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COMPLIANCE VERIFICATION CHECK LIST. Compliance Verification Form (CVF). If student qualifies for special education services, you must complete a Compliance Verification Form to ensure that all evaluation requirements have been documented . .

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compliance verification form cvf
Compliance Verification Form (CVF)
  • If student qualifies for special education services, youmust complete a Compliance Verification Form to ensure that all evaluation requirements have been documented.
notice and eligibility decision regarding special education services
Notice and Eligibility Decision Regarding Special Education Services
  • Document every component for a specific area of disability under Area of Assessment (e.g., OHI statement of adverse effect goes under Area of Assessment not just under Explanation on Eligibility Decision (signature page).
  • For an informal reevaluation, update ECEC, parent input, teacher input, grades, work samples, doc of appropriate instruction, data-based documentation, etc.
prong i and prong ii
Prong I and PRONG II
  • Prong I
  • Documentation of Appropriate Instruction Checklist
  • Complete for every initial, transfer, and reevaluation.

Prong II

Data Based-Documentation

  • MUST be reported on SLD eligibilities; best practice to report on all.
  • Include the statement “Results reported to parent”.
  • Include dates of assessments.
basc 2
  • Convert Tscores to standard scores (use T-Score Equivalents Table).
  • Behavioral Symptoms Index (BSI) goes under Standard Scores (Total).
  • The Standard Scores (Total) should not be retyped under Other Scores
standard scores total
Standard Scores (Total)
  • Use this only for total standard scores (not for one check; parent, etc.).
  • If a new observation is completed, use the updated form (Feb 2012).
  • Always summarize.
sld page
SLD page
  • Verify numbers used for placement.
  • Make sure numbers are in the eligibility report.
  • #1 For educationally relevant behaviors noted during the classroom observation(s) and educationally relevant medical findings (if any), please refer to page(s) ____ of this report.  Go to FILE, PRINT TO PDF, scroll down to see what page the observation is on.
  • #2 Student behavior or difficulty that affects his/her academic functioning must be filled in.
eligibility team members
Eligibility Team Members
  • Always review eligibility for compliance prior to signing.
  • A person should sign only as two members of the Committee/Team.
  • “Evaluation Results Interpreter” must have a signature
  • All reevaluations should be initiated at least 3 months prior to 3-year reeval date.
  • If asking the psychometrist to view an informal reeval typed in SETS, please give ample notice
60 day timeline initials and out of state transfers
60 Day Timeline: Initials and Out of State Transfers
  • Use the date of referral meeting (not the date of the eligibility meeting) for teacher input, parent input, grades, work samples, documentation of appropriate instruction, interventions/accommodations, statement of adverse effect, data-based documentation, so that we do not go beyond our 60 days.