Targeting residential fire safety
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Targeting Residential Fire Safety. Chris Barber. Protecting lives and property A Disaster in Slow Motion. State of Victoria. A Disaster in Slow Motion. CFA Area Only. Targeting Residential Fire Safety. Major Causes of Home Fires.

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Targeting residential fire safety
Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Chris Barber

Protecting lives and property

A disaster in slow motion

A Disaster in Slow Motion

State of Victoria

Targeting residential fire safety1

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Major Causes of Home Fires

  • Electrical appliances and wiring (24%)

  • Unattended cooking (19%)

  • Heating (12%)

    • Wood fuelled (8%)

  • 35% start in the Kitchen

  • 9% start in the Lounge Room

  • 9% start in the Bedroom

Targeting residential fire safety2

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

What are our key residential fire safety messages?

Targeting residential fire safety3

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Key messages

  • More people die in house fires than bushfire

  • Only working smoke alarms save lives

  • Change smoke alarm batteries annually

  • Test smoke alarms monthly

  • Clean smoke alarms regularly

  • Smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years

Targeting residential fire safety4

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Key messages

  • Never leave cooking unattended

  • Always use a fire screen in front of an open fire

  • Keep clothing, curtains and toys 1 metre from the heater

  • Never overload power boards

  • Clean lint filter on your clothes dryer after each use

Targeting residential fire safety5

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Key messages

  • Plan and practise your home fire escape plan with your family

  • Get out, stay out and call 000 (triple zero)

  • Crawl low in smoke

  • Deadlocks may hinder your escape in an emergency

Targeting residential fire safety6

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

A fresh look – factors that increase risk of home fire fatality

Targeting residential fire safety7

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Environmental Factors

  • Living alone

  • Start in the lounge room

  • No working smoke alarm

Targeting residential fire safety8

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Fire Agent

  • Smoking caused 41% of fatal fires

  • Portable heaters 12x more likely to be involved in fatal fires than other appliances

Targeting residential fire safety9

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Human Factors

  • Over half of all fatalities tested positive for alcohol

    • 92% of these greater than BAC 0.10

  • Over 70 years of age 12x more likely to die in a house fire

  • Almost half fatalities were asleep

    • 85% survivors were awake

Targeting residential fire safety10

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Who’s at risk in my area?

Targeting residential fire safety11

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

Six Major Factors?

  • One

  • Two

  • Three

  • Four

  • Five

  • Six

Targeting residential fire safety12

Targeting Residential Fire Safety

  • Two minutes

    • List all places you can go to target these risk factors

    • Ways you can target these risk factors

Targeting residential fire safety13

Targeting Residential Fire Safety


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