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IT Jobs . www.Depna.Com. When you think of IT jobs…. Don\'t Find A Job ... Find Your Career . …what adjectives do you think of?. A Spectrum of Possibilities. Multimedia Designer. Hardware Technicians. Network Adminstrator. User Support Services. Animator.

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it jobs

IT Jobs


when you think of it jobs
When you think of IT jobs…

Don\'t Find A Job


Find Your Career

…what adjectives do you think of?

a spectrum of possibilities
A Spectrum of Possibilities

Multimedia Designer









Instructional Technologist


Graphic Artist

Database Programmer

it everywhere
IT Everywhere
  • IT companies are everywhere
  • IT jobs come in all shapes and sizes
  • IT jobs are everywhere
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Education
    • Banking
  • IT jobs can come to you
  • IT skills are essential in non-IT jobs

IT workers are found in all sectors,

not just IT organizations

it s important to be fit
It’s Important to be FIT!
  • All IT jobs require a combination of knowledge
    • Foundational concepts(مفاهیم تئوری و پایه)
      • Foundational knowledge and skills related to how technology “works”
      • What you might learn in courses or books
    • Contemporary skills(مهارت های عملی و اجرایی)
      • Ability to use current, specific technology to accomplish a given task
      • Skills change constantly because products change constantly
    • Intellectual capabilities(قابلیت های فکری)
      • Ability to use IT across different, complex situations
      • Understanding consequences of doing so
how can we categorize it jobs
How can we categorize IT jobs?


  • Those who imagine, design, build, and test technology products and processes


  • Those who install, upgrade, troubleshoot computer hardware and software


  • Those who work in non-technical roles vital to IT field, such as sales, training, finance, and law.


  • Those who oversee IT personnel and are responsible for decision-making related to IT resources and strategies

Data Modeler


15 شغل پر درآمد

  • متوسط درآمد سالیانه در مهارت های مختلف

مقایسه درآمد رشته های مختلف دانشگاهی در شروع به کار و در میانه کار در سال 2011



cnn money magazine 2011 10
CNN Money Magazine 2011 10 شغل برتر دارای بیشترین رشد شغل ایجاد شده

Software Developer

Physical Therapist

Financial Advisor

Civil Engineer

Marketing Specialist

Management Consultant

Information Technology Consultant

Database Administrator

Financial Analyst

Environmental Engineer


cnn money magazine 2011
CNN Money Magazine 2011

Information Technology Consultant

Median pay: $96,500

Top pay: $154,000

10-year job growth 20%

Total jobs: 70,000

8. Database Administrator

Median pay: $86,600

Top pay: $121,000

10-year job growth: 20%

Total jobs: 120,000

Software Developer

Median pay: $82,400

Top pay: $118,000

10-year job growth: 32%

Total jobs: 380,000


حوزه امنیت؟!
  • مبالغ بالا در هر دو مدل مثبت و منفی
  • تعداد فرصت شغلی کم
روش های یافتن کار
  • یافتن کار مبتنی بر تبلیغات صورت گرفته توسط کارفرمایان
    • روزنامه
    • وب سایت
    • تبلیغات محیطی
  • آژانس های کاریابی
  • تماس های فردی(چهره به چهره)
    • مراجعه به کارفرما
    • مراجعه به افرادی که در حال حاضر یا گذشته در محیط کارفرما مشغول کار بوده اند
  • تماس های حرفه ای
نکات کلیدی در موفقیت
  • ارائه مناسب و کامل توانمندی ها و تجارب
  • شناخت مناسب نسبت به توانمندی های خود:
    • کارآفرین
    • نیروی کار
  • تمرکز بر یک شاخه و گرایش


Select only 1 for interview

good presentation
Good Presentation

Be consistent

Good presentation

Be brief

What the employer wants?

The point of the Resume

What you want next

Success Strategy

Be unique

Be Focused

the contacts
The Contacts
  • The objective should be after the personal information
    • What you are applying for?
    • Be descriptive, but be brief
    • Don\'t be overdescriptive


previous work experience
Previous Work Experience
  • Write your previous work experience
    • Best to order them by date
    • Explain your duties at this position
    • Don\'t be overdescriptive about your managers
      • Better not to include full names and contacts


  • Write down all the schools you have gone to
    • University
    • High school
  • It is always better to highlight courses you visited and are relevant to the job offer
  • Add relevant informaleducation
    • E.g. @ Telerik Academy


projects developed
Projects Developed
  • The best way to showexpertise is to show something real
    • Like projects you have developed
  • This gives a better impression than just plain words like "I am good at…"
  • No projects?
    • Why not start a project,to gain experience?


skills and abilities
Skills and Abilities
  • Write down all your skills and abilities
    • All of them are important
    • But some are moreimportant than others
    • Highlight the skills that are most relevant tothe current job description
    • Just mention the others


other experience
Other Experience
  • If you have any other experience that is relevant to the job offer – show it!



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