Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program
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Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program. http://treesandhurricanes.ifas.ufl.edu. Selecting Tropical and Subtropical Tree Species for Wind Resistance: Photo Gallery of medium-low to lowest wind resistance. Mary Duryea Eliana Kampf Ed Gilman Laura Paterson. Lists are divided into:.

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Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program


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Selecting Tropical and Subtropical Tree Species for Wind Resistance:

Photo Gallery of medium-low to lowest

wind resistance

Mary Duryea

Eliana Kampf

Ed Gilman

Laura Paterson

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Lists are divided into: Resistance:

- Highest WR

- Medium-High WR

- Medium-Low WR

- Lowest WR

Lists of Relative Wind Resistant Tree Species

  • SE Coastal Plain

  • Tropical & Subtropical

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Tropical & Subtropical tree species Resistance:

Medium-Low Wind Resistance


Acer rubrum, red maple

Bauhinia blakeana, Hong-Kong orchid

Bucidas buceras, black olive

Callistemon spp, bottlebrush

Cinnamomum camphora, camphorb

Delonix regia, royal poincianac

Enterolobium cyclocarpum, ear tree

Eriobotrya japonica, loquatc

Ficus aurea, strangler fig

Kigelia pinnata, sausage tree

Eucalyptus cinerea, silverdollar eucalyptus

Quercus laurifolia, laurel oak

Myrica cerifera, wax myrtle

Persea borbonia, redbay

Platanus occidentalis, sycamore

Tabebuia heterophylla, pink trumpet tree

Terminalia catappa, tropical almondc


Pinus elliottii var. densa, slash pine

Pinus palustris, longleaf pine

Fruit Trees

Averrhoa carambola, star-fruit, carambola

Citrus spp, oranges, limes, grapefruit

Mangifera indica, mango

a Prohibited in Florida

b Invasive and not recommended in Florida

c Caution: may be used but must be managed to prevent escape in Florida (Fox et al. 2005)

Red maple acer rubrum l.jpg
red maple Resistance:Acer rubrum

Hong kong orchid bauhinia blakeana l.jpg
Hong Kong orchid Resistance:Bauhinia blakeana

Black olive bucidas buceras l.jpg
black olive Resistance:Bucidas buceras

Bottlebrush callistemon spp l.jpg
bottlebrush Resistance:Callistemon spp.

Camphor cinnamomum camphora this species is invasive l.jpg
camphor Resistance:Cinnamomum camphora(This species is invasive)

Royal poinciana delonix regia l.jpg
royal poinciana Resistance:Delonix regia

Ear tree enterlobium cyclocarpum l.jpg
ear tree Resistance:Enterlobium cyclocarpum

Loquat eriobotrya japonica caution manage to prevent escape in florida l.jpg
loquat Resistance:Eriobotrya japonica(Caution: manage to prevent escape in Florida)

Strangler fig ficus aurea l.jpg
strangler fig Resistance:Ficus aurea

Sausage tree kigelia pinnata l.jpg
sausage tree Resistance:Kigelia pinnata

Silverdollar eucalyptus eucalyptus cinera l.jpg
silverdollar eucalyptus Resistance:Eucalyptus cinera

Laurel oak quercus laurifolia l.jpg
laurel oak Resistance:Quercus laurifolia

Wax myrtle myrica cerifera l.jpg
wax myrtle Resistance:Myrica cerifera

Redbay persea borbonia l.jpg
redbay Resistance:Persea borbonia

Sycamore platanus occidentalis l.jpg
sycamore Resistance:Platanus occidentalis

Pink trumpet tree tabebuia heterophylla l.jpg
pink trumpet tree Resistance:Tabebuia heterophylla

Tropical almond terminalia catappa l.jpg
tropical almond Resistance:Terminalia catappa

Slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii l.jpg
slash pine Resistance:Pinus elliottii var elliottii

Longleaf pine pinus palustris l.jpg
longleaf pine Resistance:Pinus palustris

Star fruit carambola averrhoa carambola l.jpg
star-fruit, carambola Resistance:Averrhoa carambola

Oranges limes grapefruit citrus spp l.jpg
oranges, limes, grapefruit Resistance:Citrus spp.

