Hqt trends and developments ospa spring conference newport oregon may 8 2007
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HQT TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS OSPA Spring Conference Newport, Oregon May 8, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HQT TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS OSPA Spring Conference Newport, Oregon May 8, 2007. Pat Burk, Oregon Department of Education. Race/Ethnic Breakout by Newly Licensed Educators Prepared In Oregon and In Other States, 2005-06. Source: Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

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Hqt trends and developments ospa spring conference newport oregon may 8 2007

HQT TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTSOSPA Spring ConferenceNewport, OregonMay 8, 2007

Pat Burk, Oregon Department of Education

Race/Ethnic Breakout by Newly Licensed Educators

Prepared In Oregon and In Other States, 2005-06

Source: Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

Percentage stayers movers and leavers 2004 05
Percentage Stayers, Movers and Leavers; 2004-05

Source: Teacher Attrition and Mobility, National Center for Education Statistics, January, 2007

Percent of Classes Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers

2005-06 School Year

Source: NCLB Staff (Highly Qualified Teachers) Data Collection 2005-2006.

*Calculated by subtraction (100% - Percent of Classes Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers)

The trends
The Trends

  • Achievement Gap Persists

  • Classrooms Becoming More Diverse

  • Demand for New Teachers Steady

    • Specialists

    • Content Areas

  • Shortage of Teacher Diversity

  • High Needs Schools Have Highest Turnover

  • High Poverty Schools Have Lower Percentage of HQT

Oregon developments
Oregon Developments

  • Oregon Highly Qualified Teacher Plan

    • Each District Submits Title IIa HQT Plan This Fall in Continuous Improvement Plan

    • Budget Narrative Spending Workbooks

    • Monitor Every Three Years

    • Professional Development, Technical Assistance, Grants

    • Continue HOUSSE

    • Create an Integrated Data System with TSPC

Oregon developments1
Oregon Developments

  • The Equity Plan—USDOE Priority

    • Specific Data on HQT and High Poverty Schools

    • Placement, Preparation and Retention

    • Teacher-level Data

    • District Plan to Address the Issue

    • License and Assignment Course Codes Linked

    • New Electronic Budget Narrative in CIP Contains HQT Data

    • Contact Bev Pratt for Help

Some good news
Some Good News

  • Mentoring Bill: $5 million

  • Possible Regional Professional Development Centers: $1.2 million

  • School Improvement Fund of $260 million

  • Distribution via Formula

  • Interim Accountability Linked to CIP

  • ESDs Participate in SIF

Federal developments
Federal Developments

  • Preparation Underway for Next Monitoring

    • HQT Definitions and Procedures

    • HQT Data Reporting—More Detail

    • Annual Report Cards

    • HQT State Plan

    • Plans for Equitable Distribution of Qualified, Experienced Teachers

    • Administration and Management of Title IIa Funds

Federal developments1
Federal Developments

  • HQT Plans

    • 12. The SEA enters into an agreement on the use of funds with any LEA that has not made progress toward meeting its annual measurable objectives in meeting the highly qualified teacher challenge for three consecutive years and has also failed to make AYP for three years. 2141 (c)


  • Spelling Letter of April 23, 2007: Building on Results Priorities:

  • Close the gap, standards, accountability

  • Assessment Flexibility-Growth

  • High School Rigor

  • Greater Resources for Teachers

  • Turn Around Tools and Improved Supplemental Education Services


  • Greater Resources for Teachers

    • Grants for teachers and principals in high needs schools.

      • National Math Panel

      • Teacher Incentive Fund- $43 million this round

      • Teacher-to-teacher Initiative: eLearning web site


  • Things to Watch

    • Highly Qualified and Effective Teachers

    • HQT and Student Achievement Data

    • Elimination of HOUSSE…Times Up!

    • Equity Plans and Teacher Level Data

    • More Linkage to AYP Results…Possible Offset to HQT

    • More Flexibility for Rural Districts


  • Council of Chief State School Officers

    • Provide Multiple Pathways And More Incentives

    • Count New Hires As “HQT” In Primary Subject And Provide 3 Year Ramp Up To Additional Subjects Through HOUSSE.

    • Special Education And ELL Teachers HQT If Closely Linked (Partnered) With Other HQT

    • Use Achievement Growth As One, But Not Only, Indicator Of Performance

    • Provide Incentives For Challenging Schools.


  • National Association of State Boards of Education

    • State Board Authorizes Licensure

    • Preservice Articulates to K-12

    • Alternative Pathways Must Have a Teacher Preparation Program

    • Limit Emergency Certificates

    • State Approves Teacher Education Programs

    • Background Checks


  • National Governors Association

    • Support Professional Development

    • Oppose Any Attempt to Link Teacher Preparation to Student Performance

    • Provide More Flexibility for Teachers of Multiple Subjects in High Need Areas, e.g., Special Education and Rural Districts

Thank you to ospa

  • Regular Conversations between OSPA and ODE on HQT Issues

  • Keep People Informed on Reauthorization

  • Surface Questions and Problems

  • Improving Communication

  • Make the New Data System Work

    • Meeting on May 31@ ODE

    • Contact Jim Buck if Interested in Helping