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EM Alumni. Where are they now? Where have they been? What do they say?. Jaclyn Fowler, ‘00. Company: Walt Disney Events Group, Orlando, FL Title: Entertainment Manager Words of Wisdom:

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EM Alumni

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Presentation Transcript

Em alumni

EM Alumni

Where are they now? Where have they been?What do they say?

Jaclyn fowler 00

Jaclyn Fowler, ‘00

  • Company: Walt Disney Events Group, Orlando, FL

  • Title: Entertainment Manager

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “I would encourage everyone to volunteer in the community for local events. Those activities are very important on your resume.” 

Chauntelle johnson 05

Chauntelle Johnson, ‘05

  • Company: WNBA Seattle Storm

  • Title: Community Relations Senior Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Explain to them how important internships are.  Don’t just take anything, really work hard and apply for the top ones EARLY.” 

Ben baker 02

Ben Baker ‘02

  • Company: 

    Formerly, Temple University Athletics Football, Philadelphia, PA

  • Now: Travel Director, Maritz

    • Previously,sports information assistant at Drexel University

    • CSR with the Philadelphia Eagles

      Words of Wisdom:

      “Try to gain some experience in any area you are interested in. Getting involved and becoming associated with professionals in the industry is such a valuable asset. Just keep in mind that whatever you want to accomplish is up to you!”


Jake dunlap 03

Jake Dunlap ‘03

  • Company:

    formerly Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Account Executive

  • Now:Personal Assistant

    Words of Wisdom:

    “The key to getting a job in the sports industry is your internship. I would suggest not only doing one, but do multiple internships to set yourself above the competition.” 

Rachel queen 00

Rachel Queen ‘00


Touhill Performing Arts Center, St. Louis, MO

  • Title: 

    Director of Marketing

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Network! It may take a few years to build up a good base of industry peers, but the more people you meet & genuinely connect with, the more opportunities you’ll have in the future.”

Jason doerge 00

Jason Doerge ‘00

  • Company:     

    America's Center, St. Louis, MO

  • Title:       

    Event Manager

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Be prepared when opportunity presents itself.”

The la contingent sept 2006

The LA Contingent, Sept. 2006

Chase bartels 02

Chase Bartels ‘02

  • Company:     

    Warner Brothers Television, Burbank, CA

  • Title:       

    Current TV Division

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Think about the biggest goal you would like to achieve in your career and then think backwards, no one starts at the top!”

Em alumni

Brandon Chamberlain

  • Company: Universal Music

  • Title: Manager of Online Marketing

  • About the Job:“It’s been a dream job the past year and I look forward to the future.  Everyone is the best here, it’s fun, I enjoy going to work every day and with UMG being at the top between all the labels and by far the biggest worldwide”

Tom ringhofer 04

Tom Ringhofer ‘04

  • Company:     

    The William Morris Endeavor Agency, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Title:       

    Assistant Booking Agent, Music

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “The most important thing you can do to make it in the entertainment industry is to network and make connections.”

Aimee smith 04

Aimee Smith ‘04

  • Company:    

    Immortal Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

  • Title:       

    Executive Assistant to President, Internship Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Don’t underestimate the importance of your internship!  It is absolutely essential to starting an entertainment career.”

Jenni azzanni 04

Jenni Azzanni ‘04

Currently: MTV Networks


Event, Coordinator, Jam Productions Chicago, IL

Words of Wisdom:

“Give it everything you've got.  If you show initiative, guts, and that you are willing to learn, your company will see that. Also, go into the industry loving what you do, not just loving that you get to work with artists or sport stars.” 

Lisa johns 06

Lisa Johns, ‘06

  • Company: Primary Care Physicians Education Network, Springfield MO

  • Title: 

    CME Event Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Get an internship that relates to what you really want to do. An internship is the key that will open many doors in your career.”

Amy douglas and megan whitney 08

Amy Douglas and Megan Whitney ‘08

MBA, Missouri State University

Megan whitney em 07 mba 08

Megan Whitney, EM 07 /MBA 08

Company: Autism Speaks

Title: Walk Coordinator – Midwest

Words of Wisdom: “My work as Service Corp Leader in EMA served me we well, as working with our student volunteers directly correlates to my working with volunteer planners and fundraisers today.  As the EMA Treasurer, keeping track of organizational monies is exactly what I have to do now, only with a revenue goal of $525,000 between the three Walks.” 



I must admit the experiences I gained from EMA have a correlation to me receiving the job offer.  As the Service Corp Leader, the volunteer experiences I gained are directly related to my working with our Autism Speaks Committee Leaders/Volunteers.  Additionally, as the EMA Treasurer I learned valuable skills that relate directly to my running accounting rooms that take in tens of thousands of dollars in a few HOURS!  And ironically enough, my group's MGT 310 seminar was about how to put on a walk/run in Springfield.

-Megan Whitney

Ashleigh middlebrook 06

Ashleigh Middlebrook ‘06

St. Louis Cardinals,

Operations Assistant

Em alumni

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Jackie kirk 06

Jackie Kirk ‘06

  • Company:

    Ramada Oasis Inn and Convention Center, Springfield, MO

  • Title:

    Convention Services Director

  • Observation:

    “Incredible internship with Ozark Empire Fair. Wanted to stay in Springfield.”

Jeff sackman 01

Jeff Sackman, ‘01

  • Company: The Booking Agency Burlington, VT

  • Title: 

    Booking Agent

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Prepare for an uphill climb because the music industry can be unforgiving. Keep your eyes and ears open and know how to communicate effectively and efficiently.”

Jason bowers 03

Jason Bowers ‘03

  • Company:

    FineGold Productions, New York, NY

  • Title:



  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Being true to yourself, your ideas, and your IDEALS in every situation is your number one asset and makes you stick out in the crowd.

Patrick fitzgerald 03

Patrick Fitzgerald ‘03

  • Company: 

    Previously, Event Coordinator,The Orleans Arena


    Director of Marketing, Boyd Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “The key to success is not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Tara franklin houx 03

Tara Franklin Houx, ‘03

  • Company:     

    Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, KS (Global Spectrum property)

  • Title:        Sales Director(formerly Wedding and Sales Coordinator)

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Professionals in the industry are very impressed with the Entertainment Management degree program at SMS. It helped me land my dream job.” 

Lisa kelly and tara houx

Lisa Kelly and Tara Houx

Lisa Kelly with Pitch Magazine, Dr. Rothschild, & Tara Houx with the Overland Park Convention Center

Summer 2007

Bob nelson 02

Bob Nelson ‘02

  • Company: 

    City of Springfield

  • Title: Special Events and arks Public Information Administrator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “The old saying, ‘It is who you know, not what you know’ seems to be very true in our industry. Continue to network at every level through your college experience.”

Stephanie szurek 06

Stephanie Szurek '06

Company: University of Minnesota - Institute on the Environment

Title: Events Coordinator

Erica schisler 03

Erica Schisler ‘03

  • Company:

    United Center, Chicago Title: Event Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Be willing to learn about all aspects of the entertainment industry. Be passionate about what you do, learn from those around you, and have fun.”

Christy mccouch 03

Christy McCouch ‘03

  • Company: Actors’ Playhouse, Miami, Florida

  • Title: Company Manager/Assistant to the Artistic Director

  • Words of Wisdom: “Do your research, make your connections and do your best to find a mentor.”

Eric day 00

Eric Day ‘00

  • Company:    

    Kansas City Royals

  • Title:       

    Account Executive

  • Past Jobs:

    Ticketing Manager, Ozark Mountain Ducks; Sales Manager; Colorado Springs Sky Sox; Account Executive, Springfield Cardinals.

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Rebecca hensel 04

Rebecca Hensel, ‘04

  • Company: Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association

  • Title: Sales Account Executive

  • Job Duties:

    Handling clients and helping to set up meetings for different associations across the country.

Martina wyatt 04

Martina Wyatt ‘04

  • Company:    

    Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation, Macon, MO

  • Title:       

    Communications Specialist, Public Relations & Marketing

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “INTERNSHIPS!! Employers are very impressed with candidates who have taken the time to pursue an internship.”

Matt kentner 06

Matt Kentner ‘06

  • School:    

    University of Missouri-Kansas City

  • Title:       

    Final Year Law Student

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Contacts, contacts, contacts. It’s all about being at the right place, at the right time and knowing the right person.”

Matt Kentner (left) pictured with Tim Hayslett & Robin Lipshitz ‘06

Nicole montgomery enger 04

Nicole (Montgomery) Enger ‘04

  • Company:    

    Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

  • Title:       

    Manager of Promotions and Single Ticket Sales

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Always show the initiative. Initiative will take you everywhere you need to be in this industry.”

