svatopluk vnoucek ceps vienna may 9th 200 8
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Svatopluk Vnoucek, CEPS Vienna , May 9th.200 8

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Svatopluk Vnoucek, CEPS Vienna , May 9th.200 8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I G Meeting Transmission Development activities in the CEE Region in the scope of Coordinated Transmission System Development WG and UCTE Central East Forum. Svatopluk Vnoucek, CEPS Vienna , May 9th.200 8. Presentation Outline. Challenges and problems facing TSOs CTSD WG/CE RF activities

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svatopluk vnoucek ceps vienna may 9th 200 8

IG Meeting Transmission Development activities in the CEE Regionin the scope ofCoordinated Transmission System Development WG and UCTE Central East Forum

Svatopluk Vnoucek, CEPS

Vienna, May 9th.2008

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Challenges and problems facing TSOs
  • CTSD WG/CE RF activities
  • Creation of Transmission Plan (TP)
  • TP – methodology and main outcomes
  • Other issues - plan for 2008
eu objectives
EU Objectives

“…The promotion of the internal electricity market as well as the preservation and promotion of security of supply and the establishment of an ecologically sustainable energy supply, are part of the major objectives of the European Community…”

future of power industry trend
Future of Power Industry - Trend

“…The electricity supply industry is undergoing a profound transformation worldwide. Market forces, scarcer natural sources, and an ever-increasing demand for electricity are some of drivers responsible for such an unprecedented change…”

therefore the challenges to tsos
…Therefore the challenges to TSOs:
  • Increase in Power Trading with fast varying load patterns is contributing to an increasing congestion and bottlenecks (Insufficient Transport Capacity).
  • The demand for a high reliability of power supply and high power quality.
  • The dramatic global climate developments have increased the demand of Clean Energy (RES).
  • Clogging of the available Transmission Capacity caused by Unexpected and Unwanted Circulating Power Flows.
problems against the later mentioned rapid evolution
…Problems: Against the later mentioned rapid evolution
  • Transmission Developments of many TSOs are being thwarted by a variety of well-founded, environmental, land-use, aesthetic considerations and regulatory pressures that prevent the licensing and construction of New Transmission Lines
  • Integration of European Market
          • Contradictory requirements - maximizing security and minimizing the total cost
          • A lot of uncertainties on the locations, on the amounts of future generation units and on the associated transmission needs

…Goals remain unchanged:

  • Sustainability of power supply must be provided
  • The Electricity Network Developments of the future must be Secure, Cost-effective and environmentally compatible
coordinated transmission system development working group
Coordinated Transmission System Development Working Group
  • Established on its April high level meeting of 8 TSO, in 2006
  • The mission of group was defined (according to minutes from meeting):
    • … compile a list of already planned grid enforcements and extensions in the region …
    • … build a platform for regular meetings of grid planning experts…

Benefits and advantages of cooperation of TSOs could be clearer if the following points are considered:

  • TS in CEE region are influencing substantially each other as is given by existing meshed network and/or intensive international market with energy.
  • Current transmission system weak points are very often border profiles between TSOs.
  • New transmission system installations have effect not just for particular TSO but also for adjacent ones.
  • Mutual exchange of information gives possibility to optimize development plans.
  • Transmission development activities (planning and preparing investments) have long-term nature.


  • Through exchange of information within the group the members will be informed of plans and progress of other TSOs.
  • They will have an opportunity to extract, adapt and learn those practices, methodology, structures, procedures and approaches that are being used and have proved to bring good results.
  • Whenever possible a compilation of technical issues for planning purposes from TSO members in the group.
  • Compilation of list of projects in CEE region


  • Creation of Terms of Reference.
  • Creation of Internal Guidelines.
  • Review of common technical aspects related to development planning, e.g. N-1 Criterion.
  • Presentation of experiences in the area of Development Planning from each TSO in the group.
  • Additional role: Central East Regional Forum

In the frame of UCTE Working Group Coordinated Planning the WG CTSD acts and performs all activities subjected to Central-East regional forum. In this context WG CTSD prepared a CEE Transmission Development plan. Final version of this CEE Transmission Development Plan is available.

  • WG held 7 meetings since its establishment.
  • Creation of CEE Transmission Development Plan.
transmission development plan tp
Transmission Development Plan (TP)
  • On Regional Level – 5 Regional Fora: Central West, South West, Central South, Central East and South East..
  • Central East Regional Forum: 7 countries and 8 TSOs were involved.
  • On UCTE Level – contribution from UCTE member states. 23 countries are involved.
creation of cee transmission plan
Creation of CEE Transmission Plan
  • In September 2007 WG started creation of CEE Transmission plan.
  • Basic input was detailed list of projects in CEE region compiled in the first half of year 2007.
  • TP was created, discussed, commented, amended, corrected by members during meetings and via e-mail.
  • CEE TP is completed and available
  • At present UCTE Transmission plan is being set up from contributions of UCTE TSO members

Transmission plan- methodology

  • Methodology based on forecast depending on scenarios
    • Consumption growth
    • Generation projects
    • Power exchanges
  • The adequacy of the TS dimensioning is verified in normal and contingencies conditions
  • Strategies to reinforce the network are set up in order to minimize:
    • Costs of generation
    • Redispatching
    • Unsupplied energy
    • Losses

Transmission plan- structure

  • Introduction
    • Purpose
    • Context of the Transmission plan
    • Organization & Participants
    • Methodology & Data representativeness
  • Description of CEE system
    • Present situation – consumption, generation, energy, power balance
    • Scenarios for each TSO – consumption/generation
    • Synthesis of consumption/generation

Transmission plan- structure

  • International interconnections
    • Present situation - interconnection lines, NTC, historical exchanges, auction an market coupling
    • National comments to market development and exchanges
    • Development of interconnections
  • Transmission network development
    • Individual TSO network development
    • Appendices – list of all projects in CEE region
    • Map of all projects in region
    • Individual TSO’s development maps

Transmission plan– main outcomes

  • CEE TP
    • TP for 8 TSO over the next 13 years
    • 55 projects with effect on CEE TS
    • Prepared in accordance with each individual TSO TP in the CEE
    • TP complies with the requirements imposed to TSOs in accordance with Statutory Instrument 445 (2000), EC (Internal Market in Electricity) Regulations, 2000.
  • Integration of European Market
    • Contradictory requirements - maximizing security and minimizing the total cost
    • A lot of uncertainties on the locations, on the amounts of future generation units and on the associated transmission needs

Transmission plan– main outcomes

  • CEE transmission development
    • Prolongation of time required to commission new grid equipments
    • Difficult assessment of the future congestions
    • Volatility of inputs – applications for connection, energy exchanges, legislation framework …
    • Resulted in greater uncertainties of future TD and considerably increasing number of scenarios
  • TP & future
    • First document that of the TD in the CE region
    • Based on the individual TP and TSOs bilateral studies
    • Proposal – update every two years, future extension by regional study and analysis?

Other issues - plan for 2008

  • Acting as UCTE coordinated development regional forum
      • Coordination of building the first planning database
      • Following and commenting materials working out in UCTE WG – authorization procedures, priority projects selection, planning policy in UCTE
  • Important projects and trends in region
      • Information exchange, discussion and analysis
      • Determination of side effects on the other TSOs
      • Coordination of developments plan in CEE region
  • Experience sharing in the field of TD
      • Market development and its influence on TS
      • Grid planning procedures, planning approaches
      • Legislation, coming changes of TS devel. due to EU