Mango mangifera indica l.jpg
mango Resistance:Mangifera indica

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Tropical & Subtropical tree species Resistance:

Lowest Wind Resistance


Casuarina equisetifolia, Australian pinea

Cassia fistula, golden shower

Chorisia speciosa, floss-silk tree

Ficus benjamina, weeping banyan

Grevillea robusta, silk oak

Jacaranda mimosifolia, jacaranda

Melaleuca quinquenervia, melaleucaa

Quercus nigra, water oak

Peltophorum pterocarpa, yellow poinciana

Prunus caroliniana, Carolina laurelcherry

Sapium sebiferum, Chinese tallowa

Spathodea campanulata, African tuliptree

Tabebuia caraiba, silver trumpet tree

Ulmus parvifolia, Chinese elm


Araucaria heterophylla, Norfolk Island pine

xCupressocyparis leylandii, leyland cypress

Juniperus silicicola, southern red cedar

Pinus clausa, sand pine


Syagrus romanzoffiana, queen palmc

Washingtonia robusta, Washington palm

Fruit Trees

Persea americana, avocado

a Prohibited in Florida

b Invasive and not recommended in Florida

c Caution: may be used but must be managed to prevent escape in Florida (Fox et al. 2005)

Austrailian pine casuarina equisetifolia invasive prohibited in florida l.jpg
Austrailian pine Resistance:Casuarina equisetifolia(Invasive: prohibited in Florida)

Golden shower cassia fistula l.jpg
golden shower Resistance:Cassia fistula

Floss silk tree chorisia speciosa l.jpg
floss-silk tree Resistance:Chorisia speciosa

Weeping banyan ficus benjamina l.jpg
weeping banyan Resistance:Ficus benjamina

Silk oak grevillea robusta l.jpg
silk oak Resistance:Grevillea robusta

Jacaranda jacaranda mimosifolia l.jpg
jacaranda Resistance:Jacaranda mimosifolia

Melaleuca melaleuca quinquenervia invasive prohibited in florida l.jpg
melaleuca Resistance:Melaleuca quinquenervia(Invasive: prohibited in Florida)

Water oak quercus nigra l.jpg
water oak Resistance:Quercus nigra

Yellow pionciana peltophorum pterocarpa l.jpg
yellow pionciana Resistance:Peltophorum pterocarpa

Carolina laurelcherry prunus caroliniana l.jpg
Carolina laurelcherry Resistance:Prunus caroliniana

Chinese tallow sapium sebiferum invasive prohibited in florida l.jpg
Chinese tallow Resistance:Sapium sebiferum(Invasive: prohibited in Florida)

African tuliptree spathodea campanulata l.jpg
African tuliptree Resistance:Spathodea campanulata

Silver trumpet tree tabebuia caraiba l.jpg
silver trumpet tree Resistance:Tabebuia caraiba

Chinese elm ulmus parvifolia l.jpg
Chinese elm Resistance:Ulmus parvifolia

Norfolk island pine araucaroa heterophylla l.jpg
Norfolk Island pine Resistance:Araucaroa heterophylla

Leyland cypress xcupressocyparis leylandii l.jpg
leyland cypress Resistance:xCupressocyparis leylandii

Southern red cedar juniperus silicola l.jpg
southern red cedar Resistance:Juniperus silicola

Sand pine pinus clausa l.jpg
sand pine Resistance:Pinus clausa

Queen palm syagrus romanzoffiana l.jpg
queen palm Resistance:Syagrus romanzoffiana

Washington palm washingtonia robusta l.jpg
Washington palm Resistance:Washingtonia robusta

Avocado persea americana l.jpg
avocado Resistance:Persea americana