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Southern hancock balanced calendar presentation
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Southern Hancock Balanced Calendar Presentation. Calendar Committee. A committee of teachers, administrators, service directors, parents, and community members Formed at the request of district administration Southern Hancock and Mt. Vernon School districts are represented. Purpose.

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Southern Hancock Balanced Calendar Presentation

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Southern hancock balanced calendar presentation

Southern Hancock Balanced Calendar Presentation

Calendar committee

Calendar Committee

A committee of teachers, administrators, service directors, parents, and community members

Formed at the request of district administration

Southern Hancock and Mt. Vernon School districts are represented



To gather information, data, and public input regarding the adoption of a balanced calendar

The committee’s role is not to recommend or make decisions

District school boards must ultimately decide if and when to adopt this change

What is a balanced calendar

What is a Balanced Calendar?

It is NOT “year-round” school

Maintains 180 days of instruction

Includes longer breaks at the end of grading periods (called intercessions)

Still includes summer vacation (7-8 weeks as opposed to the current 10 weeks)

Snow days can be built into the intercessions (no extended school years)

Traditional calendar example

Traditional Calendar Example

Example of one possible balanced calendar

Example of One Possible Balanced Calendar

Schools that have adopted balanced calendars

Schools that Have Adopted Balanced Calendars

Indianapolis Public Schools (2011-2012)

Warren Township (Current School Year)

Greenfield-Central (2012-2013)

Rochester (Current)

When could a new calendar begin

When Could a New Calendar Begin?

A balanced calendar would not be implemented any earlier than the school year beginning in August 2012.



Are we following the lead of other districts?

Common calendars allow for shared resources

If there is merit to what others are doing we must at least consider the benefits



Increased levels of learning retention (more frequent but shorter breaks help students retain content)

Cost Savings

Absenteeism: Student and staff attendance rates increase (Warren Twp data)

Regular breaks allow for easier scheduling of appointments

Lessens the need for substitute staff (large cost savings)



Evidence for increased student retention?

Too early for Warren Twp to have accumulated quantitative data

Anecdotal evidence suggests improved school climate


Local daycare providers agree to adjust

Community groups can be involved in providing opportunities

YMCA has agreed to explore joint efforts with school districts to provide daycare alternatives



Use of Intercession times?

No funding is available at this time for remediation

Fee based enrichment opportunities are a possibility

Heating & Cooling Costs?

It does cost more to cool than to heat

Overall, the savings/increases are minimal



Loss of summer vacation time?

There are 2-4 weeks less of the traditional summer vacation

The majority of families take their vacations during this time

Working Students?

Students who work summers will be impacted

How many student workers are seasonal vs. part-time?



Extra and Co-Curriculars?

Teams practice during vacations already

A “moratorium week” could be scheduled for spring intercession (no scheduled events over week #2)

Warren Twp athletic calendar has been minimally impacted. Teams/groups have adjusted

Schools are not responsible for travel/club team calendars

Athletics are important but they cannot drive any educational decisions that our districts make

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