Conclusion of an enviromental awarness questionnarie
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CONCLUSION of an „ Enviromental Awarness ” Questionnarie PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CONCLUSION of an „ Enviromental Awarness ” Questionnarie. Which was conducted among the students of the class IE in LO II. Question I: The environment is something that worries you?. Question I:.

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CONCLUSION of an „ Enviromental Awarness ” Questionnarie

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CONCLUSION of an „EnviromentalAwarness”Questionnarie

Which was conducted among the students of the class IE in LO II .

Question I:The environment is something that worries you?

Question I:

  • It’s really surprising, of course in a positive way, that more than 80 % of students cares about our planet Earth and they know that it is in an enormous danger . Unfortunately, we are the main cause of this treat.

Question II: If you answered yes indicates three major enviromental problems that you know:

  • 3 main problems which were indicated most frequently:

  • 1.Global warming

  • 2.Air pollution

  • 3.Deforestation

Question III:Thepollutionisimportant?

Question IVDo youknowthemeaning of global warming ?

  • Everybody knows what the global warming is, so it isn’t necessery to show this piece of information on a graph. But, this should’t be surprising, due to the fact that this is one of the most basic concept connected with enviromental awareness.

Question V:Give examples of ordinary, everyday activities that cause global warming.

Question V

  • Everybody pointed out cars as the main cause of global warming on planet. Majority of people think that deforestation is the second most common reason. Less than one third of asked people claimed that wasting of electricity is also the factor which damages our enviroment. Just a few people think that air travel influences badly on our enviroment.

Question VI:Give examples of causes of the contamineted air on people's health?

Question VI:

  • More than half of the people think that the most common illnesses are cancer and asthma. The also mention insomnia and headaches. Less than quarter of them indicates heart attacks as a dangerous effect of air contamination. Just a little percent of illnesses are allergies.

Question VII:Give examples of 'renewable energy sources’:

  • Unanimously everybody admits that the most commonly used renewable energy sources friendly to our enviroment are: solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and geothermal power. In my humble opinion it’s really positive when people are capable of knowledge that renewable sources are good for our enviroment.

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