Tips For Restaurant Web Design
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Tips For Restaurant Web Design PowerPoint PPT Presentation

A restaurant web design must be appealing to establish its brand name and attract the customers. Here lies certain tips.

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Tips For Restaurant Web Design

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Presentation Transcript

Tips For Restaurant Web Design

The restaurant websites are often found to be outdated and full of flaws. Mere hospitality is not enough

for the restaurants to carve a niche in the heart of the customers in today’s competitive market. For

promotional purposes, to gain access to the large scale customers and in order to build up a good

reputation a restaurant must have an outstanding web site.

While designing a restaurant website, certain tips are to be kept in mind.

Apart from Using an impressive template, a restaurant must follow certain technicalities for attracting

the customers’ attention with a greater appeal. It must be kept in mind that restaurant web design will

not be that attractive if the background color chosen is too bright or flamboyant. The texts may

apparently look bright against a bright background, but absolute bright hues for the overall background

is not a good idea for restaurant web design. It tend to be too very straining for the eyes. Bright colors

must be used in moderation to bring greater clarity to the textual contents.

A restaurant web design is noted to be more appealing and alluring when access to the web page are

given to the viewers directly instead of an indirect access through the splash pages. Customers often get

pissed off at the idea of hindrances on their path of viewing the web page. Splash pages have gone

outdated and it is better not to use them while designing the page.

It should be kept in mind that unnecessary use of images without much valid reason behind it is not

encouraging for restaurant web design. Images tend to slow down the download speed and in the new

era of mobile web, such hazards are to be consciously avoided.

It must be noted for a restaurant web design that the viewers and the customers would be availing it

from various devices. Thus the visibility of the web pages must be compatible for the various devices.

It must be ensured that the phone number given on the page when accessed from a mobile phone, opens

up in the auto dial panel, the email address leads to a new email and the physical address of the

restaurant opens up on the map directly for the convenience of the viewers.

It is always discouraging for restaurant web design to keep the menu list in the PDF format. Firstly for

the mobile users PDF menus are noted to be cumbersome and secondly once downloaded, the older

versions of the PDF cannot be updated.

The restaurant web design can be updated in The Trip Advisor for facilitating an easier search. Some

professional photos can be updated in the app and feedback of the customers should be taken.

Customers’ testimonials is much needed, no matter whether good or bad.

A restaurant web design cannot gain success if it tries to choose all the social networking sites for

promotional purposes. After a thorough analysis it must be first decided which network site is most

suitable. The web page must have the potentiality to establish the brand name and some high quality

pictures must be provided for it to gain success.

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