Effective Techniques Of Web Development
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Effective Techniques Of Web Development PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Web development, to attain great heights need to follow certain techniques. Here are some.

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Effective Techniques Of Web Development

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Effective Techniques Of Web Development

Web development in order to attain success must go in tune with the modern coding and updated

techniques that get freshly incorporated in the domain of technology. Techniques of web development

are plenty and they are getting refreshed daily with the development in the technological front. Certain

things can be kept in mind for successful web development.

In the modern era of mobile websites and wide displays, web development has undergone certain

challenges as the websites or the web pages are expected to look attractive in all kinds of displays and

devices. The web developers may think upon new technological skills or new specifications for

defining styles for particular display sizes. Web designing companies are coming up with several new

codes and specifications to rule out such issues.

Web development can make use of the rem unit, for defining single font size on the HTML element and

thereafter defining all font sizes as percentages of the used rem unit. The em unit is noted to be relative

of the parent unit.

Web development has seen new lights because of HTML5, that has helped the viewers in caching pages

offline for viewing them later on. Caching pages have turned pretty easy by dint of HTML5.

Companies such as Wheelistic Web Design has won much accolades in the domain of web

development. Companies are making effective use of updated techniques, Java Script and HTML5, that

has made possible the incorporation of several elements in the web pages, such as forms, date pickers,

numeric spinners and other elements by making use of the regular patterns of expressions.

Effective use of CSS Animation has also helped web development to attain new heights, by allowing

the incorporation of simple animations without the help of Java Script.

Apart from all these, certain points are to be kept in mind for making web development a success. A

responsive web design must be the initial aspect of a strategic planning. The layout may differ with

altering devices, but it must be ensured that the web site is responsive.

Web development will be effective if certain consistency is maintained throughout with respect to the

color, font and the layout. One page must neatly give way to the other and the web pages must not be

cumbersome to the viewers. They must be easily understandable.

Web development for reaching effective heights must exclude the stock photos. This is because viewers

are no more interested in unrealistic, flamboyant stock photos. Rather they are more interested in the

realistic representations of the setting that they are acquainted with. Thus the images must be


Apart from all these, effective web development is possible if flash and animation is minimized, if the

site is accessible to all, if it has usability and a good navigation system. The data tables used in the web

site must be responsive enough to help the viewers in manifold ways. Last but not the least, high

quality contents must be presented in the websites.

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