF21 0AA9 66C4 AC76 9451 68F1 \

81F3 68AA 34CA 16E0 BF88 D8E5 F849 BD0F A311 B55B"

TRL License File Changes

CELUG, April 2007

Alternative licensing vendors l.jpg
Alternative Licensing Vendors

  • We recognize there is Mentor customer interest in Reprise’s RLM

  • We’ve met with Reprise

    • No compelling benefit to justify huge switching costs, even if RLM achieves parity with FLEXnet

    • We will continue to monitor the situation

  • Would like to hear why some customers want RLM

    • May be ways to provide without switching

CELUG, April 2007

Lsf license scheduler update l.jpg
LSF License Scheduler Update

  • Via EDA Consortium (EDAC), Mentor, Cadence and Synopsys have agreed:

    • Software publishers need control on a per-license, per-FEATURE basis, for proper risk management and business model flexibility

    • Software publisher must be able to control whether or not LSF License Scheduler can take away licenses from a running application

  • Also needs product group sponsorship, corporate approval

CELUG, April 2007

Vista support for licensing install l.jpg
Vista Support for Licensing/Install

  • Vista not officially supported by FLEXnet until v10.8.5.0

    • Mentor currently shipping FLEXnet v10.8.0.6

    • We are currently evaluating options and schedules

    • Would like to hear customers’ Vista schedules

  • Mentor Standard Install supports same platforms as Licensing

    • Will be ready when Licensing officially supports Vista

CELUG, April 2007

Licensing q a roadmap l.jpg
Licensing Q&A/Roadmap


CELUG, April 2007

Platform roadmap l.jpg

Platform Roadmap

Bill Powers

Technical Marketing Engineer

Information Technology Division

Mentor Graphics

Eda platform trends l.jpg
EDA Platform Trends

  • Customer Environments

    • Linux and Windows installs growing

    • Unix installs shrinking

  • Continued MGC support

    • Solaris

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    • Novell/SUSE Enterprise Linux

    • Windows

  • Moving away from HPUX and PA-RISC

  • Will begin adding Windows Vista support

CELUG, April 2007

Upcoming platform events l.jpg
Upcoming Platform Events

  • Microsoft

    • Windows Vista SP1 – July 2007

    • End of Windows XP pre-loads – January 2008

    • MGC application support for Vista – Unknown – expect 1H2008

  • SUN

    • MGC application support for Solaris 10 x86 begins– 2H2007

  • HP / PA-RISC

    • SDD – no new enhancements delivered on HPUX after June 30, 2007

    • Calibre – no new enhancements delivered on HPUX after February, 2008

    • Last HPUX workstation shipment – January 2008

    • HP workstation customers moving to Linux or Windows on x86-64

  • Red Hat

    • RHEL 5 generally available – March 2007

    • MGC application support for RHEL5 – Unknown – expect 2H2007

  • Novell/SUSE

    • SLES11 generally available– 1H2009

  • Mentor Supported Configurations Page


CELUG, April 2007

Platform roadmap49 l.jpg
Platform Roadmap


CELUG, April 2007