is it still worth it to play old school runescape
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Is It Still Worth It to Play Old School RuneScape

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Is It Still Worth It to Play Old School RuneScape - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is It Still Worth It to Play Old School RuneScape

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Since you are a player of the new version of RuneScape, does playing the Old School RuneScape ever crossed your mind? Is there a time when you asked yourself about where you will use old school RS gold every time you see it in online shops.

If you browse the internet, you will not leave your computer empty handed of old school RS gold and other kinds of virtual coins in RuneScape. A lot of sites online are offering old school RS gold such as MMO Gold Coins. They can deliver old school RS gold in 10 minutes or less! But the real deal here is, what’s so great about playing Old School RuneScape?

What’s new with the Old School RuneScape? Here are two things that you must know before jumping in the older version of RuneScape:


1. A barter-based economy. For the past few years, there was no striking exchange in the world of RuneScape. If you want to buy and sell or trade with other online players present in Old School RuneScape, you should find a buyer or seller that would agree on the leading price. If you are familiar with Varrock, you would be interested in here since its standard market place is wet in that phase for 1 and 2. However, RuneScape players prefer to trade whenever they want if they see any opportunity.


This part of the game might sound different from the whole adventure goal but it develops the player’s skills in trading. They have to know the prices of each item and know where to trade and of course with the help of old school RS gold. Sometimes it seems like you have to read other people’s mind to get the best deal.

The value of items depends on the place and time the trading takes place. If you want to become a master merchant, then, you have to learn how to slay trading. Now, this exchange system is becoming a trend again in players.


2. New beginning. This is the most important part of playing Old School RuneScape and trading buying old school RS gold for a trade. Before, players are hitting hiscores anytime they want. But now, all players have a chance to hit hiscores within the given set of time. Hence, more players can enjoy feeling the glory of seeing their name in the hiscores even for the mean time.

To sum up, the main highlight in the Old School RuneScape is to give all players a chance to shine. Are you ready to be one of them? If you want to get rich in RuneScape, you can attain that by collecting a lot of old school RS gold. In fact, all players in this server can be anyone they want.

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