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A Presentation to the Greensboro Amateur Radio Association by Dave Touvell, KN4ZO. January, 2008. linux. Linux kernel released by 21 year old Finnish student Linus Torvalds in 1991 Thousands of developers around the world now work on Linux.

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Presentation Transcript

Linux l.jpg

  • Linux kernel released by 21 year old Finnish student Linus Torvalds in 1991

  • Thousands of developers around the world now work on Linux.

  • Has matured into a full-blown operating system used by companies, schools, governments, and individuals throughout the world.

  • Used by Google, FAA, Peugeot, Burlington Coat Factory, USPS

Mark shuttleworth l.jpg
mark shuttleworth

  • South African entrepreneur

  • Founded Thawte in 1995 and sold to Verisign in 1999, earning $575 Million

  • Became first African in space by paying $20 Million to participate in a Soyuz mission in 2002.

  • Started Canonical Ltd. in 2004 to promote open source software.

Ubuntu linux l.jpg
ubuntu linux

  • First release in October, 2004 was version 4.10, “Warty Warthog”

  • New release every 6 months

  • Ubuntu is and always will be free.

  • Current Release is 7.10, “Gutsy Gibbon”

  • A gibbon is a small monkey native to southeast Asia.

Ubuntu l.jpg

  • African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'

  • The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world

  • Mark Shuttleworth created the Ubuntu Foundation in 2006 with initial funding of $10M

Ubuntu advantages l.jpg
ubuntu advantages

  • Stable – Can run for months without restarting

  • Secure – Few, if any, virus/spyware/malware problems

  • Open – Source code available to everyone to examine and modify.

  • Lower hardware requirements – “Gutsy” requires only 256 MB of RAM and <4 GB of disk space for a full install

  • Huge support community at no cost

  • Includes applications for the Internet, Productivity, Graphics, Multimedia, and much more...

More advantages l.jpg
more advantages

  • Live CD lets you try it before installing it

  • Easy guided installation – installer asks only a few questions and takes about 25 minutes to install

  • Quick and easy security updates and version upgrades

  • Instant access to thousands of free programs through “Add/Remove Programs” component

  • Absolutely Free, now and forever

Ubuntu disadvantages l.jpg

  • Small learning curve transitioning from Windows

  • Lack of vendor support for some hardware (WinModems, Webcams.)

  • Won't run Windows programs natively (but Wine allows many Windows programs to run)

  • Some applications not as robust as Windows equivalents

  • May have to use shell (command line) to tweak settings for poorly supported hardware or install out-of-the-mainstream software

Graphics applications l.jpg
graphics applications

  • F-spot Photo Manager (Organize, view, edit photos)

  • Gimp (Image Editor)

  • gThumb (Image viewer)

  • OpenOffice.org Draw (create drawings, flowcharts, logos, etc.)

  • XSane (Scan, copy, fax images)

Internet applications l.jpg
internet applications

  • Ekiga (VoIP phone)

  • Evolution (email, contacts, calendar, tasks, memos)

  • Firefox (web browser)

  • Pidgin (multi-system instant messenger)

  • Terminal Server Client (connect to remote computer)

Office applications l.jpg
office applications

  • OpenOffice.org

    • Base (database)

    • Calc (spreadsheet)

    • Draw (graphics)

    • Impress (presentations)

    • Math (formula editor)

    • Writer (word processor)

  • Evolution (email, contacts, calendar, tasks, memos)

Multimedia applications l.jpg
multimedia applications

  • Audacity (sound recorder/editor)

  • GnomeBaker (CD/DVD writer)

  • Totem (media player)

  • Rhythmbox (integrated music management system)

  • Serpentine (Audio CD creator)

  • Sound Juicer (CD Extractor)

Ham radio applications l.jpg
ham radio applications

  • Logging Programs

  • Rig Control

  • Digital (Soundcard) Modes

  • Morse Code

  • Satellite Tracking

  • DX Clusters

  • Packet Bulletin Boards

  • Antenna Design & Modeling

  • Schematic Drawing

  • PC Board Layout

  • APRS Software

  • AX.25 protocal is built-in to Linux

Ubuntu derivatives l.jpg
ubuntu derivatives

Ubuntu with the KDE Destop environment, a popular alternative the the Gnome desktop.

Ubuntu for Education. Includes many educational applications and tools.

Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment.

Lower hardware requirements for older systems.

Made with ubuntu l.jpg
made with ubuntu

  • This presentation was made entirely with Open Source tools on Dell Latitude D505 laptop running Ubuntu Linux 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon.

  • An OpenOffice.org Impress presentation

  • Graphics edited with the Gimp

  • Video clip edited with Avidemux

  • Screen captures by Gnome Screenshot tool

  • Wireless Internet Access via Gnome Network Manager