Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers
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Welcome to the Industry / University Cooperative Research Centers PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I/UCRC for Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies IAB Meeting O ctober 23, 2013 Larry Hornak and Shashank Priya Engineering Directorate, IIP Division Denis Gray, NSF Evaluator. Welcome to the Industry / University Cooperative Research Centers. ENG Organization.

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Welcome to the Industry / University Cooperative Research Centers

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Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers

I/UCRC for Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging StudiesIAB MeetingOctober 23, 2013Larry Hornak and ShashankPriyaEngineering Directorate, IIP DivisionDenis Gray, NSF Evaluator

Welcome to the Industry / University Cooperative Research Centers

Eng organization

ENG Organization

Office of the Assistant Director

Pramod Khargonekar

Deputy Assistant Director

Kesh Narayanan

Emerging Frontiers in

Research and Innovation


Rose Wesson (Acting)

Senior Advisor for


Mihail Roco


Education and








and Transport



Sohi Rastegar (Acting)


Mechanical, and




Steve McKnight



and Cyber



Robert Trew


Innovation and



Grace Wang

Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers


To contribute to the nation’s research infrastructure base bydeveloping long-term partnerships among industry, academe and government

To leverage NSF funds with industry to support graduate students performing industrially relevant research


To expand the innovation capacity of our nation’s competitive workforcethrough partnerships between industries and universities

Over 30 years of fostering long-term trusted relationships between Industry and academe based on shared value

The Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Program

I ucrc approach

I/UCRC Approach

  • Provide the framework for industry to realize ongoing value from university fundamental research

  • NSF Seeds Activity, Centers succeed based on value they provide to their members, faculty.




Academic sites, members, sectors served may evolve in time

Cooperatively Defined, Sector Precompetitive Research

Industry, Agency $

NSF Solicitation outlines partnership parameters

Shared Intellectual Property

Cooperative Operation


(Indirect reduction)


I ucrc fast facts fy12 snapshot

I/UCRC Fast Facts – FY12 Snapshot

  • National Scope of I/UCRCs

ENG – Engineering

CISE – Computer and Info. Sci and Eng.

  • Students

  • 2100 students engaged

  • 1000 graduated in 2011, over 30% hired by members

  • 350 PhDs, 425 MS & 250 UGs graduated last yr, trained in Center research

  • Sustainability

  • Over 40 Graduated I/UCRCs remain in operation

  • Centers Nationally:

  • 61 Centers with 178 Sites

  • 70% are at Land-Grants, 42% of Land grants have CRCs

  • Over 1000 Memberships, 52% Large Business, 26% SB, 15% Federal Members

  • Program Funding

  • $16.4M in Program Funding $130M in Total Center Funding,

  • 8:1 Leveraging of NSF funds

Center focus areas

Center Focus Areas

  • Advanced Electronics, Photonics Fabrication and Processing: 6

  • Advanced Manufacturing: 7

  • Biotechnology, Health & Safety: 6

  • Advanced Materials: 9

  • Civil Infrastructure Systems: 4

  • Energy & Environment: 9

  • System Design & Simulation: 5

  • Information Communication & Computing:15

    43 ENG Funded Centers

    18 CISE Funded Centers

Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers


Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement

Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems

Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling

Center for Particulate and Surfactant Systems


Dubna International University (Russia)

KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven (Belgium)

Leibniz University Hannover (Germany)

DharmsinhDesai University (India)

Strategic partnership that strengthens education, and research outcomes.

Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers

I/UCRC Innovation Fellows (IIF) Program

  • First Dear Colleague Letter to Community July 3, 2013

  • Nurture a globally engaged STEM workforce capable of performing in an international cooperative research environment spanning academe, industry, and government

  • Support for U.S. students to conduct high-quality, industrially relevant research abroad in collaboration with international investigators at university, public, and private sector labs

  • Support the objectives of an I/UCRC’s research roadmap

  • Build the collaborative relationships necessary for the successful establishment of an I/UCRC international site

Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers

Innovation through Partnerships

Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers

Innovation through Partnerships

Welcome to the industry university cooperative research centers

Building Innovation Capacity: FY12


Annually approx $100M in R&D is initiated internally by member firms due to Center Research Outcomes

Other Funds (Fed, Non-Fed, other)

Membership Funds

IUCRC Program

Reflects individual leveraging activity by each center nationwide.

What is YOUR CENTER’s Leveraging for its members?

Typical i ucrc organization profile based on 2011 12 structural data

Typical I/UCRC Organization, Profile(based on 2011-12 Structural Data)

Industries in the

Target Sectoracross the United


Lead University

Academic Policy Committee





Lead U


NSF Review Criteria, Fidelity to I/UCRC model, operation, documented outcomes


Site 1 Faculty

Future Site Faculty

Each Phase I/II site, must have min $150K/175K memberships and 3 distinct members

Lead Site Faculty

Research Project Portfolio

  • People

  • 19 Members

  • 16 Participating Faculty, PDs

  • 20 PhD, 11 MS, 7 Undergrad Students

  • 2 Administrative Personnel

  • Publications

  • 21 Publications annually, 3 of which are with Center Members

  • 32 Presentations annually

  • Average Center Profile

  • 3 University Sites

  • $250K in I/UCRC Program funding

  • $766K in Member Fees (40k Avg)

  • Total Center Funding: $2.4M (Avg), $1.3M (Median)

  • What is you Center’s Profile??

Recent evaluation work products i ucrc evaluation project www ncsu edu iucrc

Recent Evaluation Work ProductsI/UCRC Evaluation Project www.ncsu.edu/iucrc

Graduated Center Case Studies

IUCRC Economic Impacts

CRCs and Technical Innovation

Directors & Human Capital Report

Sustainability Study

Project portfolio cycle

Project Portfolio Cycle

Semiannual IAB Meeting

  • Does IAB have a secure programmatic handle on each project (timelines, budget, reporting)?





Available $ for new projects?

Process for Requests for Proposals?

Refined Projects

Initial Results

Industry Advisory Board Needs


Portfolio Engagement


Portfolio Engagement

The co-operative process focuses & aligns the Shared Portfolio with Member Needs and University strengths






Completed Projects

New Projects

Research Roadmap

New Proposals

Center Strengths

Cultivation Process

Semiannual IAB Meeting

Proposal Requests to IAB > $ Available

What value proposition is your center building

What Value Proposition is your Center Building?

Documented value from CPD’scooperative portfolio of industry –precompetitive, fundamental research.

Value to CPD IAB

  • High value research projects

  • Investment leveraging

  • Sector networking, learning from industry peers and customers

  • Access to intellectual property

  • Pre-publication access to research

  • Center researchers & facilities

  • Access to students

IAB Research Needs

I/UCRC Research

  • New research and education program dimensions

  • Leverage POC results for new funding

  • Trusted relationships with industry

  • Ready partners for translation of discoveries

  • Student recruitment and placement

  • Organize industry sector relationships

  • Means to achieve institutional mission.

Center Faculty Research

CPD Academic


National science foundation i ucrc contacts

Listed alphabetically by last name

Larry Hornak, I/UCRC Program Director, lhornak@nsf.gov

ShashankPriya, Program Director spriya@nsf.gov

Rita Rodriguez, CISE Program Director – rrodrigu@nsf.gov

Alex Schwarzkopf, Consultant – aschwarz@nsf.gov

Alex Hale, Program Assistant,ahale@nsf.gov

for more information:http://www.nsf.gov

and: http://www.nsf.gov/eng/iip/iucrc

Program phone:(703) 292-8383

Note: The best way to contact us is via e-mail. Many are on the road frequently

National Science Foundation I/UCRC Contacts


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