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Ezekiel outline
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1-24 Vs. Judah and Jerusalem 25-32 Oracles against foreign nations, especially Egypt 33-48 Words of Hope. 3:22-27 Prophet unable to speak 24:26-27 When Jerusalem falls, your mouth will be opened 33:21-32 City falls; Ezekiel speaks. Ezekiel Outline.

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Ezekiel Outline

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Ezekiel outline

1-24 Vs. Judah and Jerusalem

25-32 Oracles against foreign nations, especially Egypt

33-48 Words of Hope

3:22-27 Prophet unable to speak

24:26-27 When Jerusalem falls, your mouth will be opened

33:21-32 City falls; Ezekiel speaks

Ezekiel Outline

Tensions with the torah

Lev 21:13-14 The (high) priest may only marry a virgin. A widow or a divorced woman, or a raped woman, or a prostitute--these the (high) priest shall not marry

Ezek 44:22 The priests (in general) shall not marry a widow, or a divorced woman, but only a virgin of the stock of the house of Israel, or a widow who is the widow of a priest.

Tensions with the Torah

The dates in the book of ezekiel

The Dates in the book of Ezekiel

  • 593-571 Ezekiel’s Ministry

    • Jeremiah (626-580s) Second Isaiah (547-540)

  • 26:1 (587/586) vs. 29:17 (571)

    • So I didn’t give you Tyre...

    • O thou who changest too, abide with me!

  • 593 call--cf. Jeremiah 28

  • 8 dates in the years 588-586

  • 8 dates in oracles against the nations

  • 40:1 25th year--halfway to the new day of Jubilee!

Characteristic themes in ezekiel

Characteristic themes in Ezekiel

  • So that you may know that I am Yahweh

    • used with words of judgment against land (7:2-4)

    • used with oracles against foreign nations (25:3-5)

    • used with words of salvation (37:6, 13-14)

  • The faithfulness and freedom of Yahweh

The prophet s call 1

The Prophet’s Call (1)

  • God’s presence

    • came from “north”

    • eyes on wheels

    • winged animals (cherubim)

    • face of man, lion, ox, eagle

    • throne on firmament

    • earthquake, “many waters,” storm, lightning, wind

    • glory of Yahweh

    • one “like” a man; bronze above and fire below

The prophet s call 2

The Prophet’s Call (2)

  • God’s presence in Babylon. Note emphasis on God’s mobility

    • wheels

    • wings

    • legs

    • faces go anywhere without turning

    • spirit

The prophet s call 3

The Prophet’s Call (3)

  • Closest parallels with Isaiah (ch. 6)and Micaiah ben Imlah (1 Kings 22)

  • “Son of Man”; “mortal” (not Ezekiel)

  • Eat scroll that is written on both sides--full of lamentation, mourning, and woe

  • Yet, it is sweeter than honey

  • called to be a watchman (only has to warn; Yahweh sends watchman against Yahweh’s self!)

Symbolic actions

Symbolic actions

  • 4:1-3 A mock attack on Jerusalem

  • 4:4-8 390 days lying on left side; 40 days lying on right side

  • 4:12-15 cooking with human dung

  • 5:1-3 the prophet’s hair (burn, sword, scatter)

  • 12:1-16 going into exile

  • 24:15-28 wife dies

  • 37:15-28 two sticks become one

The second great vision 8 11 1

The Second Great Vision 8-11 (1)

  • statue of passion which provokes to passion

  • idolatrous figures on a wall (Osiris?): “Yahweh does not see us; Yahweh has abandoned the land”

  • women weeping for Tammuz

  • 25 men worshipping the sun; they have put the “branch” to their (or my) nose

The second great vision 8 11 2

The Second Great Vision 8-11 (2)

  • chap 9: marks put on those who sigh and groan over abominations in city

  • 10:19 and 11:23 the chariot-throne’s great pauses

  • Pelatiah the son of Benaiah dies during Ezekiel’s sermon

    • “Yahweh delivers” (Pelatiah), the son of “Yahweh builds up” (Benaiah)

    • Who can escape judgment?

Ezekiel s unique history of israel 20 1 26

Ezekiel’s Unique History of Israel 20:1-26

  • Sequence: a. grace, b. laws, c. rebellion, d. God acted for the sake of the Name

  • in Egypt

  • in the first generation in wilderness

  • in the second generation in the wilderness

    • exile decided already in the wilderness

    • Yahweh gave them laws that were not good

  • vv. 27-29 life in the land

  • As I live, I will not be consulted by you!

The history that is to come 20 32 44

The History that is to come 20:32-44

  • Let’s be like the nations and worship wood and stone

  • New Exodus: escape--wilderness/sorting out--procession to the temple

  • I swear I will be king!

  • God as king, judge, and shepherd…in Ezekiel and Second Isaiah

  • God acts for his name’s sake, not according to your evil ways

The possibility of repentance

The Possibility of repentance

  • 18:2 “The parents have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge”

  • repentance not prevented by the behavior of previous generations

  • repentance not prevented by one’s own earlier lifestyle

  • Yahweh has no delight in death of the wicked; Yahweh wants them to turn and live

  • Life is offered to the house of Israel, which is with Ezekiel in Babylon…but to them only on the basis of repentance.

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