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SPGrid Status in Ferrara. BaBarGrid Workshop FZK Karlsruhe. Enrica Antonioli on behalf of: Daniele Andreotti - Concezio Bozzi - Eleonora Luppi - Paolo Veronesi. Configuration. INFN Grid Testbed Status: EDG 1.4.7 (RedHat 6.2), upgrading to EDG 1.4.8.

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Spgrid status in ferrara l.jpg

SPGrid Status in Ferrara

BaBarGrid Workshop

FZK Karlsruhe

Enrica Antonioli on behalf of:

Daniele Andreotti - Concezio Bozzi - Eleonora Luppi - Paolo Veronesi

Configuration l.jpg

  • INFN Grid Testbed Status: EDG 1.4.7 (RedHat 6.2), upgrading to EDG 1.4.8.

  • Added 3 new nodes not yet Gridified to the PBS queues of our testbed farm. One node is used to test Moose on CERN RedHat 7.3.1.

  • A BaBar software release (12.4.0-Roo) to write Kanga files is available .

  • Using ProdTools V00-04-05.

  • BaBar VO is being authorized to access the INFN RBs.

Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Integration into edg l.jpg
Integration into EDG

  • The VO must create the relocable rmps containing the software to be installed on the EDG farms, using RPM version 3 package format.

  • The VO must decide the tag to identify the software to install (e.g. BABAR-1.0). This tag will be published as RunTimeEnvironment and will be used in JDL files.

  • The rpms and the tag must be sent to Charles Loomis ([email protected]) and to the EDG Integration Team, that will test the rpms on a micro-testbed. If all works correctly, they will include those rmps in an EDG software release.

  • Then each sitemanager will be notified of the new release, and will upgrade his testbed farm.

Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Building edg rpms l.jpg
Building EDG rpms

  • A rpm package is a single file containing the software product or some subset of it for distribution.

  • Developer must provide a complete list of the dependencies for each package and must make the distinction between build-time and run-time dependencies.

  • In order to be consistent with the EDG installation tools, rpms must not conflict with other packages, provide dependency information to the software installer, and relevant version information to the end-user.

  • The packaged code must be entirely relocable.

  • See the EDG developers’ guide:



Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Test rpm 1 3 l.jpg
Test rpm (1/3)

[[email protected] ~]# rpm -qpi Moose-0.1-1.i386.rpm

Name        : Moose               Relocations: /opt/babar Version     : 0.1                 Vendor: INFN - Ferrara Release     : 1             Build Date: Wed 05 Mar 2003 4:25:32 PM CET Install date: (not installed)      Build Host: print.fe.infn.it Group       : SPGrid/BaBar      Source RPM: Moose-0.1-1.src.rpm Size        : 2560             License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Packager    : INFN - FerraraURL         : http://www.fe.infn.itSummary     : Moose Description : A simple Test RPM for BaBarSPGrid Default Installation creates: /opt/babar/bin/MooseAppFake Installation with --prefix <dirname> creates: <dirname>/bin/MooseAppFake

Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Test rpm 2 3 l.jpg
Test rpm (2/3)

  • Made some changes to the EDG standard config files on the LCFGng server:

  • Added the WP8/BaBar/ repository

  • Created the BaBar-rpm.h containing the rpm-list for BaBar

  • software.

ls /opt/local/linux/6.2/RPMS/WP8/BaBar/

Makefile Moose-0.1-1.i386.rpm

more /opt/local/linux/6.2/rpmcfg/BaBar-rpm.h



Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Test rpm 3 3 l.jpg
Test rpm (3/3)

Added the following lines to WN-rpm and CE-rpm of LCFGng server config files, in order to install this rpm on the Computing Element and Worker Node:

/* BaBar software */

#include "BaBar-rpm.h"

Added to redhat62-cfg.h a BaBar line to set the related repository for automatic updating.


On the Worker Nodes and Computing Element:

rpm -qa |grep Moose


ls /opt/babar/bin/


Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Problems and work in progress l.jpg
Problems and work in progress

  • The rpm will be made of MooseApp, a tcl file obtained with the dump mechanism, and the necessary shared libraries at least.

  • The first step was to run MooseApp in a 12.4.0-Roo release on SLAC noric (-new) machines with the official MooseProduction.tcl file (i.e. without the dump mechanism).

    • After some struggling, thanks to Matthias Steinke, we discovered an error in setting up an environment variable (ROOTSYS)

    • MooseApp now running OK and producing Kanga files even on RH 7.3 machines

    • We have to try on CERN RH 7.3.1 (the one compatible with the most recent EDG versions)

Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi

Problems and work in progress9 l.jpg
Problems and work in progress

  • The following step was to run MooseApp by using the dump mechanism for MooseProduction.tcl.

  • We obtained the same sequences, paths and modules as in the above step.

  • There is a configuration error in CompositionTools (some input lists are not found).

  • Tried some patches, without success.

  • Waiting for a new release?

Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi