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King Tut. Global I * Mr.McEntarfer * HSLPS. Aim : Was King Tutankhamen “Tut” a great pharaoh of Egypt?. Do Now : List three things that make a leader “great”. Who was King Tut?.

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King Tut

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King Tut

Global I * Mr.McEntarfer * HSLPS

Aim: Was King Tutankhamen “Tut” a great pharaoh of Egypt?

  • Do Now: List three things that make a leader “great”

Who was King Tut?

  • King Tut was the son of the pharaoh Akhenaton who made the unpopular move of changing the official religion of Egypt from polytheistic to monotheistic

What does Akhenaton want the people of Egypt to worship?

King Tut takes the Throne

  • King Tut came to the throne of Egypt at the age of 9. He ruled Egypt for a short 9 years before his death at age 18.

King Tut

King Ramses the Great Ruled for 70 years

King Tut’s Accomplishments

  • King Tut came to the throne at a difficult time in Egyptian history. His father had tried to radically change Egypt’s religion. King Tut put an end to this new religion his father started and restored worship of the ancient gods. During his reign tradition and order returned to Egypt.

King Tut’s Accomplishments

  • During Tut’s reign Egypt launched attacks on its neighbors, but Tut is not said to have led these attacks.

Ramses the Great embarked on multiple campaigns securing and expanding Egypt's borders. He also wrote the worlds first peace treaty with Egypts traditional enemy; the Hittites

What is King Tut Most Famous For?


One Day in The Valley of the Kings

Archeologists Discovered King Tut’s Tomb

  • Only the most ardent Egyptologist knew of King Tut until 1922 when his intact tomb was discovered by archeologist Howard Carter.

Completely Intact

The Mummy of King Tut

The Tomb

Tomb layout of King Tut

Tomb of Ramses II

Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut

The Great Pyramid of Kufu

All other tombs were looted

Was King Tut a Great Pharaoh?

  • What did his father do?

  • How long was his reign

  • What were his accomplishments?

    • Military

    • Religious

  • How does his tomb compare to others?

  • Why is King Tut one of the most well known pharaohs?

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  • Opinion: Will president Obama be remembered as a great president? Why or why not?

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