Denise behlmann 05

Denise Behlmann ‘05

  • Company:    

    CBL Properties, St. Peters, MO

  • Title:       

    Customer Service Center Supervisor

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Write ‘Thank You’ cards and network. You may never know how or when you may cross paths with someone later in life.”

Kathy murphy 05

Kathy Murphy ‘05

  • Company: Graduate Student, U of Alabama, Sports Mgt

  • Title:       

    Intern, Colonnade Group

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Network. Don’t burn bridges. And don’t limit yourself.”

Jen dunn 04

Jen Dunn ‘04

  • Company:    

    Freelance TV Production,Nashville, TN

  • Title:       

    Production Assistant/Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Always be willing to talk to anybody…you just never know who can help you learn something new or introduce you to your next friend or co-worker.”

Danielle waggoner long 03

Danielle Waggoner Long ‘03

  • Company:    

    Lifesong Church, Orlando, FL

  • Title:       

    Preschool Teacher

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “There’s a whole world awaiting you once you finish college. Your classes will prepare you for some things, but your experiences will be your best lessons learned.”

Brent owens 06

Brent Owens, ‘06

  • School: Pepperdine University School of Law,

  • Malibu, CA

  • Title: Final Year Law Student

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Get involved with people and activities that are in line with your interests or desired career field. Do it as early as possible” 

Amanda bryant 05

Amanda Bryant ‘05

  • Company:    

    Freelance TV Production, based out of Nashville, TN

  • Title:       

    Television & Concert Production Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Always bring your A game!”

Melissa henderson thweatt 05

Melissa Henderson Thweatt ‘05

  • Company:    

    Primary Care Education Network, Springfield, MO

  • Title:       

    CME Event Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “In this industry, you’ll run into a roadblock almost every day – you must be able to keep your cool & solve any problem that comes your way.”

Julie wiseman 01

Julie Wiseman ‘01

  • Company:    

    ACR Nally Marketing Group, Springfield, MO

  • Title:       

    Media & Promotions Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Network, network, network! You never know when the person you are talking to could be your next boss or client.”

Rebecca eakins 07

Rebecca Eakins ‘07

  • Company:    

    Studio Talent Group, Santa Monica, CA

  • Title:       

    Talent/Booking Agency

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Internships are crucial, even is it is unpaid, it will pay off in the long run.”

Lacey rice spallitta

Lacey (Rice) Spallitta

  • Company: MAC Meetings & Events

  • Title: Meeting Planner

  • Words of Wisdom: “Get involved with EMA, community events, organizations such as MPI and find a good internship. This will help you gain some hands on experience and make good contacts for future opportunities.”

Sarah outland 06

Sarah Outland, ‘06

  • Company:    

    The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

  • Title:       

    Manager, Career Resource Center

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Don’t commit to financial obligations post-graduation without a job. And be patient!”

Matt patrick 03

Matt Patrick ‘03

  • Company:    

    International Special Attractions, Ltd., Branson, MO

  • Title:       

    Production Coordinator

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Experience. One word of advice just doesn’t seem enough; there’s so much to learn and do everyday.”

Brendon wagner 07

Brendon Wagner ‘07

  • Company:    

    VenuWorks/Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

  • Title:       

    Executive Director

  • Words of Wisdom:

    “Meet everyone you can and learn everything you didn’t think you would need to know. Today’s contact is tomorrow’s employer.”

Tara thompson stepp 05

Tara (Thompson) Stepp (’05)

  • Hello Dr. R:

    I am now working for Sony BMG / Provident Label Group as the National Promotions Marketing Coordinator. I am in charge of planning events for radio stations nationwide as well as touring with our artists on promo tours. Right now I'm working on an event for the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles featuring Michael W. Smith and Melinda Doolittle from American Idol. Should be fun! Hope things are going well in Springfield. I always enjoy getting the alumni updates - makes me proud to be a part of such a successful bunch!Take care,Tara (Thompson) Stepp

Janelle todd 06

Janelle Todd ‘06

Company: Missouri Grocers Association Springfield, MO

Position: Communications/Event Coordinator

Words of Wisdom:

Always follow through with want you say you are going to do and NETWORK, NETWORK.

Stacie king white 06

Stacie (King) White, ‘06

  • Company:

    Zuma Fun Centers, Wichita, KS

  • Position:

    General Manager for All Star Sports

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